The dreams that I had were amazingly great. I average High school girl, going through every emotion know to man-kind in a matter of five minutes or so. I usually slept in just panties and a tank top suitable for the warm summer climate. I woke with a moistness Between my legs and My panties around my ankles. Being startled I sat up and looked around, Nothing Had been misplaced, nothing seemed strange, maybe I was sl**p masturbating? This thought entered my mind and exited as fast as it had occurred, of course there was no such thing as sl**p masturbation. HAHA! Please?! I quickly fell back asl**p only to have the same dream. My alarm started buzzing and brought me back to my stale reality. Should I stay home and play it sick today or should I go to school? I finally crawled out of bed, barley awake and stumbled into the bathroom for my usual morning schedule. I stripped of my clothes and waited for the water to warm as I looked at myself in the mirror, palish skin, spotted with some freckles, though not a lot like you would normally see. I glided up of reflection To my hair and pucca shell necklace. I wore It every where but something about my hair, they way It complimented the necklace as well as my skin tone great today. I smiled turned and Jumped In the shower. I'm very picky about showers. I wash my hair twice once one shampoo then with another then I put in conditioner and wash my body twice with 2 different brands of soap. First to clean then to smell good. I was washing my body the first time around when I noticed that when I got to my pussy I was extremely Wet as Well As sore, Like I had been fucked the Night before. I brushed it off as nothing and continued on with my routine ... I applied my makeup and got dressed in a school hoody jeans and flip flops. I ran downstairs said bye to my mom and Ran out the door. I knew He would be there. He always was, waiting for me so we could walk together. I laughed when I seen his face, Like he wanted to tell me something but couldn't .. I held in a sharp groan , if this boy only knew what I see inside my head, I wanted him right then and there. He lived only next door to me and his window was right across the parting from mine. Both of our dads were d***ks so when my dad was d***k, Id open my big terrace windows climb over the rail and run over to him house for the night. He did the same When his dad was d***k. I never really felt anything for him until I seen him skinny dipping. We walked to school rambling on about sports our friend Suzanna and of course if we would see each other after school. After class with Michael, he walked me home... He always had a gleam in him eye that I never saw any other time of day. I went in threw my keys on the table and went to the medicine cabinet.. No more sl**ping pills. Great! How was I supposed to get any sl**p tonight? I called my mom and told her to pick some up. I ate a banana changed into my pjs and layed down. I was laying In bed thinking about Michael. When I heard the window creak open, I froze. I didn't know what else to do so I acted like I was asl**p. I left my eyes open a little to see who it was. When I seen the curly dark hair I knew It was Michael. My god it all makes sense?! I take the sl**ping pills, He seeks in fucks me without me knowing, I run out, I bust Him!!! I smiled to myself as I was about to give him a big surprise. I waited he came close to me, pulling my sheet off and kissing my ear. He mumbles "beauty, pure beauty" as he takes his pants off. He starts rubbing my titties through my shirt. It was then I decided to say in my "peppy" voice "WATCHA DOING?!" he stumbled back but I sat up, I looked at him and told him it was ok. That I wanted him too, He smiled and walked towards me kissing me and running his hands down my body and between my ever moistening love lips. I smiled looked down and pulled my panties aside. He giggled and pushed his finger In deeper, I moaned and bit his neck as I tried from waking my mom. I pulled him too me and shucked him of his underwear reveling the reason for my soreness this morning. Almost 11" he was already hard. I took him into my mouth .. twirling my hot wet tongue around his hole before licking the shaft and kissing his balls. I smiled and I ventured back up to his head. I took it in my mouth sucking with all my might before taking most of it if not all of him down into my throat ..which it has been eagerly waiting.
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4 years ago
i wish i was that lucky michael
4 years ago
I can't wait to hear the end of this story!
4 years ago
You have a way of teasing us even when we aren't as lucky as Micheal -- maybe if I changed my name......
4 years ago
aww comw on thats all