Dreams part 3!

I woke up with him still beside me, I kissed him on the lips and snuck out of bed to go take a shower. I stood at the bathroom door and looked out at him still asl**p. It was enough to make a girls heart melt. I took off what little of my clothes I still had on and turned on the water, I waited for the water to adjust to my skin before I got it. I let the water soak my hair before tilting my head back and letting the water run over my face down my chest around my tits and down my stomach to my mound. I whimpered at the feeling that started tumbling inside of me and continued to wash my hair. I heard the door open assuming that it was only the dog, Continued my business until I felt the hands grab me from behind.. I gasped at first but soon melted at his touch. He kissed my neck and Ran His fingers over my stomach down to my thighs making me moan a little bit.
"Well good morning Beautiful!" I said laughing.
"Your the one that is Beautiful, I always loved seeing you in the morning."He commented as he spun me around to face him. I noticed his raging hard on and grunted slightly.
"You like that huh?" He said jokingly.
"More than you know." I whispered in his ear as I kissed his neck. I got down on my knees in front of him Kissing the head of his ever erect cock as I stuck my tongue out and licked it slightly. I did this for several minutes before putting his head in my mouth and letting my tongue dance around it, I stopped only to lick his shaft down to his balls so I could suck on them. I ventured back up the shaft ready to see how much of the b**st I could swallow. I eased on to his dick making my muscles contract as his dick slid down. He moaned.
"Ohh, Fuck, Yea, Just like that!"
I got a little more than half way down when I had to start slowing down my breathing so I didn't pass out or gag. I bobbed up and down stopping every once and a while to give his shaft the good lick it deserved. I started to stroke it as I sucked with a simple ok sign around the base of his dick.
"MMM,yeahhh keep sucking!!"
I felt him swell under my fingers, That was my cue to focus on sucking the head and showing extra attention to stroking it.
"ughhh Lauren I'm coming!"
His jizz hit the back of my throat almost making me want to spit, the flavor hit my tongue and i swallowed every last drop.
"Wow, I wasn't expecting that first thing in the morning."
He pulled me up to him and he kissed my neck as he washed my body, and I washed his we were never that far apart from each other. But eventually the water ran cold and we got out.
I put on some while shorts with a orange top and a white undershirt with some white flip flops. I seen him staring at me in the mirror and smiled. I jumped up and ran over to him knocking him on to the bed and kissed him.
"What are you staring at Mr.?"
"Just the most beautiful girl that makes me go crazy"
"Hmmm, lucky girl!"
We kissed again before I rolled off of him and laid beside him. Our hands were intertwined I could smell his cologne on my shirt. We ran down stairs to get breakfast. We ate our breakfast while staring at each other the entire time. He wanted to see how many times he could make me blush and look down at my plate.
My mom walked into the kitchen.
"Oh, Hi Michael how are you this morning?"
"Very good Mrs. S and how are you this morning?"
I couldn't help but smile when he said this.
She went about cleaning and straightening the kitchen. Humming the usual tune.
"Mom me and Michael would like to go out for a while, is that okay?"
"Sure honey, be back by dinner time and call if you need anything."
"Okay I will love you Mom."
I ran to the door and me and Michael left laughing because he was tickling me and loved to watch my face when ever I would squeal and thrash about. We got outside and I couldn't help look into his eyes and notice the shine that I loved so much. He green eyes with the dark curly head of hair was enough to make my heart melt and form into a puddle at my feet.
I kissed him, slow, soft and sweet. Running my fingers through the back of his curly hair as our lips touched and sent shocks of electricity through my body.
"Where do you want to go?" I asked barley able to speak.
"Anywhere as long as I'm with you I'm happy."
"Do you want to go to the mall then?"
"Yea, just lets stop by my house to pick up my wallet."
Mikes step dad was already out at work and his mom was still asl**p so we snuck up to his room. First thing I did was look over at my room. You could see everything. No wonder why he had been sneaking over the last couple of days.
"Can I ask you something?" I said still staring over at my room before shifting my attention over to him.
"How often would you watch me, and what all did you see?"
"I used to watch you sl**p sometimes, you look so innocent and sweet when you are asl**p, I know when your dad left you had really bad nightmares, u'd scream and toss and turn in your sl**p before you wake up. I know sometimes in the morning when your getting ready you like to dance in your underwear and sing into your toothbrush with the radio on. Sometimes, I'd see you look over here."
My mouth feel open, he seen all that stuff and still is standing here talking to me?
"That's when I realized that I loved you."
"I love you too Michael."
I ran over to him and kissed him, something about the way he kissed me, he held me tight as if the slightest space between us would make me disappear, I felt like he didn't want to let me go for the world and I didn't want him too. Before I knew it My clothes were laying on the floor and Michael was behind me getting ready to fuck me. I smiled.
He pushed it in little by little making me moan slowly, He kissed my neck as he pushed the rest of it all the way in. I cried out in pleasure as I felt him stretch me.
"Oh my god Mikey, mmmm yea fuck me baby."
"mmm Okay baby girl hold on."
He got in a more stationary position and started rubbing my clit slowly and he started pumping in and out. I moaned, I groaned..
"Baby I'm gonna cum."
"Cum for me lauren baby, mmm cum on my dick baby."
"Ohhh, my god, ughh FUCK!!"
I felt cloud over cloud of my orgasm roll over me making me shake and cry out in delight.
"Ughh I'm gonna cum to baby, Ughhh fuck Lauren!"
I felt him cum inside of me, jet after jet entered my cervix and I came again at the feeling. Michael feel down beside me we were almost asl**p before we heard his mom rustling around downstairs. I hurried up and got dressed he grabbed his wallet and we went out his window.. I hit the ground with a thud. I laughed and we ran out of sight.
We both smiled.
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4 years ago
Michael??? Are we still dreaming about him? ;)
4 years ago
excellent story
4 years ago
Wonderful! I can't wait to see what else you write