Dreams (continued).

I let my throat engulf his shaft as he let a soft moan escape his lips. I eased off only for him to f***e my head back down, I had to slow my breathing down to stop from passing out. He fucked my mouth like it was my own sweet pussy. He started pumping harder and faster but with shorter strokes and then spurt after spurt of his love juice ran down the back of my throat right into my waiting belly. I licked him clean and looked up at him. He grabbed my arm and told me to bend over I got on all fours when he started licking my pussy lips.. Kissing and then sliding his warm wet tongue into my slit. A moan escaped my lips and grabbed at the sheets and he twirled his tongue around my love button and I moaned, I ached for him to be inside of me..
"Fuck me, please!! Michael, Now I need you inside of me..!"
"Don't beg, you'll get what you want soon enough baby."
He licked and kissed at my love spot for a little while longer, before I felt him get on his knees behind me and put the head of his dick near my entrance. I groaned and tried to push back against it but he stopped me. He pushed it in slowly taking his own sweet ass time. I felt him sinking into my pink center folds and let my mouth drop. Not even half of him was inside and I felt filled to the brim.
"Oh, Fuck, Ughh Michael!"
"Yea, I've been waiting for you to say my name like that."
With each thrust he'd push a little in then take it out and push a little more in.. He had about 9" in already. It was the perfect mixture of pleasure and pain. I pushed back against him until I felt his body against mine. I moaned. He bent over on top of me and kissed my neck.
"Now this is where the fun kicks in."
He started pumping inside of me, slowly at first, Then picking up the pase.
"Ughh Michael, I don't know if I can take all of you!"
"Oh, you will, if you can when your asl**p you can when your awake! Now shut up and moan."
I know it sounds mean but really I liked being talked to like that. I moaned before reaching back to pull him deeper inside of me, I overlooked the pained because I knew soon, It only be pleasure. I threw my head back and gasped before pushing back against his thrusts. He grabbed my hair and started pounding my pussy, I fought my eager wanting to cum on his dick.
"Don't fight it Lauren, Cum for me baby girl, Cum on my dick!"
I felt my orgasm thunder through me I moaned and cried out in pleasure.
"Ughh, Michael I'm cumming for you baby, mmmmm FUCK ME HARDER!!"
He drilled into me making my last moments amazing..
"Let me fuck you Mikey."
I spun around and let him lay down before I kissed him and climbed on top of him. I straddled him before reaching down and guiding him to my entrance. I slowly slid down on his love stick when he grabbed me hips and started fucking me rapidly. I Felt my orgasm tear through me. My eyes rolled back and all I wanted was more. I wanted more.
"Harder Mikey, Fuck me harder."
He started pounding my pussy so hard I thought It was going to rip through.
"MMMMhMMM, I can't wait to feel you cum inside of me."
He grabbed me and laid me down missionary style and started to fuck me hard. I raised my legs up higher so he could go deeper.
"You ready baby? 'Cuz here it comes, Ugggghh, Fuck yea Lauren MMM"
I wrapped my legs around him and he fell to the bed beside me.
I kissed him and smiled.
"How long have you been sneaking In my window Mikey?"
"About a week, but I couldn't take it anymore, You just turn me on so much, especially in the morning, When we walk to school."
"Why didn't you just tell me?"
"Because I thought that you would be weirded out if I told you that I loved you."
I sat up and looked at him,you could still see his perfect green eyes in the moonlight.
"No, I wouldn't because I loved you too."
He sat up and his lips met mine. Our tongues exploring each others mouths in a frenzy of passion. He pulled me down to the bed with him, He wrapped his arms around me and We fell asl**p together.

**Attention Readers, Request a friendship if you would like to continue reading dreams, I will be writting a new chapter every week or two**
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4 years ago
excellent wonderful writting
4 years ago
Wow! Very hot! Wish I lived next door to you!
4 years ago
I love the way her orgasm thunders thru her body. You have me so fuckin hard right now!
4 years ago
YOU are a dream come true!!!! I can't wait to read more about your dream!!!
4 years ago
dreams for sure..