You, me and Amber

It's two o'clock in the afternoon and you walk in to see me sitting on the sofa cooling down after a workout. As usual after doing weights I'm hot and horny and you notice the big tent in the middle of my gym shorts. You come over, kneel on the sofa next to me and run your hand up the inside of my thigh and up inside my shorts. You start stroking my balls with your fingertips but the doorbell goes so you go to answer it.

Amber is standing there wearing a tight little dress and says she wants my cock so much she doesn’t care if she has to share it with you. You grab her hand and pull her into the living room.

You kneel on the floor either side of my legs and together pull my shorts down. Amber wraps her fingers around my thick cock and with the other hand grabs your head and pushes your mouth to my balls.

You swirl your tongue around my tight balls while Amber runs her wet tongue along my hard shaft until she gets to the tip. You move your tongue up the other side until your tongue meets Amber’s. For a moment you both forget about my cock as you kiss passionately until you notice the sweet pre-cum dripping out of my cock. You move your tongues over the head, lapping it up.

Amber says she needs my cock inside her now, and stands up so she can squat on the sofa above my cock. As she pulls her dress up to the top of her thighs and lowers herself, you hold my cock firmly and guide it into her moist pussy. With a drawn-out gasp she slowly takes my whole cock inside her and rides it while you continue sucking gently on my balls.

You tell her you want my cock so she slides off and joins you back on the floor. My cock is slick with her creamy pussy juices and you slurp up every bit of it, then rise up to take my cock in your mouth. Amber takes her turn to lick and kiss and suckle my balls, dripping with a slippery mixture of pre-cum from my cock, juice from her pussy and saliva from your mouth. You move your head down until the tip of my cock presses the back of your mouth. You hold your breath and push harder, taking my cock down all the way, swallowing to massage the head.

You pull back, look up at me and tell me you want my cum. Amber turns to you and gives you another deep, wet kiss while I stand up and stroke my cock. You each take one of my balls in your mouth while I stroke but then Amber pushes my hand away and starts stroking for me.

You put your heads close to each other and get ready. Amber strokes me strongly until my balls tighten and cock starts pulsing, sending out a gush of hot cum, landing as a thick, white rope across Amber’s cute nose. She aims my cock toward you just as another stream launches from the end of it and splashes against your cheek. You move your head and catch a third load in your mouth.

Amber takes your chin in her spare hand and turns you toward her to tongue the cum out of your mouth. A huge squirt of cum lands over both your lips. Amber turns to take my cock between her lips and I continue cumming into her warm mouth. She looks up at me while she swallows the cum jetting onto her tongue.

As the contractions subside she pulls away and lets you gently lick the last remaining cum off my cock, causing it to twitch with little aftershocks.

I sit back down and you clean the cum off each other’s faces, kissing and licking each other. After every drop has gone, you curl up either side of me on the sofa and we bask together in the warm afterglow.
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