Star Fucker

I do not mind being older as in my youth, the times I lived in were filled with incredibly hot, open sex. Living and working in Hollywood during the mid-60's to mid-70's the streets were filled with some of the hottest guys on earth, who all [seemingly] had come to be "discovered" for the movies. You could "discover" them nightly in West Hollywood: standing naked on a balcony or at an open window; cruising the streets in tight jeans, rubbing their swollen cocks to giant bulges; in the many bathhouses and bars.

There was an incredibly hot guy I named "Whore John," who lived across the street and would project gay porno films on his living room window shades. All you had to do was ring the doorbell and he would fuck you senseless. Whenever I had not gotten lucky before bedtime, I'd walk across the street and adore that dick: in my mouth or in my ass.

Every apartment house seemed to have gay renters. There was a very hot, butch e****t who lived beneath me and would phone to invite me down on an afternoon when some of his clients and/or fuck buddies would drop by for some grass and ass. I got so fucked over in that living room and was DP'd for the first time. And if I was really hungry for a cock down my throat, about 5 apartments away there was a guy with an incredibly long, fat and thick cock who would stand in his window after dark stroking it. He would signal for you to come up to the second floor and that "the coast was clear" as he had a partner, who went to bed early. If I made a sound while swallowing his cock, he'd pull it out and roughly put his hand over my mouth. Which made the experience even hotter. He always delivered a copious, thick load of cum before bedtime for me.

In the midst of all of this the gay porno we now enjoy began to be made and publicly shown. The streets of LA were filled with wannabe male sex stars. You would find them cruising Santa Monica Blvd, pick them up and get their famous cocks down your throat for "food money." Or in the really messed up bathrooms of the gay bars, you might find them standing against the wall, their cocks hanging out, totally wasted. This, of course was all in the pre-AIDS days.

While on a business trip to New York in the early-'80s, I phoned Cal Culver (aka Casey Donovan of "Boys in the Sand"- the Golden Boy of male porn.) A Hollywood friend of mine knew him, liked him very much and suggested that we get together for lunch. I had a different kind of meal in mind.

On the phone, he was so charming: outgoing, funny and complimentary about our mutual friend. I finally got up the nerve to ask if he could come to my hotel for some fun. He readily agreed and the next afternoon I had a Porno Star knocking at my door.

Opening the door, I was stunned at how beautiful he was in person. The quintessential beach boy. Tall, tanned, slender, blond and blue eyed and wearing a pre-Abercrombie and Fitch jacket and tie and carrying a Macy's Store shopping bag. No torn jeans rent boy. But looking like someone who belonged at the hotel. When he entered we hugged and my heart skipped a beat. And my cock began to harden.

He took off his jacket, laid his Macy's bag down and sat on the bed, talking easily and smiling. We talked about this-and-that until he addressed the reason he was there with "Let me get out of these clothes and give you a nice rubdown."

BOING - my dick said. The thought of holding Cal Culver in my arms was a sex fantasy come true.

I stripped all of my clothers off and laid on my stomach on the bed. He kept his tighty-whities on, which clung to his beautiful ass and accentuated his "junk." He straddled my legs and began rubbing them up to my buns, asking "How does that feel...good?" Before I could even respond, I felt his package rubbing against my back as he leaned forward to rub my shoulders. My mouth and dick were dripping by this time.

"Okay, time to get the front!" he said. As I turned over, he grabbed my Jockeys and said: "These can come off now." I lifted my hips and he pulled them to my ankles. "What a great cock you have. Can I touch it?" Before I could answer, he grasped my cock with both hands and leaned over, kissing me softly on the mouth.
"You are very hot," he whispered, slipping the tip of his tongue into my ear. "Will you take off my Jockeys for me?" he asked, raising up on his knees until his crotch was on the level of my face.

Pulling those Jockeys down, I first saw the expected tan-line of this hot fucking beach boy. Then came the blonde pubes and finally the nice pink cock. "Let me get off the bed to get these off, okay?" He stood next to the bed and pulled his shorts down, his incredible ass nearly in my face. The tan lines on his ass made me grab his hips and bury my face into that ass that I had seen get fucked on a full sized movie screen - and jerked off over. Here it was my face. I parted the cheeks and began kissing and licking as he gently moaned. "Bend over," I said as he did and my stiff tongue found the target and slid in. Clean as a whistle and smelling like ocean and sand and sun. He continued moaning and I got off the bed and helped him lay down. This was no paid e****t scenario. He kissed and moaned like a lover, rubbing his hands through my hair and caressing my nipples. "Will you fuck me, please?" he asked,looking into my eyes. "I want you inside me so bad."

And then the love-making began. He had come prepared with some lube and spread it over my bone-hard cock."Will you slip some of this inside me?" has asked, lying on his stomach. Just slipping a lubed finger into that fabled ass made the precum ooze from my dick. He moaned and moved erotically on the bed, saying "That feels so good. Does it feel good to you, lover?" I spread his tanned legs as wide as I could - just looking at the sex dream spread-eagled before me. Finally laying on top of him, I positioned my lubed and oozing cock head at the entrance and slowly entered him. "Oh yes, baby, fuck me. Please."

As I slid my cock into his man pussy he spread his cheeks and opened the fuck path. Although he was toned, he was not heavily muscled,so his incredibly talented cunt felt soft, like liquid heaven as I went deeper and deeper into his fuck chute while he tightened the wet hole around my cock. I kissed his neck and face as he moaned with pleasure. I began dick-stroking his ass from different angles. With each new angle he moaned or laughed at the pleasure. My balls banged against his blond peach fuzz and I licked the tan line that accentuated his buns.

When we were ready to go for the "money shot" I turned him over onto his back, positioned his long legs on either side of my head and stopped just to gaze at the beautifui man on the end of my cock. He smiled and said: "Now fuck me. Really deep and really hard and shoot your love juice inside me." And so I did, making the thrusts harder and faster, sweat pouring off my face and back. We kissed and kissed, our lips and tongues biting and tangling and eating each other's hungry mouths.

"I'm gonna cum," I said with heavy breath. "Oh yeah. Make me yours with your sperm. Shoot it deep inside me," he begged, wrapping his tanned legs now around my waist and arching his back. We both exploded at the same time, covered in sweat and jizz.

We both laid back on the bed for a moment and breathed heavily. He turned his face to mine and said softly: "I could fall in love with you." And we kissed.

After catching our breath, he asked if he could shower and got off the bed, stopping to kiss me once again before I watched that legendary butt head for the bathroom. He stopped and said, "Wont you come with me?" I followed him into the shower where we kissed and licked each other some more, washing each other's backs, sucking each other's cocks and me getting a taste of my cum from his freshly fucked hole.

And then it was time for him to go. He dressed, combed his wet hair and got ready to leave as I stood, at a loss for words, looking at him. And smiling. When he put his jacket on, I slipped the money into his pocket. He only nodded and kissed me. As he got to the door, he said "I am now a cruise director on a gay ship and would love to have you join us. I will find lots of time for us to do this again on the high seas." The last thing he did was kiss me fully on the mouth and say: "I could fall in love with you."

Obviously he didn't as that was the last time I saw him. He fell in love with the actor Tom Tryon and they were together for 4 years. I fell in love and married a woman and raised a f****y. He died at the age of 44 in 1987.

If there were any STAR I would have liked to fuck, it was him.

44% (6/8)
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1 month ago
Wow, he died at such a young age. Sad.
1 year ago
You rock !
1 year ago
Casey Donovan, gentleman. Requiem in pace et amor, gentle giant
1 year ago
Oh yes you were lucky to have had that nice ass
2 years ago
You write so well. I'm so hard.
2 years ago
wow, so hot sensual and nostalgically historical! - WOW!!!!!!!
2 years ago
good story :)
2 years ago
I wish I lived in your block
2 years ago
Awesome story, pal! The best word thar comes to mind is, LUCKY!!