My exs s****r

This is a real story about a night out after me and my ex had broke up we remained friends but I found out this night my ex wasn't the only one that was interested.

It started like any other night out drinks were going down well and every one was having a good time. Me and my ex were dancing away and things were getting heated, she went off to the bar to get a few drinks and I noticed she was chatting to a few of our old friends so I just carried on dancing. Her s****r came up to me an started dancing and as it was her s****r I don't mind to much the music started to really pump and she started grinding up against me which got me really aroused she new this as she could feel the bulge in my jeans swelling as the music played she pushed hard against my cock teasing me so much she lent up against me and said in my ear "all i want is your rock hard cock in me tonight " the song changed and as she turned around she pushed her hands down my jeans and started to fondal my cock i told her that she was a naughty girl and that she should get a a spanking for what she was doing she gave me a little smile and said hopefully she then dragged me into the toilets an pushed me down on the seat in one of the cubicals undone my buttons and took my cock in her mouth the feeling was amazing as she slid her tounge down my shaft caressing my bollocks she slurpt a sucked on my cock till I exploded in her mouth and as she looked up with a cheeky grin the cum dribbled down her chunk just new I had to have more......

Leave your comments and this my first time so please don't be to harsh xx
56% (6/5)
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3 years ago
Good start
3 years ago
nice start to what hopefully is more great sex.

more details are always welcome. i have a couple of stories posted, showing what some of my interests are..