Sunkist Love *2

I sat up immediately, told him to get the hell out of here and looked at my Summer love. How beautiful she looked in my bed. I leaned down and kissed you sweet lips, they tasted of bananas from her amazing lip gloss. I kissed down her jaw to her neck down to her breasts down to her tight toned stomach to her thighs and started kissing her sweet snatch watching her groan and twitch at the pleasure of my tongue on her warm dripping slit. She tangled her Fingers in my hair as i flicked my tongue over the pussy I longed for so much. She pulled me up to meet her face in a hot sweet sticky kiss. That's when she turned the tables. She had a look in her eye's that said she wanted something and I knew not in the way. She pushed me down on the bed and dove down to my sweet twat and started licking and twirling her tongue around my clit making me moan with pleasure. Soon after I came In her mouth, I pulled her up and sat her on my face diving my tongue into her pussy making her trash and moan my name until she squirted her sweet love juices down my throat. She collapsed next to me and fell asl**p while I watched her breath and her perfect breasts rise up and down. Soon after I fell asl**p in my own dream come true.
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