Banging the Gong in Hong Kong

Kowloon, Hong Kong, circa 1982: Spending two weeks doing business there, I came upon (pun intended) a breathtakingly beautiful Eurasian masseur. Thinking and writing about him now makes me hard.

My work schedule was quite erratic during this visit to Hong Kong. I was staying at a high-rise luxury hotel that had a rooftop pool and one afternoon I had a couple of hours free to check it out. Since it was mid-afternoon on a weekday, there were few other hotel guests in the pool area when I arrived. I selected a chaise lounge and put my things there when I noticed a beautiful man climbing out of the pool. He had his back to me as he pulled himself out of the water, his tiny swim suit stuck between a very muscular ass with one untanned buttock completely exposed. As he stood up and shook the water from his head and hair, his left arm reached down and pulled the fabric from the crack in his ass and then turned around.

He was tall for a Chinese man (nearly 6 feet) and his features were those of an Eurasian. Resembling male beauties like Keanu Reeves and John Lone, the Asian genes made him look exotic and the long, lean and buffed body had to have been the result of heredity and some serious exercise. I tried not to stare as he walked around the pool to the "Lifeguard" stand, where he toweled himself off and saw me for the first time. I pretended to read and not stare at the nice bulge in the tiny speedo. And drool.

He pulled a T-shirt over his head that clung to his torso and began walking towards me. When he arrived he very professionally said: "Welcome. If there is anything I can get for you, please ask." I looked up and nodded "Thank you," in the same very distanced and polite way he had spoken to me.

For the next few days we saw and acknowledged each other but never did "lock" in a gaze into each other's eyes. On some of those days, he was wearing long soft fabric pants which hung on his buttocks and hinted at a jock strap bulge as he walked. When I arrived he always came over to welcome me so our relationship was cordial, but not "cruisy." I was an American business man and he was a hotel staff member.

Always determined to have a massage every chance I could, one late afternoon I arrived back at the hotel and decided to go to the Spa and see if I could get a "rub" to sample the techniques and skills of a new place. And maybe/hopefully get "lucky." I took the elevator to the "Spa" and walked into the entrance.

There was a counter with no one in attendance, so I rang a bell. To my surprise, the beautiful young pool man appeared. "May I help you?" he asked. I looked at the menu of "Services," saw "Massage" and asked "May I get a massage?"
Without showing any emotion, he nodded "Of course" just as a female attendant entered. He spoke to her in Chinese, she nodded and led me to a changing room, indicating where I was to hang my clothes, shower and then proceed to a door marked "Massage Room." After she left, I showered, put on a terry cloth robe and proceeded to the "Massage Room."

When I opened the door, I was surprised to enter a room totally surrounded by floor-to-ceiling mirrors. The massage table was in the center of the room with a small table holding oils and towels and the overhead lighting giving me multiple images of myself as I turned around in the room. I sat down on the massage table in my robe, waiting for the "attendant" to join me.

One of the mirrored doors moved and my pool boy entered, now dressed completely in soft white cotton top and long pants. He gestured for me to stand up and removed my robe, indicating for me to lay face down on the table. Once I was settled, he placed a towel over my ass as I said: "You seem to do everything here." Moving to the head of the table, his strong hands moved from my shoulders to my lower back and said: "I think you need a strong massage, so I am happy to give that to you."

Thank you, Buddha! My lucky day.

He began massaging my head, neck, shoulders and back in long strokes, always stopping at the crack in my ass and not going any further. "Is this too strong?" he asked quietly. I nodded my head and mumbled "No" and he continued, his strokes relaxing and exciting me at the same time. We made "small talk" for the first time with him asking "Where are you from?" "Why are you in Hong Kong?" and "Does this feel okay?" I mumbled answers as I felt him push the towel down below my buttocks and pour warm oil onto my body.

Remaining at the head of the table, he continued his long, strong strokes, now more sensual because of the oil. Moving to the mid-section of the table, as he deep-rubbed my buttocks, I could feel his "junk" brush by one of my hands. It was obvious that he was naked under the cotton pants as I could distinguish balls and an engorged cock go into-and-out of my open palm. At first it was coincidental and then became carefully placed. I could feel my cock start to harden.

He walked to the opposite side of the table and removed the towel from my body, pouring oil between the crack in my butt and onto my legs. As the oil oozed between my cheeks and over my hole, I got even harder. "Is this comfortable?" he asked, now a bit breathlessly. "I am perfect," was my answer as I spread my legs wider and let my feet hang off the sides of the table.

He began a very erotic concentration on my vulnerable ass, moving his strong hands between the cheeks, brushing my anus and then deeply massaging and spreading the inside of my legs. Realizing that I was now bone-hard, he lifted my hips and positioned my stiff dick facing toward the bottom of the table. His long fingers moved like butterflies over the length of my now-oiled cock until he grabbed the head with one hand and flicked and polished the pre-cum dripping head.

Knowing how to "back off" from the inevitable climax, he left that area and massaged both of my legs and feet, every so often brushing his crotch against my open palms. He was now rock hard.

"Please turn over," he instructed and as I sat up and began to turn to lie on my back, I saw that he had removed his cotton top and was bare-chested, his buffed torso slightly glistening with sweat. The dark brown nipples stood stiff and inviting. His trousers were perched precariously around his hips with his cock creating a "Tent." For the first time, we looked into each other's eyes. "You are very good at this." I said. "Thank you. I want to be very good...for you," was his simple answer.

Lying me down on my back, he moved to the head of the table and began making long strokes to my waist, his torso coming dangerously close to my mouth. I turned my head slightly and saw his reflection in the endless mirrored walls, turned my head back and stuck the tip of my tongue out, flicking one of his nipples. He made a small sound and once he realized the game we were playing made certain that his body position allowed my tongue and mouth to lick and suck his nipples. He finally leaned way over me, grasping my "at attention" dick and made an oily vise with his hands to slide up and down on it.

I surprised him when I suddenly sat up, got off the table and pulled his pants to his ankles. Looking at his supple, athletic body in the mirrors, the tan line of that brief speedo highlighted his cock and butt. The only hair on his body was a dark patch at his crotch from which his dick protruded. As he stepped out of his pants, I slowly began turning him around, revelling in the various angles that the overhead lights and mirrors reflected. Standing facing him, I positioned him so that I could see his butt in the mirrors as my hands slid down his body and my mouth found his cock. At first lavishly licking the head, I opened my mouth, put the pre-cum leaking head inside and slowly pushed his muscled ass against my face until his dick was down my throat to his hairy balls.

As he moaned and writhed, I moved him back to the table, lying him down on his stomach and spreading his legs so that I could began preparing that bubble butt for an invasion. Climbing onto the table between his feet, both hands slid up the inside of his thighs encouraging him to spread his legs even wider as my head lowered to kiss his ass. Collecting some oil from my dripping cock with my hands, I placed them on his cheeks and slid them up and down the crack between them, stopping briefly to circle his anus with a finger or two, tap rhythmically on that man pussy and eventually slide one finger in to the knuckle. He arched his back and moaned with pleasure.

As I slid the finger in and out, I added a second one and could feel that fuck vise loosen, wanting more. I slid the finger out and dove with my face, mouth and tongue into that incredible hole. Smelling only like sun tan oil, the man pussy was a full course meal and I chowed down like a starving man. I lifted his ass and moved his right leg to the side so that I could get another angle with my tongue and fingers. As he writhed, my finger stroking became faster, my tongue going deeper and sucking some ass juice that had been created with the oil and his internal secretions.

That once very proper and distant beauty was now a sex-crazed a****l in heat. As I slopppily ate his cunt, he pulled my body to his mouth, grabbing my dick with one hand and feasting on it with his mouth and throat. At one point I grabbed the back of his head and face fucked him. He moaned and choked like a bitch. His eyes watered and saliva dribbled onto the floor.

Wanting to go for the climax, I repositioned him face down on the table, climbed up between his legs, spread them and put the head of my dick at his oil and saliva lubricated man opening. "Do you want this?" I asked. "Yes," he said quietly. "What? I can't hear you. Tell me how much you want this," I growled.
I put more pressure on his hole with my cock. "I want you to deep massage my insides" he shouted.

And IN I went. The muscles of his ass alternately tightened and relaxed around my tube steak as it slid in and out, going deeper with each thrust. Looking down at that trophy ass only made the fuck hotter. Moving my head, I could see multiple angles of the two of us - him laying flat on his face with his ass arching high and me thrusting inside of him. Our loins connected with each thrust. The b**st with Two Backs.

He began murmuring and moving under me anxiously. I stopped fucking him and whispered: "What? What do you want?" As I climbed off, he sat up, placed his hands on both sides of my face and whispered: "I want to sit on your cock."

As I laid on my back, he stood, spread his legs and put his feet on either side of mine. Looking up at him was brilliant, but the reflections in the mirrors were even hotter - to see a tanned and taut Eurasion swim god, ready to lower his cunt onto my dick, almost made my dick spurt. Luckily, he lowered himself quickly, speading his cheeks with his hands and sitting directly onto my cock. I lifted my head and could see my prick going in and out of his ass as he began moving up and down with the strength of his muscular legs. His usually-composed face was twisted with pleasure as he clasped my cock with his muscular anus.

He suddenly stopped, stood up (with my dick making a popping noise as his now-gaping man cunt was emptied) turned around to face me and expertly sat back down on my dick. Looking passionately into each other's eyes, his muscular pumping began. As we both moved toward a climax, he laid his torso onto mine and for one instant I caught a reflection of what looked like a glistening frog straddling my loins. Faster and faster he pumped and his talented pussy contracted and massaged my cock until we both climaxed at the same time.

As the cum dump subsided, he sat up, removed himself from my cock and slid himself down my body, taking my cock into his mouth and sucking what was left of the gooey cocktail of my sperm and his ass juices. When he was satisfied he slid upwards and our mouths met for the first time, our tongues fucking/sucking the results of one of the sexiest ass fucks I ever had.

He slowly lifted his body from mine, sighed and climbed off. After toweling me off, he gestured for me to leave the mirrored room and follow him to the showers, walking with only a towel around his hips. And then he was gone. I showered, dressed and walked to the entrance where he now stood at the counter. "I hope you enjoyed the massage," he said, once again the totally unemotional professional I had encounterd at the swimming pool. "Yes, it was exceptional," I answered - paying the fee and adding a large tip. As I turned to exit, he said, "I will be at your service should you desire any further treatments." I did not look back as the door automatically closed behind me.

Needless to say, I needed "further treatments," on the four days remaining before I left Hong Kong.

He then moved to the

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10 months ago
WOWWW I was there with you & your ASIAN BOY BABE! Suckin his hairless brown boy ball sack while ya DADDDY DICK HIS ASIAN BOY BUTT PUSSY!!!
10 months ago
Fuck, this is a seriously erotic retelling of that event, bro
1 year ago
So glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed "living" it and hope to have more similar stories.
1 year ago
Hot story! Thanks for writing and posting it
1 year ago
Thanks for your comment and sorry for the late reply. Hope that you are getting "rubbed the right way."
1 year ago
Perfect story.....I would have traded places with you in a heartbeat.....or maybe a cock throb....
1 year ago
Oily and excellent. I'll need further treatments too, and liberal applications of saliva and your particular brand of man-smut.
1 year ago
very sexy :)
1 year ago
1 year ago
1 year ago
1 year ago
Very sexy story, I'd love to have a hot time like that myself