First Love

I thought I would just like to tell you something about myself. I live in the
Philippines and went to a local school. I left school at 15 and went to work in a department store in town to help the rest of my f****y. I'm 18-years-old now.

I am a shy girl. I now work as a sales assistant in the clothing department.
Some of my friends at work have had sex already, and they love to tell me about it, so as to make me feel awkward. You see, I am still virgin and I am hoping to stay virgin until I get married...but I find it difficult sometimes and am confused.....

I have a boyfriend at the store. He is good to me and I like him. We
see each every night. My Mum and Dad say I shouldn't see him so often,
but I like being with him, so I tell them that I am going to see former classmates. Nothing ever happens very much. We usually
walk along the seafront and have a cola in the bar near the convention

Recently though, I have had these new feelings. He sometimes tries to
put his hand up my skirt as we talk in the dark. I always used to find it easy to stop him when I felt his hand going up from my knee, but now it's not so easy. I still stop him, of course, but I've been finding it harder and harder to do this. I feel ashamed to say it, but I've been tempted to let him go further. I wonder if this normal?
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3 years ago
go for it, you'll melt away and get all wet and want him to do you