Ruined Date

"When was the last time you came?"
"about 40 minutes ago ma'am"
"It's about time again"
"You can't be serious? This will be the sixth time I've cum today and I have a hot date tonight. I think I'm finally going to score, she really likes me"
"What don't you understand about I own your cum? I don't give a rat's ass about who you are going to fuck but your cum belongs to me, do I make myself clear?"
"Yes ma'am"
"What time is your date loser?"
"8:30 ma'am, I have reservations at that hot new Italian restaurant"
"Okay you'll find a picture of a sissy cuckold just like yourself attached, I want you to paint that picture and I want to SEE the jizz dripping from your cock afterwards"
"Ma'am why does it always have to be humiliating pictures, why can't I jack off to a hot chick sometime?"
"Are you questioning me worm? You are blessed that I even waste my time talking to you. If I wasn't thrilled that I was messing up your life big time, I don't even think I would make the investment. Because you have the gall to question me, we are going to cam chat at 7:45, I want you nice and empty for your date..."
"yes Ma'am"

20 minutes later another instant message.

"Hey loser, when was the last time you came cucky?"......
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4 years ago
i would tell whom ever it is on the other end to take a short leap off a tall bridge/cliff. it is well written
4 years ago
C'mon show a little love..