Meeting my Match ( Part 2 )

I awoke from dreams of rubber clad TV’s sucking cocks and having their balls stretched, being whipped and tortured, the last 12 hours seemed strangely part of the dream and unreal.

I tried to roll over in my bed as I awoke and realised that the dream was a reality and I was still trussed up on the bed, the odour of sex filled my nostrils and my cock and ass tingling with relief and expectation.

I could hear voices downstairs and wondered what was going to happen next, footsteps on the stairs and the closing of a door, a few minutes passed and then I saw the door opening. It was Mistress Mary dressed in a black shiny rubber cat-suit her red hair combed back and held in a pony tail as I looked at her longingly, my cock began to harden again still longing to cum inside her, inside anywhere! My cock tightened once again inside the rings and they did their job and restrained it holding the erection the tightness once again almost too much to bear.

Mistress Mary approached me she walked over to the side of the bed and I could feel fingernails begin to rake up the backside of my thigh and onto my ass. "You've got nice legs, baby," she said and traced across my exposed asshole with the tip of her fingernail. "Are you going to be a good little slut tonight?"

I nodded yes.

"Does my little slave girl need a spanking tonight?"

I nodded again

She showed me a thick black belt and ran her tongue down the length of it.

Suddenly I heard a small whoosh before the belt sliced across both ass cheeks. It sounded like a rifle shot and the heat spread quickly. My god, I thought, I remained motionless to enjoy the pain as it began to slowly dissipate.

Again the belt fell but even harder this time. I groaned slightly. From behind me I heard her simply say, "Hmmm", and again the belt whooshed through the air. I let out another small groan of ecstasy and this confirmed for her that she was on the right track.

Without saying a word she unleashed a volley of blows, one after the other. I arched forward trying to hold my place but eventually I had to collapse onto the bed and clinch my butt cheeks together. "I wondered how much you could take," she said and ran her nails across my glowing red ass cheeks. "Makes me wonder just what you'll do for me tonight."

"I think that's enough whipping for now," she said and tossed the belt onto the bed. "

My face burned with excitement almost as much as my ass burned. She looked incredible dressed in the rubber, her black shiny nipples were clearly visible and god she looked so incredible I couldn’t help but be aroused by her.

She took a red dildo which was lying on the floor out of my view and she placed it into a harness which was strapped around her thighs.

She reached down and grabbed my balls and begin to knead them slowly in one hand. As she did she moved to my side and whispered into my ear, "You like that, baby? You like doing as you are told?" I nodded yes "You like it when Mistress whips you?" I nodded again. Her tongue went slowly into my ear and danced around. I felt a convulsion in my balls and almost came right there.

She pulled away from my ear and whispered again, "Now my little slut. I want you to suck my cock. I want to see you lick the head and balls. I want to see slobber running down your chin. I want you to do it like you would a real cock." And with that she moved in front of me and placed her hand on my shoulder, pushing me down.

I looked at the bobbing fake dick in front of me. I looked up at her and she smiled and stepped forward. "Open up cocksucker." My dick flinched again with excitement as I took her cock into my mouth.

The adrenaline running in my veins broke free and I began sucking her cock like my life depended on it, long strokes taking it all the way in and all the way out. The rubber didn't taste like much of anything at all as it slid in and out of my mouth. Mistress Mary stepped forward and placed her hand on top of my head. Slowly her hips began to move as she started fucking my face. I stopped moving as much and let her pump away. "Take that cock you little cunt," she said. "Look at you sucking that dick. I bet a little sissy faggot like you would love to get a real dick in his mouth."

She continued to look down at me as she fucked my mouth moving faster and faster. "That's right. Suck it baby. Oh I wish it was real. I would so love to see your mouth full of cum." I fought hard deep inside not to blow my load right there.

After a few minutes more she pulled out to look at my face. I had strands of slobber running down the front of my Basque, my Basque? I had accepted my plight and now wanted to cum and get rid of my load as soon as possible. "Looks like you enjoyed that too, didn't you cumslut?" I nodded yes and looked at the floor.

"I think," she exhaled loudly, "that it's time we fucked that little sissy ass of yours." I looked up at her and the room swayed slightly around her.

She grabbed the gag and placed it into my open mouth, I gave way knowing that to defy her would bring unimaginable consequences.

Mistress Mary stood up and greased up her bright red cock with the lube she had left beside the bed. Then I felt a finger at the entrance of my asshole. Then another. Crossing her fingers she began to work in and out of me, spreading the lube and spreading me.

I arched my back and put my shoulders down onto the bed. I was in heaven. All the while she talked to me in short clipped sentences, "Does that feel good, baby? I know you like it rough like this. I can't wait to stick this big fat cock in your ass and fuck you all night."

She withdrew her fingers and she climbed on top of me, my legs spread apart and her cock ready to slide into my ass. With one fluid motion she was in me. I groaned loudly and grabbed handfuls of the bedspread. "That's better," she said and began to slowly fuck me. In and out and moving slow, her hands grabbed my hips as she picked up the pace. This dildo, the smaller one, slid in and out of me easily and I groaned with sheer pleasure as she fucked me long and slow.

"This doesn't seem to be doing the trick," she decided after a few minutes of fucking me. "I think we need to get the big one out." I said nothing as she pulled her cock out of me. I remained with my ass in the air and lube running down one leg as she changed cocks.

She took another bright red cock which was much bigger, it was about 8 inches long and very thick. The bed shifted under her weight as she mounted me again. This time a much larger head pressed against my ass I began to clinch instinctively. "You better relax, baby or this is gonna hurt."

I took a deep breath and f***ed myself to relax. Seeing my ass relax she began to drive it all the way in. I knew if she stopped or if I clinched up half way through that she would tear me in half. The large fat dildo ploughed deep into my ass filling me full. I moaned and struggled to take a breath, gulping and biting my gag.

She pulled it partially out and then crammed the rest in again. "Little sissy 's got a great big cock in her ass now," Mistress Mary said and began to pick up the pace. Within a few seconds she was pounding away at my ass and I spread my legs wider to take her.

Over and over again she continued to pound me. All the while she switched between comforting, baby talk and degrading humiliation. Finally, after what seemed like forever, she announced she was going to cum in my ass and buried it as deep as she could go. I was spent and collapsed flat onto the bed.

She moved close and removed the gag from my mouth then she kissed me running her tongue over mine.. "Now I want you to cum baby” She said. Those words were a relief as much as the act of spilling my load would be.

"I want you to cum in my hand baby. And then you're going to eat it. But don't you swallow it. Momma wants to see you with a big mouth full of cum."

She released one of my arms from its restraint and the gag from my mouth allowing me to take my throbbing cock in my hand. I grasped at the cock restraint trying to remove it, “No” she demanded. I tried to jerk my cock and relieve the aching desire to cum which had taken over my whole life for the past day. I pulled and grasped at it, it took only a couple of strokes but I couldn't hold out any longer.

With a thunderous eruption, I poured the biggest load of cum in my life into her hand. I stood shaking for a moment unable to open my eyes. "Mmmmm," Mistress Mary said, "looks like a mouthful to me. Open wide, little girl."

She offered her hand to me and dripped a little of the white and clear goo into my mouth. "Tilt your head back and open your mouth.. But do not swallow it."

I tilted my head back and slowly she poured the whole mess into my waiting mouth. I gagged slightly at the amount and the angle of my head but managed to hold it all in. "Good," she cooed. "that's my good girl. Freshly fucked asshole and a mouthful of cum. Now," she said and sat on the bed, "now spit that juice all over mommy's cock."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The cum in my mouth tasted salty and warm, my ass was already swollen and sore and my knees were hurting from kneeling. But as I realized my position in this situation, I knew I could only obey. She held the dildo in her hand like a real cock and I let the contents of my balls and my mouth drool out and onto the cock that she had just pulled out of my ass. "Suck it all up bitch," she said.

I dropped my head and took the dirty cock into my mouth I mixed the ass lube with the saliva and the cum and began to suck her cock again. Up and down I pumped smearing cum and lube around my mouth. "That's it," she said. "Now suck it all up in your mouth and show it to me."

I did as I was told and sucked all the cum off her hand and the fake prick. I opened my mouth and looked up at her. The flat, hard dead spots in her eyes beamed back at me. "Swallow," she said. And I did.

Now my little cum slut get your rest we are going somewhere special tonight and you will be the centre of attention, I want you to be ready and very very able.

To be continued.....................

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