A Catholic Girl and Contraceptives

It's only been about seven weeks since I first had sex with a boy, and already I'm on the pill! I used to believe that I wouldn't ever need those. God would take care of my fertility. That's what the priest had always told me in church on Sunday.

But when they got to know I was having sex, a lot of friends had suggested to me that I ought to take precautions against getting pregnant, especially as I'm only 19, but I was completely innocent and didn't know where to get contraceptives of any kind - let alone the pill.

Anyway, in the excitement of losing my virginity over the Christmas holiday, I was satisfied enough at first just to have my boyfriend withdraw and cum over my belly. I thought it looked very manly.

But once we'd done it up against the wall of the barangay hall - during my "safe" time of the month - and he'd gone all the way and released it inside me, I couldn't stop thinking about how nice it had felt. I thought this was how proper sex should be...even if I did have to walk home that night with sticky panties.

However, I used to think that it was difficult to get the pill here in the Philippines. So I just got used to him again using a kondom when we fucked. It wasn't until I chatted to Edelita about how it didn't feel nice with him wearing a rubber kondom that I learned a lot of the girls in the village took a pill called Dianette. Edelita said it was an effective treatment for teenage acne, but also stopped girls getting pregnant - and that you could buy it any chemist in town!

So on Friday night, with the thought that St. Valentine's Day was fast approaching, I found myself walking up and down outside the pharmacy. I was shy about asking for it, because I just knew the assistants would probably know what I wanted it for. And perhaps they were girls from church, who knew that as a practising Roman Catholic I shouldn't be doing at all until I'm married, and who might whisper it to the priest.

But all I could think about was how I didn't like a kondom. About how I wanted to please my boyfriend, and how I wanted to feel what it was like to be properly married and be able to feel his hot fluid shooting right up into my inside every time we did it. And although it took about 15 minutes of worrying, it was that thought that eventually drove me up to the counter.

And so it was with a sense of pride and a moist puki that I came out clutching my little paper bag containing a box of Dianette tablets. When I saw my boyfriend that night, and I told him that I was going to start taking the contraceptive pill, I could see his eyes light up with excitement. I was happy that I'd made him happy too. But once we'd done it a few times without kondom, and hopefully without fear of me getting pregnant, I discovered that the pill had some very practical advantages.

I discovered that my dissatisfaction with him had been that when he came quickly, before my puki was properly wet, I wasn't able to orgasm because I was still dry. Now when he cums quickly, if we haven't seen each other for a few days, for example, or he is feeling especially horny, or is just plain tired, his cum inside my puki acts as a lubricant cream - now I am able to get an orgasm as well.

So now I've had to go back to the pharmacy to buy a box of those extra thick panty-liners - the kind I usually only wear at "that" time of the month, but this time to soak up his cum before it soaks my panties and skirt. I've learned that on a date a grown-up girl must be properly prepared.....

As a former convent girl, I know I shouldn't say this, but I can't help giving thanks in my bedtime prayers to the chemist who discovered cyproterone acetate. He's made me very happy on this Valentine's Day Eve.....

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2 years ago
I loved it honey
2 years ago
nice to see you had such happy Valentines! and yeah it feels better to unload inside a hot wet pussy too and thats what the semen is for, to lubricate so why not take advantage of it? as always nice to read you!
2 years ago
2 years ago
U'r completely right, it's much better without a condom, also for the guy.
I'm following ur the progression of sexual life with interest-:)