Peeping neighbor at RV park while out of town work

This is a true story that happened just yesterday...

I am out of town working and I always take my rv with me when I travel for work. I have been noticing that my neighbor (who is in her mid fifties) likes to peep out her window in the evenings while her husband is working night shift so I figured I would give her a lil something to look at. We have talked a few times and she has offered to wash my laundry which will give her something to do while her husband is asl**p during the day.

When I pulled into the rv yesterday evening I noticed that she had one of her blinds partially open and was looking out. I gathered my things out of the truck and went inside; leaving my door open but closed the screen door. I grabbed a beer, sat on the couch and opened one of my blinds. I could see her moving about in her trailer and taking a peek in my direction every couple of minutes. I got up and undressed and noticed her watching. I then went to the bedroom and started gathering up my dirty clothes, grabbed another beer from the fridge and noticed she was still looking while I stood at the door. After a couple beers I was taking a piss and heard her knocking on the door. Told her just a minute that I was peeing. I stepped down the steps from the bathroom area, towards the door and she had a bit of shocked look on her face....

She then asked if I still wanted her to do my laundry and I said sure let me get it for you. As I turned to get the laundry I said excuse my nakedness, I hate wearing clothes. She said that it was completely ok. I got the laundry basket and opened the door to hand it to her. She grabbed the laundry basket and we made small talk with me standing in front of her completely naked. I noticed that I was starting to get a little hard while talking to her and she noticed as well because she kept staring at my growing cock. She left with the laundry and I grabbed me a bite to eat...

While sitting there eating I noticed that she continued to be glued to her window and figured I would show her a little more. I put a porn on, grabbed the baby oil, placed a chair right in front of the door and oiled up my cock. Her sight was now fixed to my door. I began stroking my cock slowly and looking back at her. She would move every now and then but would come back to continue watching. After about 10-15 minutes of me slowly stroking my cock I finally shot my load and she was still watching. I got up grabbed a beer and cleaned up my mess.

About 9PM I noticed she kept peaking out the window so I put on some shorts, grabbed a beer, went and sat outside and lit one of the centronela candles because I am in Louisiana and the mosquitos are a tad thick. She came out to walk her dog and asked how big of a hurry I was for my laundry. Told her tomorrow is fine and then she said she had already started it and went to laundry room to put it in the dryer. I figured I would give her another show so I grabbed another beer and sat in the chair, moved the candle between my legs to direct a little light on my cock and pulled one of the legs of my shorts up to expose my semi hard cock. I sat there for a good while drinking beer before she came back from the laundry. When she returned, she walked between our trailers and stopped to talk. I noticed that she kept looking between my legs and I started to lightly stroke my cock as it grew hard. She stood there talking as a was stroking my cock then said good night and went inside. Once she went inside I could see her undress in front of the window and she glued her eyes on me again. I continued jerking off for her and shot another load on the concrete, waved at her and went to shower.

Will see what happens this evening when I get back to the RV and share with y'all....
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1 year ago
Nothing new to report on this because they have pulled out and went back to Texas...
1 year ago
oh hell yeah. can't wait to hear more.
1 year ago
Let us know!