comeing out

Coming out to my f****y was a rather simple affair.

My parents and b*****r

I knew their love for me wouldn’t change. I told them when I was 18 just before i went to uni it didn’t change anything
(as is typical with gay men, my father was the hardest).

my dad just said ok son and left the room .

i just sat ther think he hates me .just then he came in and said

Dad-" you still like football and rugby" ?
Me -i said of course i do
Dad-"good so we can still go to the match on saturday"
Me - thanks dad

he give me a big hug and say he loves me

My biggest concern my best gran . she extremely religious and i didn't know what she would think are take the news .

she just say there and said
" I got a gay Grandson "
" Wait tell I tell the girls it the monday Club they will love it. i think Beth's Grandsons gay !! will i ask her is he seeing anyone "
"No gran i'm fine, thanks any way "
I was ecstatic that it went so well. that the old lady was great nothing about God are anything

93% (8/1)
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2 years ago
Wow, you're so lucky. If only all gay men and women have relatives as understanding as yours.
2 years ago
Glad it went well :)
2 years ago
i'm glad it worked out for you ^^ fraid i havnt come out that i am bi to my family yet