Meeting my match ( Part 3 of 3 )

I awakened from many hours of sl**p to find myself dressed in heels and hose still, I decided in the clarity of waking that I wasn't about to be taken out in public looking this way. Mistress Mary could be persuasive but why would she want to do this to me?.

I was beginning to like the feeling of the lingerie I was wearing, my legs felt fabulous in those black stockings and the Basque clung to my body moulding it into a very feminine shape, my asshole only ached slightly but the pain gave rise to a slight twinge in the head of my dick.

As though on cue, Mistress Mary walked into the bedroom and struck a pose against the half opened door. My cock twitched more when I saw what she was wearing. Her black pumps matched mine almost exactly. Her opaque stockings ran up her incredible legs and disappeared under a black leather mini-skirt. The top was a black lace corset that pushed her cleavage together in ways that girls only dreamt about. She was wearing her heavy black rimmed reading glasses and had curled her hair.

My cock had grown semi-erect just looking at her and I felt my face flush hot. The pit of my stomach knotted up and again I started rubbing my legs together. "Look, Mistress about tonight..."

Before I could finish she held a finger up to her lips to silence me. Without saying a word, she climbed up on the end of the bed on all fours and looked me in the eye. She straddled one of my legs and grabbed my now fully erect dick in her hand slowly began licking the head. Beneath her she reached down and pulled my leg up between hers and began to grind her pussy against me.

"I don't know about going out tonight," I persisted. "I don't think that..."

She took my cock all the way down to the base and took the breath right out of my sentence all in the same move. Switching hands she began to kneed my testicles as she increased the pace of the blowjob. I closed my eyes. Her hands pushed my legs apart and her mouth left a trail of kisses down the shaft as she began to suck on my balls. Continuing south, she began flicking her tongue around my asshole. I pulled my legs apart and back as I reached down and pushed her head in further. She moaned in appreciation and began to tongue fuck my ass deeper and deeper.

It felt so good. I looked down at the beautiful black curls that fell across my crotch. Her ass in the air with her skirt riding up revealed a black lacy thong that I was sure was sopping wet. Mistress Mary ran her wet slobbery mouth back up to my cock and began sucking it again. Her hand pumped the shaft while her mouth caressed the sensitive ridge around the head. A finger teased my asshole as she sucked and twisted, pumped and licked. My balls were tightening and ready to unload when she suddenly stopped and crawled up on top of me.

"Kiss me," she said with a sad and far away look in her eyes. She leaned down and ran her tongue straight into my open mouth. She chewed my bottom lip, flicked her tongue under my upper lip, pulled my tongue out of my mouth and sucked it as she had my dick. We kissed passionately for several moments before she pulled away from me and grabbed a fistful of my hair. The sadness had left her eyes and the dead flat hard spots had returned. With her free hand she pinched one of my nipples and said, "You're fucking going. I am so fucking horny right now I can hardly stand to be alive. And the thought of what you're going to do for me at the club tonight..." she finished leaving her words hanging in the air like hammers waiting to fall. "And besides," she said switching gears, "you are mine. And you will do this," she said as she reached back and fondled my rock hard erection. "And you'll never find another woman who will indulge your predilections like I will, will you baby?"

Mistress Mary hopped off the bed and freed all my restraints "Get up and get ready. We're leaving in 15 minutes." She said as she started to leave the room.

15 minutes later I was seated in the car fully dressed in heels, thigh highs, panties, a simple black dress and a wig. "Here," Mistress Mary said and handed me a small lone ranger type masquerade ball mask. "You can wear this. With everything else you have on, no one will ever recognize you."

I quickly put it on. At least there was some hope of anonymity. "You're also wearing this," she said and slipped a leather collar around my neck. After fumbling with it a bit, Mistress attached a dog leash to the collar and gave it a playful tug. "That's better," she purred, "you look fucking hot!"

My balls hurt they were so full. My dress tented up in front of me as my unsatisfied cock pushed it up. My thoughts swam in circles, my eyes had trouble focusing. I felt as though she had d**gged me but I knew it was only the mix of adrenaline and hormones running through my bl**d.

She would get her way tonight. But a huge part of me feared what was to come after this.

We arrived at the club and Mistress Mary proudly led me in by the dog leash. I struggled to keep pace with her as I was very unused to walking in heels. The harder I tried to work with the heels, the more my ass pushed from side to side. The erection was gone and replaced with pure terror. My heart beat at a furious pace and the mask probably did nothing to hide my shame.

I stood behind her with my eyes to the floor as she ordered drinks for us at the bar. I looked up to see the bartender pointing towards the back of the club. Mistress Mary took a glass and pushed it towards me "Drink," she said, "This will help."

I gulped down the whiskey in the glass and felt it warm the huge empty space that ran through my middle. She sipped hers and smiled broadly. She loved this. And I had no idea what she was getting out of any of it.

My Mistress stepped forward and kissed me lightly on the lips. Her hand ran up the side of my thigh and disappeared under my skirt. Sliding easily past my panties, her hand began straightening out my dick and playing with my balls. The club music blared over of us and the different coloured lights sprayed around us. She kissed me deeper and worked my cock harder. Once I had achieved a full erection, her hand slid out from under my dress and found the chain connected to my neck. Throwing the chain over her shoulder, she led me back further into the club.

Everything in my peripheral vision blurred as I concentrated solely on her. I watched the way her hips moved back and forth, the way the heels accentuated her calves, the way she stroked the links of the chain with her finger as it disappeared over her shoulder.

We left the main dance area of the club and came to a lounge of sorts in the back. A large well dressed doorman asked something of Mary and then let us in without looking at me. We found a small red velvet love seat towards the middle of the darkly lit room and sat down. All around us, shadows intertwined as people moved around through the pockets of red and black lights. Across from us in a booth, an older woman sat with her legs wide apart while a young blonde woman sat on the floor beneath the table, her head busily moving as she ate the older woman out.

To my left, a thin white man was tied over a padded saw horse. His back was red with welts that streaked out from underneath the leather studded harness he wore. Behind him a large, tattooed man with a shaved head was fucking his ass. Another similar looking man wearing only chaps was fucking the skinny slave's mouth.

Off to the right, a very pretty black man dressed in a pink dress was making out with an elderly white man. The crossdresser's legs were spread apart and her panties had been pulled to one side. The old man was fingering the cd while kissing her. Every so often, the old man would pull his finger out of the cd's ass and pop into her mouth.

Mistress Mary sat next to me sipping her drink and watching the crowd. Her hand played underneath her skirt and then under my dress. Soon her tongue found its way into my ear and I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation. Just loud enough to be heard over the music, My Mistress told me to get on my knees in front of her. I opened my eyes and looked at her. "I want you to get on your knees and lick me."

I would be happy to do that and quickly slid down between her legs. Mistress Mary parted her legs and pulled my head down onto her dripping wet pussy. My tongue quickly went to work, darting in and out of her snatch before taking time to run tiny figure 8's around her swollen and erect clitoris. Her thighs moved to cover my ears and I began to concentrate on making her cum.

As I licked and kissed her eager cunt, I felt a hand slide up the back of my thigh highs and snap the garter. I started to move my head up but Mary clamped her thighs down hard on my head and held me there. I froze. My dress was being lifted up and the cool air of the club washed over my exposed and vulnerable ass.

Mary ground her pussy against my face more and tugged at my hair. The walls of her vagina were beginning to spasm and I could tell she was holding off a huge orgasm. The lace panties I was wearing were being pulled down slowly and the lower they went, the wilder Mistress Marys rotations became.

I flicked the tip of my tongue against her clit and she began to arch her back. A finger was smearing lube across my ass and my Mistress was squeezing my head between her legs like she was holding on for dear life. The finger doing the lube job slowly pushed into me and I let out a small groan. Marys thighs were quivering and I could tell from the position of her hips she was sitting up to get a better view.

Over and over again, the finger worked itself in and out of my ass. I heard the muffled vibration of sound as Mary said something. The finger withdrew from my ass and was quickly replaced by something much bigger pushing against me. With all of the ass fucking I had taken in the last couple of days, the huge erect dick pushing against my hole found little resistance and soon I was impaled on some stranger's cock.

Mistress Mary was going berserk. She was grunting and grinding against my face as though she were on the receiving end of a good fucking. Two hands grabbed my hips and the huge dick in my ass began marching forward into my bowels. It was every bit as big and full as the dildo that Mary had been fucking me with and I took every inch of it. The dick withdrew and plunged forward again. With each stroke of the big cock in my ass, Mary came closer and closer to the verge of orgasm.

I heard the vibration of Mistress Mary speaking again and suddenly the person fucking me picked up the pace. Slamming hard into me, the stranger fucked away at my tight little asshole. I had stopped licking Mary and had begun moaning and yelling into her pussy. I felt the prick in my ass stiffen just as Mary had. The hands on my hips squeezed hard and the cock in my ass drove in to the hilt. Mistress Mary also came and came and came, furiously grinding against my face and smearing it with pussy juice.

I fought for breath and finally managed to pop my head up from between her legs just as the wilting cock behind me withdrew. When I looked up to say something to My Mistress, a new pair of hands took their place on my hips and a fresh hard penis slammed into my ass. Mary looked down at me as my mouth fell open in a silent O. There was fierceness behind her eyes now, a hunger. A stranger had sat down beside her where I had been, his fly open and a long skinny erection protruded from his zipper.

Mistress Mary grabbed me by the back of the head and moved my face from her lap to the stranger's next to her. "Suck it bitch," she said and pushed my face towards the sitting man's hard-on. My mouth was still open in an unheard scream and Mary guided the stranger's prick right into my mouth. I gagged and choked as she pushed my head all the way down. I fought back and brought my head up enough to keep from gagging. Instinctively, I held my mouth open wide and covered my teeth with my lips as Mary pushed my head down again and again on the cock.

The second stranger in my ass must have loved the show as his pace had increased already and the smacking sound of his hips against my ass filled the lounge. Mistress Mary let go of my head and both of the seated stranger's hands came down around my head. Holding me still, he began to buck his hips slightly, fucking me in the face. I looked up to see him but was obscured by the back of Mary's head. She was leaning over his shoulder sucking the cock of someone standing behind the loveseat.

I watched Mistress Mary sucking the cock and felt almost jealous of the guy but didn’t dwell on that feeling long as I had one in my mouth AND in my ass, this was something I never wanted to see. The pain built inside me and I began sucking greedily on the penis in my mouth. The seated stranger let go as I brought a hand up from my position of being on all fours to stroke his shaft. I licked and sucked and stroked and jerked his cock until he was hips began to tense. Suddenly, shot after shot of salty, chunky, thick globs of cum shot into my mouth.

I turned around to look at the guy fucking my ass and showed him the stringy gobs of cum all over my lips before pushing them into my mouth with my fingers and swallowing them. He quickly pulled out of my ass, yanked the rubber off his dick and shot his load into my eager mouth. Arcing ropes of cum landed again and again in my mouth before I moved my head forward to suck the rest out of him.

A large black man with a huge 10 incher was standing next to him smiling eagerly. His cock was already out and covered with a rubber. I looked at him with my mouth full of dick and cum and winked. He nodded and drove straight into my abused ass with one fluid movement. He was considerably thicker than the two previous guys and I groaned in pain and pleasure.

I turned my head and Mary was looking at me in amazement. A small trickle of sperm ran from the edge of her mouth. Leaning down she ripped my head back with her hand opening my mouth. Before I could even think she spit the load of cum from her mouth into mine and then kissed me deeply, rolling around the stranger's cum in our kiss.

Breaking from our kiss, she told the man fucking me to move back and as he did, he pulled me with him. Mary parked her ass in front of my face and pulled me in. Another man sat down in the love seat and Mary began sucking his cock while I tongue fucked her ass. The wide black man fucking me was outlasting the other's by a mile. His strokes were long and deep and every so often I could feel his balls slapping against mine.

The stranger Mary was blowing must have cum in her mouth because she turned and deposited another load into my mouth before standing up and walking shakily away. The seated stranger winked at me and zipped up. The man fucking me reached up to grab my shoulders with both hands and buried it deep inside me, cumming hard and fucking me in short, sharp jabs.

After he came, I d**g myself up with the help of the couch and stood as best I could. I felt dizzy. I couldn't even begin to form a rational thought. My panties were still around my ankles and there was a small spot of precum on the inside of my dress where my dick had been rubbing against it.

Mistress Mary came walking back from the bar with two fresh drinks. Her eyes were vacant now. Nothing was there. She looked like an extra in a zombie movie. She sat the drinks down on the table and moved closer to me.

A smile crept back across her face as she looked down at where my dress poked out. "Uh, looks like you need a little help down there," she said and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. Her hand pulled up the front of my dress exposing my rock hard dick and without another word, she was on her knees sucking me off in front of everyone.

I only lasted a few seconds before cumming harder than I had ever cum before. It felt as though pints and quarts of spunk were draining out of me. Mistress Mary folded her arms behind her back and left the head of my dick in her mouth taking load after load until finally there was no more left.

My legs shook and I steadied myself on the arm of the couch. Mistress Mary kissed and licked my flaccid penis until no more cum oozed out. As she stood, she pulled my panties up for me and smoothed out the front of my dress. Motioning for me to sit down, she handed me a drink and picked up hers as well. We both sat silently sipping our drinks, watching the carnal shows around us.

I wanted to get out of there and when we had finished our drinks Mistress Mary led me out on her leash, my panties wet with cum and my dress stained with the juice of so many men I couldn’t count them.

As we left Mary said goodbye to the doorman and added “We will be back”

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awesome stories . More please!
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wow... One of the best stories I've ever read... So hot