Love and Superstition

In the rural areas of the Philippines there are lots of superstitions about love and sex. If you want a particular man, you can go and see a "quack doctor" - like a witch doctor in Africa - who will prepare a potion for you to take. They will also help a single girl like me to find out who is going to be her husband. And once we are married and pregnant, which in the rural areas is usually within the first year of marriage, they will sometimes advise us to breastfeed our husbands, the belief being that the milk from our breasts will cause the man in our life to keep running after us.

The quack doctor in our village is a lady of about 55 or 60, and who seems to be very knowledgeable about sex. Because she is a "doctor", the girls who go to see "Ate" Nene aren't shy to ask her questions about romance, or to get her advice about what to do in bed. And it was because I knew she had helped other girls...lots of girls, that I also decided to go and see her last week. I really wanted to know whether my boyfriend is going to be my husband. And how to keep him from straying from me. You see, a friend had told me that she had seen him at a fiesta in neighboring village with another girl about my age. And that he was trying to feel between her legs. Hearing that had made me so unhappy.

I was extremely nervous at first about going to see "Ate". My heart was pounding when I knocked on her door. But she seemed to know why I was there and was very kind and knew exactly how make me feel at ease, and she made me feel that sex was something to be celebrated. It wasn't at all like going to see our priest for confession, who always makes you feel that sex is wrong. Because he always tells you that having sex outside marriage is a sin. Instead, "Ate" advised me that I should give my boyfriend oral sex, as that would keep him at my side...and would also stop me from getting pregnant until we were married! She told me not to be shy about it, as it completely natural.

Anyway, she gave me a little potion to take away with me. And she told me that I should have my next date with him on either Thursday or Saturday. And because I was excited by what she had told me, and also by the fact that I'd caught sight of my s****r sucking her boyfriend's cock on the front porch on Tuesday night, I couldn't wait until Saturday and rang him straight away to arrange a date for Thursday. I tried to sound casual on the phone, but I guess he perhaps knew why I'd rung him - or was it "Ate's" magic working - because to my surprise he suggested that we might like to have a meal on a certain street in the downtown area. The certain street being close to several "love" hotels used by courting couples....


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5 months ago
a good start and what the Lady told you is very good advice
3 years ago
Once again you have started an interesting story -:)
3 years ago
Want to read more pls
3 years ago
interresting and true about keeping you man happy