Chapter 2. Fun with Aunt Florence

And so began my sex education at the hands (and mouth and pussy) of my Aunt Florence and my lifelong love affair with nylon lingerie.

Florence herself did not have much in the way of sex experience, but she knew when she felt good. So she experimented with me, and we learned together. Among other things, I learned why she didn’t have a pecker and how she peed without one. But I was always lured into it with the promise of her silky, sexy, nylon lingerie and the feeling I got from having it on my body, especially my cock.

I started to find excuses for stopping by her house after school. We wouldn’t have a lot of time to get into involved sex and lingerie games (they were reserved for Saturday when my uncle was working, and I ostensibly was doing odd jobs for her). However, we did have a favorite quickie that I particularly enjoy, even to this day.

She would greet me dressed in a full nylon slip. Back then, slips were available in many more colors and styles than the basic black and white available today. Though Florence owned red, pale blue, lavender, light green, yellow, peach, cream, white, and black slips, I had a particular fondness for her pink ones. She had one pink full slip that my boy cock really enjoyed. It had a sheer, lacy nylon bodice that hugged her full tits and made her big, rosy nipples very visible. The hem and a thigh-high split were trimmed in 4” of luscious lace. The best part was the semi-sheer pink nylon body of the slip. When Florence wore it, her black bush and swollen pussy lips were quite visible. When I wore it, my hard cock was shadowed, but it was quite obviously a cock. And best of all, it felt incredibly good and so sexy.

Underneath her slip she would be wearing a garter belt, silky stockings, and pair of nylon panties (again pink, and no cotton gusset). She would perch on the edge of a chair, sofa, or her bed and spread her legs. I would walk between her legs, up to her crotch. The top of her slip would be lowered to give me access to her tits. I would push the bottom of her slip up her legs and pull it around me. Then I would pull the waist band of her panties down and stick my cock into them. She would bring her legs up around my hips and trap me in her silky, nylon web. My cock would have the wetness of her pussy on the top side and her sleek nylon panties on the bottom side. What a sandwich.

The sensations on my boy cock would soon have me pumping my hips between her thighs and into her crotch. Of course she was getting good vibes as well. Her clit was riding on top of my hard, bony cock. I couldn’t tell what was more enjoyable - those panties or her pussy. In the end it didn’t matter. I would shoot my load into those pink panties and that would trigger her orgasm. She would use her legs to hold me against her like that until we both caught her breath. Then she would lower her legs and push me back a step, pull her cum-soaked panties back up to her waist and against her pussy, and take my cock in her mouth to clean it off.

She told me she would wear those panties through the rest of the day and into the evening. Just remembering what was in them and how it got there would get her pussy wet. Frequently she would lock herself in the bathroom after dinner with Uncle Bob, sit on the toilet, and finger herself to orgasm through the panties that we had enjoyed earlier in the day.

Not long after we started our sex relationship she taught me how to fuck her. At that age my cock wasn’t very large, but she seemed to respond well to clitoral stimulation, so I was big enough. She always had me fuck her while I was wearing a pair of her sheer nylon panties. I would simply pull the waistband down, stick my cock and balls over the top, and fuck away.

One time when we were feeling silly and creative at the same time, she asked me to fuck her with the panties covering my cock. Her panties were certainly big enough to let me do that. I thought why not. So we spent quite a bit of time rubbing my panty-covered cock up and down her slit to get the panties wet enough to slide into her pussy. The feelings were so intense that by the time I did get into her, I was ready to cum. One or two pumps, and that was it. My cock in Aunt Florence’s panties buried in her pussy was filling those panties with another load of boy cum.

She was not ready yet so she held me in her. It didn’t take my cock long to harden again. Then we went at it hot and heavy. My cum helped lubricate the nylon panties. Her pussy got so wet I thought she was peeing herself. Soon we both came, and the front of those panties were soaked.

I slowly pulled my deflated, nylon-covered cock out of her cunt. She told me to take her panties off. She gave me a dry pair to wear, and she pulled those cum-filled panties up her legs and on to her hips. The front was so wet they were transparent. She pulled the crotch uptight into her pussy, between her swollen cunt lips and began to finger herself to orgasm again while I watched. Soon my cock had made a tent in the front of the clean panties she had given me. I couldn’t resist; soon my fingers were pulling on my cock, sliding those nylon panties up and down the shaft. I was hooked for life.

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4 months ago
Hot! Love older pussy
7 months ago
I'm not surprised. I put several loads of cum in mine as I was writing it, and I still get hard when I reread it. Hope you enjoy all the chapters.
7 months ago
I have to confess that I came in my panties while reading this story.