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Committed to each other & enjoy pleasing each other. Together for over 32yr we both have the same interest & turn-on's voyeurism, LOVE the beach and Ocean, porn, music, Femdom & of course is dancing, our family always comes 1st.
Wife is shy but likes to be flirty with sexy men that have a sense of humor, that are out going with some facial hair, well she has a thing for Drummers too. I enjoy watching her flirt. She has a strong sex drive makes her willing almost anytime. Her turnon's and enjoyments are kissing her neck, dancing, porn, romance, she is straight but enjoys lesbian porn she has a female friend she flirts with. She is a little bit into being a exhibitionist and enjoys voyeurism she's shy about both.
She Enjoys controlling hubby by face sitting, I need to make her cum 3 or 4 times on my face letting me breathe in between each if I am good a boy.
Did I say she has a turn on for Drummers?
Hubby is totally devoted to his wife who is his biggest turn on but fines other women very attractive just want to be with my wife. He's a exhibitionist an enjoys voyeurism, he's not shy about it. Sexually Submissive to his Mistress (Wife) enjoys his ball slap and his nipples bitten, pinched or nipple claps she enjoys doing all of it.
Hubby is totally submissive to his wife pleasure of face sitting.
A Italian man with a strong sex drive.
We have many types of anal toy's which we enjoy using on each other. He's bisexual or bicurious what ever you want to call it, never really finding the exact meaning of either, my wife found a term called
"HIGH SEXUAL EXCITATION PRONESS"... To be up front I am NOT LOOKING TO HOOK UP WITH MEN. He enjoys wearing women's nylons and panties but doesn't want to dress fully as a women, that doesn't make me a crossdresser does it? Is there a name for that? A Sissy Hubby I guess???
I would very much enjoy my wife sharing this fetish I have of dressing in women's panties and lingerie but she not willing. I told her I have in the past, even while we were married. Wife doesn't understand why I do this. She has no problem putting on a strapon and doing my butt hard, I just can't dress the part LOL.
Any help or advice from other husbands or wives that share this would be welcomed. Now theres got to be a ton of women out there that would love to dress their husband in a Maids outfit and make them clean the house for you, Got to be right?
I think I made this long enough hope you enjoy our profile.
We both enjoy good company with nice, honest, fun people.
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2 months ago
I didn't get it at first either but after 20 years I LOVE it Now!! Mmmm Proud My Hubby wears Panties! Cause he looks so damn hot in them! Ha!
2 months ago
nice page
2 months ago
what's going on? How the heck are you two?
4 months ago
Come visit my page. You might send me a friend request.
6 months ago
Exciting relationship you have. I love seeing a man dressed in pretty lace panties and cumming hands free while eating my creampie! Maybe your wife and I could share a nice cock as you lick us and clean him up?
7 months ago
Love your sissy husband movies, very hot!!!
8 months ago
Your stories are excellent and love the video selections.
9 months ago
love !
9 months ago
Love your story about the restaurant. Sounds like we have a lot in common.
9 months ago
love this page mmmm
10 months ago
You have a very hot profile. We love pegging!
10 months ago
Best man passion strap on ;-)
10 months ago
Thank u for all the comments on our pics :)
10 months ago
0 = EXCLUSIVELY HETEROSEXUAL, 3 = EXCLUSIVELY BISEXUAL, 6 = EXCLUSIVELY HOMOSEXUAL[The Kinsey Sexuality Scale] Guys physically attracted to PREOPERATIVE transmen or gendervariants are a 5 on the scale. Number 5's are PREDOMINANTLY HOMOSEXUAL MEN with LESS THAN minimal bisexual tendencies. MOST OF THE MEN ATTRACTED TO transmen or gendervariants LOVE TO BOTTOM, LICK VAGINA, AND SUCK PENIS.
10 months ago
nice profile, i like what you're into.

P.S. I'm a drummer
10 months ago
Nice videoes and pis :)
10 months ago
Thank you for accepting our invite! Great page :)
10 months ago
Thanks for your very nice comments xxx
10 months ago
Thanks for adding us
10 months ago
Thanks for stopping by. Hope all is good!
10 months ago
Thanks for adding me! You have really great content :))
10 months ago
awesome page
10 months ago
Thanks for your very nice comments ;)
11 months ago
Hi, My last pics for you... Hope you enjoy ;)


xx Zyggy xx
1 year ago
1 year ago
Hot couple. nice bio Love your page xxx
1 year ago
glad you enjoy our content....thx for the awesome comments
1 year ago
My latest video is for friends only. It's me pounding this horny wife's ass real good! It may be the last one I post
1 year ago
You have an amazing profile and collection!!
1 year ago
reality amazing

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