My First Masseur - Part One

Some insight as to how I got the handle "lovearub":

As a teenaged boy, I was a dancer...long, lean, tight and one day thought about getting a massage. I had heard about them and while driving down Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood one afternoon, I saw a sign which advertised "Masseur." I did not know it at the time as I was also "into" girls, but my gut feelings were that I would be more comfortable with a male rubbing me. I wrote down the phone number to call later.

I phoned and heard a very nice, butch English accent on the receiving end. When I asked for a massage appointment, the voice asked if I was 18 years old. I wasn't (maybe 16) but I had a fake ID and answered "Yes." Only later would I understand that the masseur(named "Robert/Bob") was protecting his license. I was legally u******e but completely emotionally ready to start sexual experimentation. So, I intentionally lied.

The day came and I arrived at his apartment on the first floor of an older 1920's vintage apartment house. I rang the buzzer and a man answered: older (40?), buffed, wearing soccer shorts and a T-shirt. He extended his hand for a "real guy" handshake and welcomed me in. His massage table was set up in what had originally been the dining room. The curtains were closed so the area was dark, and there was an elaborate aquarium next to the table, with many exotic fish and the gurgling sound of the pump - something which gives me a hard on as I remember that sound, as I spent lots of time there.

He told me to undress, place my clothes on a chair and get onto the table face down. He left the room to give me privacy and I stripped and laid down. The leather was a bit cold. When Bob came back into the room he asked if I was comfortable and applied some oil onto my shoulders and began long, deep strokes on my neck and shoulders. It was obvious that he had many years and training as a massage ther****t. As he rubbed and stroked, we talked. He told me about starting as a massage ther****t for soccer teams in the UK and coming to California a decade ago and loving it here. He had some "lady friends" but prefered to live alone. He had been an athlete as a young man, so his legs, arms and shoulders were muscular and he had a "buzz cut." A regular, real guy.

As his hands begin to move further down to my hips, tingles of anticipation began in my anus. This was all so new to me. And so exciting. He changed his position from the head of the table to the end where my feet were and casually spread my legs. Bingo bango. An instant boner. As he rubbed up my thighs, he began stroking my ass and slipping his hands between my cheeks which felt so good - and hot - on my very tight, dance-trained ass. I tried not to show my pleasure and tightened my ass. "No, just let it relax. You have a muscular bum and I want to relax it." I think it is the first time I had heard the word "Bum" in relationship to my ass, butt, cheeks. I relaxed and his strong hands spread my cheeks. All I could think was "Is he looking at my asshole?" And I tightened it. Probably winked right at him. Oh fuck, I was going to shoot!

Luckily, he said: "Okay, now turn over and let me get the front of you." Having a raging hard-on, I was very embarrassed and I slowly started to turn over onto my back. He laughed and assured me:" Oh, don't worry. Every man gets hard. There is nothing wrong with it. It's just between us mates, y'know?" My dick turned limp - thank God. And the strong urge to shoot some boy batter was gone.

When I was settled, he placed a cold, wet cloth over my eyes, saying "This towel has some witch hazel in it and will be soothing to your eyes." Suddenly, my eyes were covered and the gurgling sound of the aquarium rushed into my senses. He was now standing at the head of the table and began relaxing my neck and shoulders. As he leaned over me, I felt his loins push into my head. A "soft lump" in his shorts kept touching the top of my head. And a new boner started.

As he worked his way down my body, he moved around the table. He moved both of my arms away from my torso to deeply rub the sides of my body. Again, a "lump" brushed my hand. I reacted and moved my hand and his soothing voice said "No. that's okay. Just let your hands dangle over the sides of the table. We'e bound to bump into each other. It's okay."

When his hands arrived to my feet, they massaged them masterfully. This was a new "rush" for me...he pulled and "popped" each toe. He then spread my legs wide and his oiled hands began stroking up the inside of my thighs, his fingers touching my scrotum. He now relocated his body to my middle and once again, the "lump" rubbed against one of my hands. Was it harder, or was that my imagination? I am sure that by now my horny, teenaged boy dick was leaking. My eyes were still covered and my mouth was open as I breathed a bit harder.

"Now for the release - which is a standard part of a massage," he said. As his oil-covered hands grasped my standing erect cock, he continued "Massages are to release tension and there is nothing sexual about it, so don't be afraid. You are 18 years old, right?" His hand now gripped my cock and began sliding up and down on it. I was in sex heaven. In a physical reaction to the bliss, my legs apread very wide and my arms flopped to a hanging position on either side of the table.

His stroking became more serious and he said: "You've got a beautiful body. mate. I envy those long legs and the 'stretch' that they have. I've always been sort of squatty and square so take that as a compliment." By now he was seriously - and very adroitly - jacking me off. "Comon. Just relax. Let it go. Shoot all of that out of there and get it out of your system" he said.

As the moment of climax arrived, I arched my back, spread my legs and shot - one of my hands brushing a now very STIFF and BIG "lump" in his shorts. "That's it mate," he reassured me. "Shoot that across the room. Let it fly." I felt the jizz hit my chest and my face. "Ooh, how I envy you, boy, and all that power!"

And now very heavy breathing, slowly sliding my legs and arms back to my side and his assuring voice: "Just relax and let me clean you up." I felt a wet rag on my genitals moving all over my torso and face to wipe up the jizz. When he was done, he took the cloth off my face and excused himself to "Wash up" in the bathroom. I laid there totally satisfied and unaware of the life-long addiction I would now have. I had never felt better in my life.

When he returned, he gave me a fresh towel and showed me to the bathroom and the shower, where I cleaned up. when I came back into the dining room, he was cleaning up the massage table and smiling. "Hope you feel better now. You were very tight."

My "exit" was rather abrupt as I returned to reality. Bob shook my hand and patted me on the back like a "Buddy." I left and drove home, not knowing the sensual journey that I - and Bob - would be going on.

To be continued...
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5 months ago
Would love to help your buddy out with his biz. And his load.
5 months ago
Same here. I didnt expect it. Went in for a normal massage to help a buddy out as he got his masseur biz started. I ended up with him inside me and pounding out the kinks.
8 months ago
Glad you liked the story and ashamed it took me so long to respond to your comment!
8 months ago
A cracker of a tale, very horny and click stiffening
1 year ago
Awesome story added to my favorites
1 year ago
Great story - you have a talent. I'd love to have a massage like that..................
1 year ago
great story!
1 year ago
"Every man gets hard. There is nothing wrong with it. It's just between us mates, y'know?"

Biblical in its truth and simplicity.
1 year ago
Just like my first experience, got addicted too
2 years ago
i need his number. maybe show up and watch you two ?)
2 years ago
GOD that is so HOT! had a similar exp. started out as a "regular" massage and turned into more..unexpectedly but SO enjoyable!
2 years ago
i am wet and ready to shoot! Delicious recapturing of your first erotic massage
2 years ago
give me the phone # please!