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My First Masseur - Part Two

After that first massage with Robert (Bob) he became a regular in my life. In the beginning, I visited him once a month, which became bi-weekly and eventually a weekly experience. He was always ultra-professional and polite. His massage skills for my "tired-dancer" body were unmatched. He had no "agenda," other than to repair the muscles which I exhausted stretching and over-using at class and in jobs.

There was always a "Happy Ending" - with that witch-hazel wetted towel over my eyes and the gurgling sounds of the aquarium. The moment he put that towel over my eyes, I would instantly get a bone-hard cock. One day, he mentioned that: "Getting happy, are you?" and put one of his hands on my cock and I heard him chuckle.

And then the mutual pleasures started.

Using the excuse that "He had oil on his hands," he asked if he could take off the shorts he usually wore. I nodded and in a few minutes, his hands were back on me. He moved my arms to the sides and suddenly I felt that "bulge" brush one of my hands. IT returned and stopped there, letting my hand encase a jock strap containing a getting-harder cock.

"Can you take off the towel?" I asked. "Certainly, if you want me to," he answered in a slighty-breathy response. "I'd really like you to," was all I could say. As he removed the towel from my eyes, I saw a strong, swarthy, hairy chest over me. If I could have gotten harder, I would have. More pre-cum oozed out of the head of my cock and I felt his thumb rub over the weeping hole. "Ah, some boy juice, eh?"

I watched him move back from the table and ask: "Mind if I get out of this jock?" "I want you to be comfortable" was all I could answer and in a second his cock was in my hand. I sat up and looked down at it: long, fat, uncut and leaking some juice of its own. I knew all about uncut cocks as nearly all of the men in my sex life("benefactors," dinner dates and my talent agent) were uncut. I took ahold of his dick and slid the foreskin back to reveal a shiny, jizz-leaking head. "Nice cock you've got" was all I could say.

In a rare moment, our eyes met. I really wanted to kiss him but did not want to spoil this mutual buddy jerk-off moment. I looked away and then turned to face him and with our eyes glued to each other, we "beat each other off."

I couldn't help it and shot first as he said: "I am going to shoot." "Comon, shoot that. Get that out of your system like you get mine," I encouraged him.
Faster and faster, with heavy breathing and his eyes rolling up into his head, he came (a huge load, by the way) and loudly moaned. His jizz hit my hand, chest and face. His eyes were closed. His mouth was open.

We were silent for a few moments and then he took a deep breath and pulled himself together - returning to the "strictly professional" massage ther****t he had been up to this point. "Let me get a wet rag to clean you up," he said, turned and walked to the bathroom

Without a beat, I put my hand to my mouth and tasted his cum. I collected his cum from my face and chest and added that. It was a new "deal" now. More to cum...
Posted by lovearub 2 years ago
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7 months ago
great ending..
1 year ago
Another hot story thanks
1 year ago
So sensual i can't believe it. The feel of the towel, the scent of the whitch-hazel (which i'm very familiar with, but now it's eroticized!), and the sight of the man's hairy chest.

By the time he asks about your dripping cock: "Ah, some boy juice, eh?," I'm in love with both of you.
2 years ago
love your stories. still need the phone number though :)
2 years ago
2 years ago
damn hot!
2 years ago
2 years ago
fuck this is so hot! I have a very familiar story, that like yourself, created a lifelong addiction- it's eery and hot how similar they are! please write more if you can recall any more hot moments with him!
2 years ago
yes, part 3 please
2 years ago
I want more to cum!
Love your drooling cock! mine does the same