My Life - A Lovers Tiff

There are few secrets in the Filipino house. Our houses are usually small and our families are usually big. Sometimes, in a traditional nipa hut, the whole house moves when a couple is having sex. Our house is built of concrete, yet the walls are very thin and everything can be heard. My f****y is quite small by our standards: apart from Mum and Dad, there are only five of us. Although, Mum is now pregnant again, so hopefully there will be six of us by April.

Sunday afternoon is always the time for sex. I remember that Mum and Dad were always eager to get rid of us on a Sunday afternoon. We were told that Dad needed to have a "rest". And, as soon as we were outside we would notice Mum getting undressed and then the blinds being drawn in the bedroom. My b*****r used to go under the house - it's built on stilts - and could see and hear what was going on. If it was raining, Mum and Dad used to go into the storeroom for some sex in there, and we would all hear the shelving creaking as Dad pushed into her.

As we've got older, we've also taken to having sex - or looking for sex - on a Sunday afternoon. One of my older s****rs - Esther - usually takes her boyfriend into the long grass at the back of the house, and I can sometimes hear them doing it behind a low wall. The other one - Jess - is dating a boy from down town, and one of my friends from work has told me she often seems them going into a hotel in the mid-town area at about three o'clock.

I guess Jess is the most passionate of the s****rs. When she had first met her boyfriend, I remember catching them having sex in our bedroom one afternoon, when they thought we had all gone for a f****y picnic to the beach, and I guess I was shocked then by the sounds of a****l passion that came from our room. She was always very prim and proper. And I had never heard anyone having sex before, and she was crying out: "Oh, fucking give me it!" I'd never heard my s****r swear before, and the sounds of their sex got me excited, really excited, for the first time. I went to the kitchen and rubbed myself as they went at it....

Anyway, last Sunday was finally my turn. I'd decided that I would let my boyfriend go further with me this time...but not all the way. So when we went for our usual walk to the top of the village and sat down behind the barangay hall, I was especially excited. I'd got a new pair of panti on. We kissed and then he put his hands up my skirt and then inside my panti...and I didn't stop him this time. I let him keep on and on, and I was waiting to see what would happen next. Eventually he had the courage to pull my panti down - slowly at first, to see if I minded or not - and then more eagerly, once I didn't resist.

Despite having promised myself that I would let him go all the way, I still didn't object when I felt his cock rubbing up against my puki. Up and down he went against the opening, and I felt my legs opening wider and wider, and my knees going higher and higher - as if to receive him. I wanted him to lick it, but he didn't offer to do it and I couldn't bring myself to tell him to do it. And so when he tried to enter me, I was dry and very tight and it didn't feel right.

I went home disappointed that night. I rubbed myself to sl**p. I suppose I had finally been ready to become a woman, yet it still didn't happen...... It's strange that although I had told myself before the date that I didn't want sex, when he didn't get inside me successfully, I was annoyed with him. When I saw him at work on Monday, I ignored him. And we still aren't talking to each other now.

I don't know whether this is just a lovers tiff, or whether it's something more serious. As the days have gone on, I have found myself thinking that I want to start looking for a new boyfriend.

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3 years ago
Baby,, walk slowly with this,,you are almost ready,but you need a man not a boy,,,one that will make you felt great when it happens