My 1st Guy Experience, (part 1)

I had been wrestling in southern Florida for some time, just as a hobby of sorts. I worked for the local board of education in physical education and part time with the local fire department. The wrestling promotion there was more of a semi-pro league, at local night clubs and the like on weekends. Because of my job, I wore a mask to conceal my identity and to protect my "real job" you might say.

I had been quite successful, as I'd yet to lose a match. Of course it's all scripted, and I had won a few times only because of the other guy being disqualified for "cheating", you know the way it goes in wrestling. Anyway, I had become a fan favorite of sorts, kinda like the hero, in white mask, trunks and boots. So, after a while I was chosen to be the next champion. I would be the first "good guy" to hold the belt, and the match was scheduled for next month. I would put my mask on the line in a mask vs. title match against Brad "The Beef" Davis the current champion and "evil heel". As wrestling goes, there have to be matches between us, as we build up to the championship bout. So it was that I would face Davis for the first time.

I arrived at the club, (local strip bar) that Saturday night after the wrestling program had gotten under way. The second match was on going and Davis and I were in the main event, in a non-title match. I parked my car and quickly slipped on my white spandex mask and tied the drawstring. After leaving my suitcase containing my wrestling gear in my dressing room, I ventured down the hallway to Davis' room and knocked. I thought it best to go over the script we had agreed upon one last time.

As I walked in Davis was sitting on a massage table lacing up his wrestling boots. They were black and shiny with white laces. As he finished he stood up and I saw that he was wearing a tiny black thong. I couldn't help but notice the huge bulge of his manhood. His black wrestling trunks and championship belt lay on the massage table. Davis was a real hunk and had done some strip shows on ladies night at the club. He had shoulder length black hair and was well muscled from head to toe. It was then that I noticed Krystal, one of the strippers who worked almost every night sitting in a lounge chair across the room. She was wearing a white mini dress and heels, and showing lots of leg as she smiled at me and said hello.

I reminded Davis that our match was to be a time limit draw and we discussed some of the moves we had planned in the ring. He seemed to be a little ticked that he would not win this first match between us. He commented on how the fans wouldn't believe that someone like him, so powerful, couldn't whip my ass. He struck a body builder's pose and flexed to emphasize his point. With that, Krystal walked over and wrapped her arms around his body from behind and ran her hands up and down his hairy chest until she cupped her hands on his bulging cock. She then slid his thong down and I saw his big thick dick pop out, as she started stroking him. He was rock hard as she slowing stroked him with both hands. His thong now down around his boots he sat on the edge of the table as she dropped to her knees and began to lick up and down his long shaft and suck his hard cock.

I stepped back and began to leave as I told him to remember the script and stay on it, no winner, time limit draw. With that, he became pissed, pushing Krystal aside he kicked out of his thong still around his ankles and picked it up. He walked over to me naked, with a throbbing cock, and d****d the thong around my neck and pulled my face inches from his. You remember cock sucker, I'm the champion and shoved me against the door. I took his thong from around my neck and flung it across the room. One more thing cock sucker, he said, with his face inches from mine again, better tie that sissy mask on good and tight. With that he looped his fingers in the eye and nose cut outs and stretched my mask out several inches so that he could look inside to see my exposed face. I slapped his hand away from my mask. OK Davis, I said, you've seen my face now, so hands off the mask in the ring!! I don't lose the mask tonight!! Oh yeah, he retorted, then you take Krystal's job, you suck my dick!! I don't think so, I'm no queer, I shot back. I pushed him away and left his dressing room.

to be continued....................
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1 year ago
I fucking love wrestling stories.
1 year ago
waiting to read continuation
1 year ago
got me ready
1 year ago
You want to suck his dick SO bad! How many times have you jerked your little dick thinking about being Brad's bitch?
1 year ago
I got a boner already!
1 year ago
Interesting. Waiting for the second part.
1 year ago
1 year ago
And then...?
1 year ago
love it..
1 year ago
Can't wait for more.
1 year ago
Loved the story! Please write part 2!