A Sunkist Love

My dreams about the new neighbor were as good as forbidden. After a long day of swimming in her back-yard pool, she went into her room and took off her skimpy pink bikini top in front of her mirror, leaving me in perfect view of her tan toned body. While she undressed I slipped my hands down my pants and played with my now dripping wet swollen pussy lips. I wanted so bad to be in her room, to be in her bed, to dangle my finger tips over her her back and kiss every nook and cranny of her beautiful sunkist skin.

The only thing about a mirror is that if I can see her, if she pays attention she can see me. At them time I wasn't paying attention to the subject because of the raging hormones running through my body. Closing my eyes and rubbing my clit to her body when i opened my eyes she was looking at me through the mirror rubbing her pussy as well. Stunned at being caught staring at her i stumbled back wards tripping over my discarded pants hitting my head on the the bed frame before the floor leaving me with a head ache. I sat up peering out the window into her room to find her no longer standing there. My ears caught the sound of a door slamming shut. I Shot up listening more intently I heard three bangs on something closer and my idiot b*****r yell " I'll get it!" I heard slight mumbles from down stairs then the creek of the stairs. As they got closer and judging my the sound of the creeks it wasn't my mom,my dad, my b*****r, it was her. I stood frozen staring at the door of my room in fright. Part of me wanted to know what she would do? What if she was mad? She knocked on my door.
"Come in!" The door opened slowly as she poked her head in. Her blond hair falling around her neck decorated with a pink puca necklace. She caught sight of me and entered the room turning to close the door behind her, with the soft click I knew she had locked it. She waited there for a second giving me time to look at at her sweet bubbly ass that I wanted so bad! She turned to me walking slowly.
"You know that it's rude to spy on people?"
"Yea, that was just...I..."
She stepped closer to me. Putting one hand on her hip. She seemed to notice my eyes drifting down.
"How long have you been watching me?"
"Sense you moved in."
"That's a shame...I would have made things more interesting if I knew that you were watching me."
I looked at her stunned, She moved closer pressing her lips to mine he delicate fingers resting on my cheeks. I lost control, my head went spinning and i rested my hands on her hip pulling her close to me. I stopped the kissing to move my lips down to her jawline kissing her down to her neck letting her know that this meant a lot more to me than just a midnight fuck. Tasting her sweet skin was like a bombshell going off inside of me, I wanted this to be memorable for me as well as her. I Kissed her ear, breathing raggedly so she knew how much she turned me on. Her hand melted to my skin running over my back down to my ass. I then led her to my bed pushing her down on the bed fallowing her with sweet kisses. I could feel the heat between us, I untied her bikini top kissing the top of her breasts and working my way down to her sweet nipples taking them in my mouth letting my tongue wrap around them. I felt her body twitch, and grovel around in my bed. She let out a slight moan, so I knew what i was doing was good. Her hands were running down my body to my thighs, I groaned at her touch kissing her shoulders, down her arms. It was then that my b*****r knocked on my door.
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4 years ago
yeah man it was getting good
4 years ago
that littel dick tell him to go a way ceep going