Love and Superstition 2.

Well, I took the advice of Ate Nene and arranged a date with my boyfriend after work on Thursday (that was January 27th). As I told you, I guess he knew what was on my mind because he took me to a restaurant in a naughty part of town, near to the street where there are several "love" hotels. I think you might call them lodging houses in your country: anyway they cater to couples looking to get a room for sex in the afternoon or evening.

I told my Nanay and Tatay that I'd been asked to work late at the shop, but instead I took the jeepney downtown. And those lies I'd told them somehow made it more exciting for me. My heart was pumping when I quickly climbed into the jeep and paid the conductor. You see I was worried that someone might see me going downtown and tell Nanay and Tatay that they had seen me. And then the questions would start.....and then I wouldn't be tatay's girl any more.

Anyway, hopefully no-one saw me. And he was already there when I got off the bus, and I was really pleased to see him. The fact that a friend of mine had told me that they'd seen him at a village fiesta with another girl didn't seem to matter. I'd forgiven him already. And as we ate our pancit and shared a coke, all I could think about was sex, sex, sex. And I couldn't help thinking how my life had changed in just a few short weeks since I'd first had sex with him in Nana's attic.

So this is what romance is all about, I thought. When I'd been at the convent, I'd always thought that it was about gazing into each others eyes and holding hands. Or perhaps gently kissing after you'd known each other a few weeks. That was what the girlie magazines had told me. You did that for a year or so, they suggested, and then got married and had babies. They never told us that it was about hurrying down a meal - thinking of cock all the time - and then going to lodging house to get sorted out on a bed that thousands of other couples had probably used.

The lodging house we used is in a quiet back street, nicely hidden from anyone seeing us going in. It's owned by an old Chinese couple called Tui, and although it's not smart on the outside, the bedrooms look cosy, clean and romantic. I must admit that I felt nervous and unsexy when my boyfriend had to pay for our room at the desk downstairs, but the atmosphere of the hotel made me feel horny again before we'd even reached our room on the second floor. It was quite dark on the stairs and corridors, and it felt erotic.

I could hear a girl giggling in the bedroom at the end of the corridor, and in the room next to ours it sounded as if there was some serious sex just reaching it's climax - and those sounds of her in ecstasy, and the bed creaking made me lose any inhibitions I'd had about coming to such a place. It made me want to enjoy the pleasures of having his cock inside me again. It reminded me that I was here to have sex and enjoy sex. And to follow Ate's advice on how to keep a man happy and hopefully make my boyfriend forget about any other girls.

I hesitated to undress because I didn't want him to think that I was eager for it. I wanted him to come to me and woo coax me to undress. And I was really pleased that after he'd stripped down to his underpants - his cock already erect and pushing the fabric outwards with its f***e - he came across to me and started kissing me. He knew that I like my ears kissing and nibbling, and then my neck, and he soon had me desperate for it.

I was annoyed with myself afterwards, but I found myself taking my own skirt and blouse off, and then eagerly and hurriedly removing my own panti. I had such strong urges that afternoon, stronger urges than I had ever felt in my life. And within minutes he was grinding his cock up and down my stomach, and I don't think I needed Ate to remind me that I needed to put that stiff cock into my mouth. It seemed to happen naturally, as if this is what I had been brought up to do..... Is this really the man that I was intended to have....cock and puki made for each other.


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3 years ago
wow, it excited me...nice story!
3 years ago
Looking forward to the rest
3 years ago
i love it how you're turning into a cock lover
3 years ago
I'm eager to read more