My secret fantasy

It was on the way to work one day that I spotted these two ladies sitting across from me on the MTR in Bangkok. I got on at Sukhumvit and I usually ride to my shop in Panthip plaza on Phetchburi rd. Anyway this morning I was sitting on the train just minding my own business when I noticed these two girls sat opposite me smiling, so I smiled back at them when one of them who was wearing a tight black pencil skirt, white office blouse and open toe heels parted her legs for me to see just what she had hidden in her skirt. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and I just stared back looking right up her skirt. Her friend then called me over beckoning me with her finger and pointing for me to sit in between them. So I got up and went to sit with them. I found out that there names were Nong and Nina and they were feeing a little bored and they didn't want to go into work. They asked me if I should like to join them for some coffee and then maybe we could find a hotel to play some games. Needless to say I jumped at the chance and decided it would be maybe better if I just took the day off ( well this is what being your own boss is about surely ). We figured that the best place to go would be khao san road as you can usually get a room without pre-booking so off we got at the next station and into a taxi to Khao san road. Once we got there the girls were getting very excited and asked if I had ever been teased and entertained by two ladies before ? I said "no, but I have always thought of it. First of all they ordered me to strip naked as they sat on the bed watching me undress and looking insanely at my cock, licking there lips and touching their thighs. They then got up and sat me down in the chair that they had placed at the bottom of the bed and lightly tied my hands to the arms of the chair, they said to stop me touching my cock as they were the only ones allowed to touch it whilst we were together. So I am sat in this chair naked and sporting the biggest hard on that I have ever had the privilege of owning, when Nong took the lead and started to kiss Nina hard on the mouth, tongues and saliva all over their faces. Then Ninas hands started to lift up Nongs skirt to reveal a beautiful dark skinned bald shaven pussy. As she looked at me she asked if I would like to see her eat out her friends pussy right there on the bed. I couldn't answer by heart was beating ten to the dozen alls I could do was to nod my head in agreement. My cock at this time was so full and hard I thought it was going to burst but I couldn't touch it so I just had to watch and wait for my turn. Nina slowly undressed Nong and Nong undressed Nina and as Nong laid back she pulled her legs up to her chin as Nina dipped in to her golden brown hunny pot and began to feed on her pussy. After Nina made nong cum they then turned onto me with both their tongues. First kissing me on the mouth and then slowly licking me all over until they reached my cock. Nong took charge this time and licked the head of my penis as Nina licked and sucked my balls and as they met half way they would kiss very passionately with both mouths firmly around my cock.

This is a fantasy that I hope one day will cum true ;)
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