What to do For an Encore

"Back in med evil days Gay sex was more in the open."

"Behold Hector, someone with their head and arms
caught in the stockade. Let us make haste
and part his ass cheeks forthwith!"

"You go ahead Orville I will go to the village and summon
the brethren so we can have a proper gang bang!"


The room was filled with cigarette smoke. But that wasn't a problem for two reasons. One we weren't at work and two I had started smoking again to help me over the estrogen roller coaster.

We were gathered around Nick's kitchen table for a brain storming session. The
table was big enough for everyone's laptop, sketch pad, and whatever else they
wanted to use.

Almost everyone who mattered from Wild Crescent was there including our
promoter Mike. He was the one who recruited me way back when.

Mike was there to talk about all the latest projects he and Nick were working
on. He passed around several photos of some Coeds he had been talking to.
There was one skinny Blonde who really caught my eye. She had a sweatshirt
with my old Alma Mater on it. When I held the picture up to the light Mike
tried to pull it out of my hand.

"Hey!" he teased. "No getting lipstick on my pictures."

"I was just admiring her pretty feet." I replied.

"You and that foot fetish," scoffed Bella.

"I saw how you liked your getting your feet rubbed during sex," I answered.
Admit it. You loved it!"

"OK, what else you got Mike?" said Nick still eating his breakfast.

Mike pulled out another folder with more pictures inside. "You gals will be
working with these," he explained while passing out the pictures.

"Wow!" commented Dede.

"Shit!" added Jackie. "Those are some mighty big sex toys!"

"Better start stretching guys and gals," joked Nick.

"We're Just keeping up with the competition is all." said Mike while passing out
more pictures.

"Damn that's a big cock!" said Dennis handing the picture to me.

"Actually, I've seen bigger," I added. "On line anyway. And you could tell
they were clearly fake."

"Which is the whole point," put in Nick. "There's such a thing as too big."

"All about being one step ahead of the competition, right Lady Jane." concluded
Mike gathering all his pictures.

"It's Ready Jane," I corrected trying not to laugh.

With that Nick and Mike stood up. Nick went first.

"Which brings us to our big announcement."

(Oh shit! Now what?)

"We've just signed, fresh from hir gig at 'Twisty's Lucy May!"

"She's got some hot shit on line." commented Dennis.

"I'll say!" agreed Mike.

"So Lori, give us your input." Asked Nick.

I slowly put my cigarette out in the ashtray and blew out my last puff of smoke.

"My input . . . let's see. Hmmmmmmm." After putting my head down in thought I
rose to my feet.

"OK, s/he likes to abuse everybody in hir videos so how about . . . s/he sissy slaps
us all around and then Francesca comes on and sucks hir righteous. I mean did
you see the head job s/he gave Nikki? That was pure art right there!"

Nick smiled at me. "I hate it"

"what! I protested. "I thought you wanted our input?"

Then he put his hand on my shoulder. "You're going to finish hir.
Not Cessa or anyone else!"

"Swallow it whole bitch." added Mike. "Look at these numbers champ! You're a
big fucking hit. These are all the hits to our pay site, OK? That's because
of you, you crazy cross dressing super star fucking bitch!"

The way Nick and Mike were smacking me in gratitude I thought my fake tits might
fall out of my blouse. I needed a break anyway so I excused myself and brought
my laptop with me in the other room. This new fame of mine was still a bit much.

Meanwhile they put on the latest video that Hank finally made. He was now known as "Davey The Bear."

"He even had his own fucking film crew," commented Mike.

I could hear everyone laugh as the narrator's voice came up.

"Back in med evil days Gay sex was more in the open."

"Is that Hank in that stockade?" asked Dennis.

"Shhhhh!" scolded everyone.

I heard someone speaking on the video I didn't recognize. "Behold Hector,
someone with their head and arms caught in the stockade. Let us make haste
and part his ass cheeks forthwith!"

Another voice spoke, "You go ahead Orville I will go to the village and summon
the brethren so we can have a proper gang bang!"

There was more dialogue but I couldn't make any more of it out. Everyone was
laughing too loud. Every now and then I'd hear someone go,

"Oh shit!"

Or I'd hear one of the ladies shout "OH MY GAWD!"

My laptop was open again and I was once again checking my e mails for something
from "Cactus Wren 625." Sure enough, there it was, right on schedule.

The picture was blurry for some reason. Gail was clearly in the background.
I could hear her moaning. Then I saw her move her skinny legs and her hair
pie appeared through the haze.

A long spout of pussy juice erupted from between Gail's legs and
doused the web cam. Now I realized why the picture was so cloudy.

Gail was screaming in ecstasy. Another round of cum hit the lens.


I jumped up out of the sofa and folded my laptop to join the others. The straight side of me was now beating the shit out of the gay side.

Dennis met me halfway. He was heading around the corner to check on me.

"Are you OK?" he asked.

I stood in front of the group holding my laptop by my waist while trying not to hyperventilate. There was a long pause until I knew I had everyone's attention.

"Lori, what is it?" asked Mike.



Cumming up "In Flight Fuck"
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4 years ago
Hey Loei Ann you went the other way good story i imagine there are more chapters to cum thanks
4 years ago
To bad there isn't a niche for bisexual stories. Or for that matter, one for she males and BBW as well.

From now on I'll only put my story in the "Gay Male" niche when it's totally about a hot Gay encounter.