my girlfriend first time fuck

It was like 3oclock and and my house was empty, and me and my girlfreind was just feeling really horny,, and we new the feeling was their so i quickly sneaked her into my house.. took her upstairs to my bedroom and strippd her down to her bra. and took her sexy pink knickers off.. i could tell she was feeln soo horny cause she was suckn on to my neck.. i then turned her over onto her back and got sum lub on my finger.. she was soo shy cause shed never done it before.. i gt the tube n slided sum lub into her tight pussy.. as soon as i slid my finger in her eyes closed as she moaned softly.. so was so horny she just wanted my dick inside of her. i then started off by kissin her as i was ontop of her.. she started strokin my dick gently rubber her fingers on her pussy and wiping sum of her cum onto my dick to make it wet.. she couldnt take it any long and i really wanted 2 pop her soo badly as she had never done it b4.. so i slowly put my dick in just the tip of it.. an she grabed my ass.. she told me to do it really slow.. buh i cudnt help it.. and and pushed soo hard and deep into her tight pussy she moaned so loudly saynn Ahhhhhhh ... i could feel her warm pussy tight around my cock.. i slowly pulled out and she told me to carry on.. so i then began thrusting my hard dick really deeep until it went in and out... even thou i had a condom on i was lovin the feeling.. half way through she sliped her hands dwn n pulled the condom off... i was loving the feeling.. i then started to go faster and faster until she was out of breath... all she was wispering in my ear was "ahhhhhhhh harder fuck it bby harderrr push it all in mee"..i was ready 2 to cum,, so i started snoggin her n playin with her tites n suckin her nipples. she wanted me to filll her pussy up with my cum.. she then grabbed me soo close n tight as sshe w****d her legs around me and pulled me even closer to her.. at this moment my dick was soo deep in her.. i just had to cum in her.. so i did i started fillin her pussy up with warm cum as i held my dick inside soo deep she loved every minut of it.. afterwards

to be continued
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