A few people had told me that older men made better lovers than younger men, but until I met "sir" I never believed them. Anna had told me how her old husband had her every day and never seemed to get tired, but I thought she was just boasting, and perhaps he was really useless as a lover, and that she was jealous because I had a young boyfriend.

Anyway, my first night with "sir" taught me the error of my ways. After I'd seen his eager cock becoming erect as I sat on his lap, I knew that he would no trouble getting it up. But it was his kindness and consideration that impressed me more than his upright penis. Everything he did seemed to be designed to please me, rather than his immediate gratification. And whenever I felt shy or unsure of anything, he would stop and whisper to me and then get me going again.

I wondered why he and his wife had separated. Why had she let this man go. He wanted to lick me in my most intimate places. He said he wanted me to "sit on him", and removed my panti in readiness. And, you know, as I got astride him, my legs wide apart as I lowered myself onto him, I was so excited I thought I was going to cum.... I had to grip the sheets on the bed to try to stop myself....

I could feel the bridge of his nose going from side to side, gradually widening my opening in readiness for his tongue. And then the wonderful feeling as his tongue was gently inserted into the hole, and when it reappeared and licked me from top to bottom. And all the time I could hear him having to swallow, as he struggled to swallow whatever was coming out of me down there.....

And then my legs were hoisted onto his shoulders for an even greater inspection. He would stop, lick, look, and then repeat. And with every repeat I grew more and more excited. And then suddenly his cock was everywhere - on my titties, inside my puki, on my legs, on my tummy, and even in my hair. And with the first burst, his manly love juices went onto my tummy, and the second onto my titties, and the third onto my face......

I'm so happy that I have met a man who only seems to want to please me. I really hope I can keep him, and not lose him like his wife seems to have done.

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2 years ago
Aussie oldie loves you
2 years ago
mmmmm the only way it should be done
2 years ago
so good for you! and wow this was hot, will stay tuned for more of your great stories!
2 years ago
2 years ago
I hope u have more to tell, this is arousing -:)