So! Has this happened to you?

One afternoon recently, I had just gotten off form work and stopped by my bank. Walking across the plaza from my car I was passed by a girl, not stunning, but quite pretty with an ample figure and a nice little wiggle. Now, I am not young by any means. Yes! I have a twinkle in my eye and I can get a good hard on for a few hours, but this young lady was around her early twenties. This is not usual for someone my age... at least it's not something that happens a lot, if at all. I have had women in their mid 40's and up give me a wicked smile but not someone so young.
As we passed she looked me straight in the eye, smiled and said Hi! Nothing unusual so far you say?... well! I immediatley got a full raging hard on! My cock pushed hard into the fly of my jeans and I just wanted to yank her pants off and bury myself deep into her pussy. I turned and looked back at her and she had stopped. I stopped too, turning more toward her, my cock standing out like a fucking pole. She smiled and asked how I was doing. I said "fine thank you" and then thought what a stupid thing to say. I started to wonder if I knew her from somewhere.. work perhaps, but no! She didn't ring any bells, but she was making my balls ache and my cock leak. She stepped toward me, looked around the plaza to see if anyone was watching and then she reached down and rubbed her hand around my bulging jeans. Just slowly, but enough to get me feeling a little uncomfotable. She asked me if I wanted to sit and chat in her Mom's van for a bit... I said okay! Once in the van she undid my belt and pushed my jeans down to my ankles.... took off my shoes and stripped me. She then got on her knees and pushed my cock up so she could take my balls in her mouth... kneeding them with her tongue... then licking from my ass, up and around my balls and then slowly up the underside of my cock until she reached the tip. She flicked her tongue nicely an dquickly just around the underside of the head and got me aching to blow my load. She then slowly... .and I mean slowly slid my cock into her mouth, right in until she swallowed it whole.... rubbing her tongue against the underside and gripping it tight between her lips....Fuck! I felt like I was going to explode.
She just kept on sucking on my rod and gripping my balls until I finally shot my load. She took the whole cum-dump... holding it in her mouth, she then came up and kissed me... .opening her mouth and dumping that whole load of cum into my mouth... tongues intertwining and soaking up my hot salty load.
Awesome! She was so good...My head swam...being bi I usually love doing this to guys myself, but to have this sweet young thing...fucking awesome!.......So I turned and watched as she walked away, just a smile and a Hi!....... but oh! what a fucking wicked fantasy it was for me. An old man and his crazy wicked thoughts.
The end.

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1 year ago
very interesting.
1 year ago
So, did this really happen, or was it a fantasy?? O_O
1 year ago
Something tingled downstairs. Lol
1 year ago
fucking HOT !!!