Vegas Pantyhose Group Sex (Part 1)

I recently went on a seven day trip to California and Vegas. My wife Kate was due to meet me after a few days in Vegas as she couldn't get away from work for the full amount of time. We were due to meet up with a couple, Paul and Sarah, who Kate new many years ago in college who had emmigrated from the UK out to Phoenix some fifteen years earlier.

Little did I know, but Paul Sarah and Kate had arranged a little more than just meeting up for a meal and a friendly drink, which I was soon to find out. This is part 1 of the story prior to Kate joining me.

Having spent a couple of days in LA, I made the drive across to Vegas and checked in at The Cosmopolitan Hotel late on the Friday afternoon and after unpacking and taking a shower went to get something to eat and then play a few hands of blackjack, but without much success.

I returned to my room which was a very spacious studio suite on the 44th floor complete with a nice lounge area, king size bed, balcony and a beautiful bathroom with a huge walk-in shower area. I started to get undressed and sat on the bed in my underwear and watched a little TV. At this point, I should probably explain that my underwear consisted of a deep rasberry pair of Kate's knickers and a tan pair of 10 denier sheer to waist pantyhose (or tights as we say in the UK). I have worn stockings and pantyhose for years, loving the way they feel and carress my body. I have the full approval of Kate and we often walk around the house at home in just her underwear and wearing nylon. I have no desire to dress as a woman with wig and makeup etc but obviously do have a slight feminine side as I love womans underwear.

Feeling like I could do with another gin and tonic, I went to the minibar and poured myself one and picked up the ice bucket to go and get some ice down the corridor. I decided to be a little daring and just slip on a pair of shorts and tee shirt leaving my smooth pantyhosed legs exposed. My trip to the ice machine was uneventful as nobody was about, but on my return I walked past several couples saying good evening to each of them as we passed. So far as I was aware, nobody noticed my pantyhose legs. This gave me quite a little thrill as I had never been out in public before except of course when wearing under trousers.

Whilst drinking my G&T on the balcony looking out at the fountains of the Bellagio I began fantasizing about what it would be like to walk down the strip dressed like this. Would anyone notice? Would anyone say anything if they did? It was just gone 10pm and the strip was crowded on this pleasantly warm spring evening. My heart began to race.......I decided to do it!

After about 15 minutes and another G&T I had worked up enough courage to proceed. I left my room, walked down the corridor and into the elevator. The elevator stopped a couple of times on the way down to the lobby and several people got in, chatting away, totally unaware that they were standing next to a guy wearing pantyhose. When the elevator doors opened at lobby level, it was like walking out into the spotlight. It seemed ever so bright and surely someone would notice the slight shine of my pantyhosed legs, but everyone was oblivious, going about their business as normal. It was a lengthy walk through the hotel casino to get outside with people everywhere and again it seemed much brighter than usual, but that was probably just my imagination. My heart was pounding so hard that it felt like everyone would be able to hear it. What if someone recognised me, a friend, a business collegue or a customer over here on holiday!! I couldn't just ignore them, I would have to stand and chat and then surely someone would notice! Once outside in the night air I calmed down. The cool breeze felt wonderful on my pantyhosed legs as I walked up and down the strip for almost an hour. It felt so natural and I never heard a single comment so either nobody noticed or nobody cared. Either way it was a terrific experience for me and I made it safely back to my room. I poured myself another G&T and lay on the bed in my pantyhose thinking about what I had just done.

With all the thoughts running through my head and looking forward to Kate arriving the next day I began stroking my manhood which was growing bigger by the second. I pulled my knickers to one side and my cock sprung free, covered only by the thin silky nylon of my pantyhose. I began to wank my cock slowly and smoothly, still thinking about my recent adventure. The pace soon quickened and it wasn't long before I exploded, soaking my pantyhose and knickers with my warm cum.

Oh what a lovely evening I had had and I soon drifted off sl**p still wearing my cum soaked underwear.

Part 2, when my wife arrives and we meet up with her friends, to follow very soon!

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5 months ago
What happened to part 2. This was so horny!!
1 year ago
Love your exciting sense of adventure…I can't wait for part 2!
1 year ago
More please