My first Black Masseur

As a teenager, I was a dancer and already looking for masseurs to relax and loosen up my body. I had read Tennessee Williams' short story "Desire and the Black Masseur" which turned me on so, although I danced with-and-was-friends-with black guys, I had not yet had an erotic encounter with any of them. While reading the classifieds for "Massage" one day, I spotted an ad which featured "Young Black Masseur," so I wanted to see what that was like. I phoned and made an appointment and the voice on the other end was deep, soothing and respectful.

The address was for a small house in a middle class neighborhood in L.A. and when I knocked on the door, it was opened by a smiling, middle-aged African-American woman who welcomed me inside and told me that it was her son who was the masseur. I took a seat and a tall, slender, fucking-gorgeous guy came out of another room and invited me in. He was nearly as long, taut and lean as I was and not much older. While I was in my Senior year of high school, he might have been in college.

When we got into the room I saw that it was small and nearly vacant except for a mattress, covered with a clean sheet, a small table with some clean towels and a couple of chairs. The masseur, dressed in a T-shirt and sweatpants, invited me to take off my clothes and put them over the back of a chair while he went to get his massage oil. I did as he said - except for removing my tighty whities - and laid down on my stomach. I heard the door open and a soothing voice saying: "Oh you can take off your Jockeys, man. I don't want to get oil on them." I stood up and peeled them down to hear him say "That is one fine ass you have on you!" I told him that I had been dancing for some time and thanked him for the compliment and then asked "Should I be on my back or facing down?" He replied: "Let's start facing down, okay?"

Lying on my stomach and with my eyes closed, I felt his warm hands on my back as he started to rub me, asking if the pressure was "OK." His long fingered-hands worked on my neck, shoulders, middle back and then began moving to my lower back and butt. He was good and knew what he was doing. "Since I am going to put massage oil on you to loosen you up, would it be okay if I took off my T-shirt and pants so I do not get them oily?" "Sure," I said, turning my head to watch him stand up, walk to the head of the mattress and pull his T-shirt over his head and peel his track pants down, letting an incredibly long, thick BBC jutting from incredible abs swing freely. "Is this okay?" he asked, with sensuality in his voice. "Okay? Well...uh...sure" I stammered.

He got down on his knees facing my head and began making long strokes from my neck to my hips, that slowly hardening dick coming closer and closer to my face with each stroke. As he did one energetic motion, his awesome cock actually swung and hit me in the face - which made him apologize. And made me smile and lick my lips. "Oops, sorry. I am going to straddle you as I think that is where you need the deep work. That ass looks tight to me." All I could say was "Okay" and prepared myself for him to sit on my ass. Before he did that, he spread my legs, saying "I need access to that area" and I felt his hands erotically rub between my tight, muscular cheeks. "How does that feel?" he whispered. "Uh...." "Do you want me to go deeper?" "Uh...yeah."

I felt him sit and place his muscular ass on mine and heard him get more baby oil on his hands. As his hands went to my neck and slid down my back, I moaned with pleasure. "I never had a dancer as a client before. Can I see how flexible you are and spread your legs as wide as they can go?" he whispered in my ear and his warm breath on my neck gave me goose bumps. "Sure," I agreed and felt him lift off of me and spread my legs. "I want to be able to give that muscular ass all the love it deserves," he said, as I felt a wet finger circle my asshole and the fat, now-stiff head of his cock slide between my cheeks. "Is that wide enough for you to get to it?" I asked, teasingly. "Oh yeahhhh" was his response. He slid his hard (and already oiled) cock back and forth between my butt, applying presure with each movement until the head was "knocking at my fuck-door." And one of those long fingers penetrated my asshole which made me u*********sly lift my needy ass for better access.

He suddenly got an idea and said: "Let me try something with you that is bound to loosen you up, okay?" Before I could answer, he turned me on one side and slipped one of his legs between mine. I felt his stiff cock and ball sack meet mine as he did a "Scissors" position. He slowly leaned his face toward mine asking: "Is this good for you?" and I felt his soft lips meet mine in a kiss. I kissed him back and as our mouths and tongues explored each other, he began moving his body back and forth with the bodily friction sending waves of sex through my groin.

He slowly disentangled his body from mine, turned me over onto my back and lifted my legs nearly to my neck. "Okay, I am going for that hole, baby. I am going to loosen you up good," he whispered and I felt the fat stiff head of his dick at the entrance to my man pussy. "Here we go, I am gonna rub your insides good and deep" as the head popped into my anus and he began slowly descending into my butt. I moaned and his hand covered my mouth, saying "We have to be quiet. Momma will hear us." And the deep fucking began.

For at least 30 minutes that beautiful man fucked me in every possible position: on my stomach, on my back, on my side and standing atop of me, with me holding my ass up in the air, driving that big black dick down home. The "old wive's tail" is that dancers are the best sex of all and I tried to make that come true for him. His kisses also kept driving me near the edge. I could not get enough of those soft, pillowy thick lips. His thrusts began to get faster and deeper and he asked: "Okay, where to you want my cum, baby? In your guts or in your mouth?" I moaned: "When it starts to shoot up my cunt, pull out and give it to me in my mouth. I want to taste you."

He smiled lustily, moving his cock faster and deeper and faster and deeper and suddenly pulled his shooting dick out of my ass and shoved it down my throat. My lips could feel each and every contraction and I had to swallow or else choke and be gagged by the huge amount of cum bursting from his beautiful cock. The spurts stopped and he pulled out, lifting my ass to his face, eating his cum out of my pussy and then putting his mouth on mine as we sucked, swirled and spit the felched snowball into each other's mouths.

Both of us fell onto the bed exhausted and laid there breathing hard for a few minutes. "Is that the kind of relaxing massage you wanted?" he asked. "Yeah," I admitted. "I think I love you." He smiled, got off the bed and said: "Lemme get some wet towels to clean you up" and left the room, with me watching HIS fine ass move around the room. He returned and wiped me clean, with soft kisses all over me.

He and I dressed, I paid him his fee - with a big tip to match the tip of his talented dick - we had one last soulful kiss and he walked me back into the living room where his waiting mother asked: "Did my son do it right? He's been faithfully going to massage school to learn all the tricks." All I could respond was: "This might be the best massage I ever had." She smiled with a mother's pride and that gorgeous young black man opened the door - sticking the tip of his tongue out at me as the door closed.

I never saw him again. DAMN.

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1 month ago
Dang, I need a masseuse like him!!!!
8 months ago
Simply me very hot and bothered
1 year ago
Damn loved the story going to add it to my favorites
1 year ago
Obrigado...sending you kisses!
1 year ago
muito bem narrada, a sua historia..., hmmmmmmmmmm, me fez uma viagem até vocês, e que me deixou tão "difícil", imaginando ser i em seu lugar, que gozei muito!!! deliciosa sensação a que tive..., obrigado por postar!!! adorei
1 year ago
"As he did one energetic motion, his awesome cock actually swung and hit me in the face - which made him apologize."

Pure poetry! I absolutely love it!
1 year ago
"As he did one energetic motion, his awesome cock actually swung and hit me in the face - which made him apologize."

Pure poetry, no joke! I love it!
2 years ago
would love a massage like that
2 years ago
I'd fall in love with the masseur also! In fact I fall in love with nearly all of my sex partners, at least for a while.
2 years ago
loved the part with his hard cock navigating your ass crevice. I can imagine the electricity!!!!
2 years ago
got me hard as a rock