Chapter 3. Growing Up with Panties

After Aunt Florence got me started enjoying ladies panties, I found my need to jerk off my nylon-covered cock exceeded her ability to entertain me. Sure, we still played together whenever we had the chance, but that wasn’t anywhere near often enough for my hormone raging boy cock.

As I noted, my mother was not a source of inspiring panties. I did take advantage of her in other ways.

Mom worked as a domestic. She would go and clean other people’s homes, and she sometimes would bring her clients’ laundry to our house. For a while both presented opportunities for me to enjoy sexy lingerie.

Remember my k** b*****r was born when I was ten. I wasn’t old enough to stay by myself, and mom couldn’t afford a baby sitter for my b*****rs and me when she was out doing housework. When school was in session, it wasn’t a problem for mom. She would just take the baby along with her and manage to get home before the neighborhood school let us k**s out for the day.

Summers were the problem for her. She couldn’t let my middle b*****r and me run around unsupervised. Plus, the baby was getting bigger and needed more attention; something that mom couldn’t provide while she was busy cleaning. So, I got recruited to go with mom and the baby while my middle b*****r was pawned off on a neighbor.

Fortunately, the baby still slept quite a bit. That gave me the freedom to explore these homes that mom was cleaning. I explored and found many lovely treasures, some of which I stole. To help pass the day, I also volunteered to help mom with some of the work. Things like emptying the clothes from the hamper, putting clothes in the washer and dryer, folding clothes as I took them out of the dryer. You can imagine the access that gave me to the treasures my cock craved.

At that time it was primarily single income families, so a f****y that could afford a domestic had a reasonably good income. The women would invariably dress well, on the outside and the inside. They would have drawers full of sexy lingerie and closets hanging with full slips, nightgowns, and peignoirs.

When I would go with mom on these cleaning days, she would quickly get lost in her work. As long as the baby was quiet, she didn’t pay attention to me. I knew from experience that it would take her at least 30 minutes to clean the bathroom, the better part of an hour for the kitchen.

One of mom’s regulars was Aunt Kate. She was not my aunt, but liked me to address her that way. Kate was a relatively young widow. Her taste in clothes was rather conservative. She liked long negligees and slips and tap dance style panties. (Conservative lingerie then is now quite exotic and erotic compared to today’s unisex, cotton-dominated lingerie choices.)

While k** b*****r was taking his morning nap and mom was cleaning the kitchen, I would go straight to Kate’s bedroom and her panty drawer. I would grab 2 pair of her tap pants (often pink and black, because that was a popular fashion mix back then) and head to her closet. Inside, I would drop my shorts and underpants (remember, summer time meant no shirts) and pull those delicious nylon panties up my legs, over my ass, and onto my hardening cock. I especially enjoyed the feel of rubbing my cock through multiple layers of nylon. Then I would take one of her long nylon slips or sexy nylon nightgowns and drop it over my head.

Feeling the nylon slide down over my chest and shoulders and settle around my legs was fantastic. I couldn’t resist the urge to rub myself all over. I’d imagine myself buried under a pile of Kate’s beautiful lingerie.

On shaky legs with a now throbbing cock I would leave her closet to stand in front of a floor length mirror in her bathroom. My image in the mirror, a young boy dressed in a woman’s lingerie with a boy cock poking out the front of the gown, was incredibly exciting. I knew what was going to happen; I knew I was going to cum in those layers of nylon. What was different each time was the fantasy I would create to help me along the way. However, all of them included nylon lingerie on my body. Visualizing the fantasy of the moment, my hands would be jerking my cock through the nylon layers, rubbing my panty-covered ass, or pulling my nipples through the nylon covering my chest. Oh, how I would come in that nylon prison.

And my mom never suspected!!

I even managed to find some pleasure in coming back to reality. Cleaning up the mess I made in Kate’s underwear, which for others would have been a problem, was a fun chore for me. Remember, I helped Mom with the laundry when she was house cleaning. So I would slip out of the nightgown and reluctantly pull the panties down my legs.

My sensitized cock would shrink when I would pull my cotton briefs on. What a change! I would pull on the rest of my clothes and start on the laundry.

First into the washer would be Kate’s underwear. The pieces I had just wet and the soiled pieces in Kate’s hamper. I would take the latter and rub them over my face. Kate’s perfume smells were still on them. My little cock would quickly start growing again. That was a reaction that happened no matter what part of my body felt the thrill of ladies nylon underwear.

When the lingerie wash was finished, I would load it into the dryer. Then I would stand by so I could get the lingerie out of the dryer as soon as the cycle finished.

Have you ever felt the pleasure of nice warm, high-quality nylon on your cock? It is outstanding. So, out of the dryer and up and down my cock. Being careful so I didn’t stain the nylon with my juices, I shot another load.

Then I would wind down my day by carefully folding Kate’s panties and half slips and putting them in her drawer. The full slips and nightgowns I would put on hangers and hang in her closet. After all, I had to get her lingerie ready for the next time I helped Mom clean Aunt Kate’s house.

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9 months ago
Thank you for sharing erica. That was one of my fantasies. I went to an all male college and missed those panty heists.
9 months ago
CMT, I never could understand what drew me to panties - aunt's, neighbor's, friend's mom's - but they have had a lifelong lock on me. I'm sure you would agree that the thrill of stealing them to wank in was an incredible experience. Even as an adult, able to purchase my own, I still couldn't/can't resist peeking in a laundry basket looking for silky nylon lingerie to wank with.
9 months ago
Thanks. I must admit I was wearing panties while I wrote, and I frequently had to stop to take care of my hard cock.
9 months ago
I love reading your panty stories while wearing panties myself and masturbating over and over again.
9 months ago
Loved the story you told. I was 14 when I first started getting into a neighbors panties. The lady was over 50 but I got so turned on when I saw her. big Tits and nice body and twice my size in height.I used to love wanking in her used panties in the laundry. and I washed and dried her panties before putting them back in the laundry basket.Did It for a long time.
10 months ago
I love it. I used to steal girl's panties from my college dorm laundry room and learned to wear them and masturbate. It felt great, particularly when I knew the girls whose panties I had.