Seducing My s****r

I decided to write this as a way to re-explore one of the many bizarre sexual experiences of my early sex life. There were a handful of people who contributed significantly to my sexual development, either directly or indirectly. My mother unknowingly supplied me with an ever-growing collection of used vibrators, dildos and other sex-toy paraphernalia for many years, as well as a hardcore porno collection. Her bedroom was like an erotic sanctuary to me whenever I was home alone.

A male school friend and his younger s****r introduced me to my first sexual experiences at a very young age, and they became my regular play friends for most of my youth. As his s****r lost interest he and I continued without her, and developed our devious sexual activities one-on-one.

But the highlight of my early sex life, despite the magnitude of the events above, is the brief sexual relationship I had with my younger s****r. It actually overlapped the events above in terms of the timing, but it always felt much more desirable and satisfying than using my mum's vibrators or sucking my mate's cock. Perhaps it was because I'd done a huge amount of both of these, or maybe it was because it was only a short-lived experience, but if I could go back and relive any of these moments, it would be the times I spent naked with my s****r.

It went like this:

I cracked on to my younger s****r when I was like 15, by whipping out my throbbing cock and making her look at it. I was clearly the one taking control, but she was in no way innocent herself. She appeared interested and curious, but uncomfortable at the same time, laughing to ease the tension and to 'make light' of the situation I suppose. The act (and memory) of seeing my innocent little s****r looking at my hard, exposed cock was a massive rush.

Either way, the simple act of showing her my dick turned me on so much that I was basically compelled to have my way with her. There was no chance of me backing down and I was completely transfixed on turning a relatively 'innocent' and 'acceptable' experience in to a completely devious one.

I was pretty much sexually mature at that age. Puberty for me was intense. I had a very interesting (some may call it completely inappropriate) introduction into the world of sex. I was very interested in masturbation, fetishes and sexuality in general. My s****r's dirty knickers were among literally hundreds (OK, probably only dozens at that age) of women's and girls' knickers that I'd sniffed, tasted and jerked off in. I used my friend's mum's and/or s****r's panties, friends of the f****y, my cousins and aunties knickers and of course my mother and s****r were the most convenient 'lenders' of soiled underwear.

My s****r's panties were always my favourites. The smell of her young pussy felt very special to me, it was almost emotive. I'm not sure if the feelings were related to the obvious deep connection that we shared (we were siblings after all, and had no other siblings) or if they were more to do with the naughty, inappropriate and devious feeling I got from being naked in my s****r's bed with a pair of her freshly stained knickers on my face and another pair wrapped around my cock, thinking about fucking her as I wanked hard. Probably the latter I guess!

So aside from my mother's generous (or what other's may call 'disturbingly large') collection of vibrators, dildos and other sex toys, with which I had many hours of fun and learnt a lot about anal play (but that's another story), my younger s****r's pussy-stained knickers were my favourite sexual accessory.

So anyway, there I was exposing myself to my little s****r like a pervert. My ongoing fantasies and my persistence to make her a sex object, coupled with the actual experience of showing her my dick made me hornier than ever. Normally in that situation I'd be all shy and uncertain about how to act, but I confidently asked her to show my her pussy, and made it clear that I was serious. She said no and was clearly thinking 'what the fuck's happening?!' but she smiled and laughed as I persisted and ultimately she made it known that I could see her vagina, but that she was too embarrassed to show me herself. I asked her if I could pull her pants down myself to have a look, and she gave me verbal permission to help myself.

I got on my knees and reached in to the front of her school pants, gripping her knickers at the same time. I was overwhelmed with the anticipation and excitement of it all. She didn't know quite how to act, but I did. Without hesitation I pulled her pants and knickers down just enough to reveal her beautiful, hairless pussy. I enjoyed the view for a short moment before she pulled her pants back up and gave me a cheeky and embarrassed grin. I went straight back for a second look, but she resisted my advance. We laughed and fought each other for a while, but ultimately she lost and I got her pants down again, this time copping a feel as well as a look.

By this point I really wanted her to touch me, so I stood up and pulled out my dick again. I took her hand and put it on my cock, telling her to grab it, stroke it and explore it. Every so often she pulled back, but I grabbed her hand and put it back on my dick every time. As she fondled me, I took of my clothes until I was totally naked. Then I suggested we move to the lounge which was a bit more private.

I told her to sit on the floor, and walked over and positioned my crotch right in her face. I held my cock right up to her mouth and told her to suck it. She was clueless and not familiar with the concept of oral sex, but she grabbed my dick and opened her mouth, slowly moving her lips around the end of my cock.

She really sucked at giving head (bad pun unavoidably intended) but I couldn't care less. Having her hands on my dick as she slowly took it in her mouth was completely amazing. She listened to my advice and continued trying her best to do it, but her technique wasn't important. Just having her there, sucking my cock was more than enough to convince me that I was on to something special.

Of course, I was in no position to judge anyone's oral sex technique. I was just as useless at pleasuring woman at that age. All I wanted was to taste and smell their naughty bits, for my own selfish enjoyment. It didn't take long for me to suggest the next move.

I pulled my cock back and asked her to stand up. She seemed slightly relieved to be able to stop blowing me, but I could see she was curious to keep going. I grabbed the top of her pants and started pulling them down. She pretended to try to stop me, again with a giggle, but I easily got them completely off her along with her knickers, and I was face to face with her vagina. Within about a second she covered her pussy with her hands but I pleaded with her to let me see it, by pointing out that she'd seen a lot of mine.

She reluctantly moved her hands away and let me stare at her beautiful pussy. I sat her on the couch, spread her legs and started licking her vagina from top to bottom. It's amazing how a familiar smell can bring back powerful memories. I swear I could have sniffed out my s****r's pussy in a line up! My familiarity and attraction to her unique scent meant that being there for the first time, seeing it, smelling it and tasting it was surreal. I had no shame or doubts about what we were doing. I lifted her legs up so I could really lick her hole, and this exposed her tight little ass. Of course I licked it too, which visibly surprised her but turned me on even more! After a decent session of eating her out, I sat up straight and started rubbed my cock up and down her wet pussy lips. We had 'simulated sex' for a while, until I started feeling like we were exposed to getting caught. We each picked up our clothes and went in to her bedroom. I took her shirt off, so we were both completely naked and we got in to her bed together, giggling and acting like we were just playing around.

I told her what a 69er was and she assumed the position on top of me. I buried my face in her pussy, licking everything from her clit to her ass. My cock was literally throbbing with excitement as she sucked and stroked it.

I remember at one point, we were laying there talking about everything that was happening. In hindsight it almost felt like a semi-mature conversation between two normal sexual partners, although it obviously lacked maturity. I brought up the whole 'i****t' thing at one point, and then explained to her what it meant and how it might be viewed. We'd both assumed that what we were doing was 'wrong' and agreed that we wouldn't tell anyone, we couldn't handle the embarrassment of being found out. This lead to more touching, which again led to more cock sucking and pussy licking!

Moments after eating my s****r out from behind, doggie style, she actually said to me, right to my face that she didn't really want to lick my ass! Of course it was fine by me and I hadn't actually asked her to lick it, but hearing her acknowledge that she knew that I was into licking her asshole was hot! Her implied view that she thought it was 'gross' just reinf***ed the devious nature of our relationship. I thought it was a little strange that my s****r was happy to grab her own b*****r's cock and suck on it, but she was so quick to rule out licking my ass! Surely once you've had oral sex with your own b*****r, there's nothing that you can do to him that would be considered 'inappropriate'?

Ultimately, I told her that she didn't have to lick my ass if she didn't want to, but that I was going to keep licking hers. She accepted, adding to a long list of bizarre occurrences and one-off quotes that day. I never imagined that one day I'd get permission from my s****r to keep licking her ass whenever I went down on her! I'd had a spectacular run but was still amazed by every little thing that had happened that day. We were being so naughty, which was such a massive turn-on to me.

We took off the sheets and explored each other's bodies some more. My s****r wanted me to show her what my dick looked like when it was soft, but I had to explain to her that she was making me too horny for it to go down!

Close to 5pm we agreed to stop, get dressed, act normal and pretend that nothing had ever happened. I'm not sure how well we hid it from our parents (they were a lot smarter than we gave them credit for back then), but it was a bit weird at first. Sitting there at dinner, trying to act like everything was completely normal about an hour after having our genitals in each other faces was a unique dilemma.

Regardless, later that night my parents were at the other end of the house watching TV and my s****r and I were in our rooms. When I realised my erection had gone, I remembered that my s****r wanted to see what it looked like, so I quietly knocked on her door (next to mine) and she invited me in. There was a shared look and at least some tension in the air, but I reminded her about what she'd said earlier, and quickly whipped it out for her to see. Despite my good intensions, all she really got to see was how fast a dick can go from small and flaccid to huge and throbbing! I walked over to her and put my dick in her face, and she knew what I wanted.

She sucked me off, and I gestured for her to keep quiet and listen out for our parents heading this way. Then the enormity of the situation hit me. Knowing my mum and dad were in the house while I was getting my dick sucked by my little s****r was a whole new level of arousal. Being caught, particularly by my mum was an exciting prospect, though in reality it would have been completely shit I'm sure!

Eventually I decided that it was too risky, so we called it a night. I went back to my bedroom and had a good hard wank, and reflected on the day's activities. Even though my mum's vibrators and my mate's cock were still important to me, I looked forward to having my way with my s****r again and again after that.

But more about that next time.

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4 months ago
Awesome, love the scenario.
1 year ago
very good & yes more
2 years ago
Reading your story over and over again! Part 2 !!!!
2 years ago
I enjoyed your story. Very sexy.
2 years ago
Thanks guys - it's all true.

Part two coming soon!
2 years ago
2 years ago
super horny experience!
2 years ago
More, I need more. That got me so hard.
2 years ago
Awesome story. How old was your s....r?
2 years ago
2 years ago
great story. Keep going
2 years ago
fantastic story - more please