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The Moroccan and me

On one visit to Amsterdam, I met and fucked a gorgeous Moroccan boy at one of the "Rent Boy" clubs. He asked if I wanted to fuck him the next day and we made an appointment for him to come to my hotel room. After I sucked his dick and ate his ass, we began to fuck. He suddenly said: "Can I call my girlfriend while you fuck me? I want to let her know that I will now have the money to take her to dinner." I picked him up, my dick still deep in his incredible ass, and carried him to the phone table. He dialed a number and I began sliding my about-to-shoot dick in his ass. "Hallo?" he said and began to talk to her - his eyes encouraging me to fuck him brutally. I plopped him on the bed face-down and deep dicked him, knocking the wind out of him as he tried to talk. When he finished talking to her, he smiled and stuck his tongue out at me, wiggling his butt on my imbedded dick. I hung up the phone, pulled my dripping cock out of his butt and shoved it down his throat. When I had finished filling his mouth, we deep-kissed and swapped the juices of my dick and his ass. A fantastically hot memory.
Posted by lovearub 2 years ago
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21 days ago
HOT fuck story! I guess the girlfriend does not mind his work situation. I love to kiss a cum filled mouth and share; so erotic!
1 year ago
Damn. What a fuckin 'bad boy' you fucked the breath out of. Would'a, could'a, should'a, but if it was me, i'd tell the girlfriend to get down there, pay him double. I'd love to see that boy-cock fill her with my cum still dripping out of his gaping punk-boy asshole!
2 years ago
i love middle eastern men. that skin and dark brown eyes always get me hard