Jane and the Belly Dancer

Jane and the Belly Dancer

We resumed fucking and for the first time in my life I began to feel sick to my
stomach while having sex. It was time to resume my self coaching.

"This is how I'm gonna someday make THE BIG BUCKS! Just a few more minutes.
Oh shit look at those tits bounce! The way she's moving her legs. OMG OMG OMG!


I gazed into the full length mirror inside the dressing room and admired
my new makeover. There was fresh make up on my face which for the first
time ever, included false eyelashes! On my head was a brand new wig.
It was the wildest boldest shade of red I had ever worn.

But the best thing of all though was the new short white dress they gave me.
It was so tight it really did make my ass look big. But in this line of
work that's a good thing.

The hardest thing though was the new pair of high heels they wanted me to wear. How the hell women keep their balance on these things I'll never know.
But oh shit, did they ever look sexy. I just had to make sure to walk ever
so carefully onto the set.

Bella was all ready to go too. She was wearing a dark blue bikini
overlaid with transparent light blue lace. She was going to dance around
me like some kind of Arabian belly dancing booty popping stripper.


Taking my time I took my place on the set with my back to one of the beds
and leaning up against it. This served two purposes. One, it made it easier
to do any upskirt "Oh my God, it's a chick with a dick" shots. And two it
made it easier to keep my balance on these crazy ass heels.

"Action!" Nick called.

Dede was on video, Jackie on photo, while Dennis pulled double duty on
lights and sound since, Bella was one of the performers on the set.

While gazing at the cameras I smiled and struck a pose. This was followed
by several others which actually did include a couple hot upskirt shots.

Then right on cue Arabian dance music started to play as Bella made her
dramatic entrance. She jiggled her hips, flexed and pumped and wiggled
her belly with incredible athletic speed and timing. When she passed me
for the fifth time she started her strip tease, beginning with the sleeves.
All the while I was supposed to be getting all nervous like. Several times
my hand went up over my mouth pretending to be shocked.

(AS if . . )

Several passes later she was wearing nothing but the bikini and that's when my cock really started to ache. All the stopping and starting from earlier in the day was taking it's toll. At this point I was so horny I could have blown a load over Sky's old Bennie Baby collection. Either that or I could have shoved my bone into a Saguaro Cactus .

What made things worse was Bella shoe's were even sexier looking than mine. Up until then I had no idea how big of a foot fetish I had until then. But gazing down at what Bella had on her feet there was no doubt I had one!


She was getting ready to do the classic tittie reveal pose. With her back
to everyone Bella slowly untied her bikini top and slid the back of it around
until everything was folded over and only covering her nipples. Then with a
single swoop she let her tits flop free and hung the bikini top around my neck.

With a turn of her back it was the bottom that slowly came off this time.
Bella was swaying her ass back and forth raising the bikini bottom up and then back down exposing her ass crack.

With a swish it was now the bottom that was getting wrapped around my face. Lucky for me Bella must have applied the same spray to her pussy that Dede had used earlier because I picked up the scent of lilacs as it passed my nose.

As if there wasn't anything more that she could do to get everyone hornier Bella got on all fours and began to go into booty popping twirking mode. She must have got allot of ideas from da gals in da hood because she sure was working it like one.

The prompter flashed to get my attention. Clearly I was busy staring elsewhere.

"Stroke your penis," it ordered.

As requested while Bella finished her routine I pulled out my stick and gazed at Bella's shaking jiggling ass. It took all I had to resist the urge to switch to ramming speed mode.

Something in Turkish flashed on the screen and Bella jumped up and brought me to the bed. Bella jumped up and once again got on her hands and knees. And with that I left my lipstick impression for the first time on a girl's ass.

Next I searched for the magic spot on Bella's pussy with my tongue from the rear working downward instead of upwards like I did with Dede.. There was a popping smack noise as my mouth came off her pussy lips. Bella didn't say anything but with the way she was waving her head you could tell she was enjoying it.

We were now ready to do some serious fucking. I pulled up my dress and slowly
pushed in from behind. My cock began to throb even more. Now I know why so many people look bored while they're screwing in a sex movie. They're not bored that's their cum control face.

(Bet I'll be fine as long as I don't look AT BELLA'S SHOOOOOOOOOSE!)

As we switched to the missionary position I continued to coach myself. It was the only way to not nut too soon and at the same time look like I was fully into it.

"Come on Jane!" I'd say to myself. "You're a lean mean cross dressing trannie fucking machine! You can last all night. That's it! Now, tip your head back and smile. YEAH!"

Switching to sideways we just kept on rocking and rolling humping pumping and bumping. Dede and Jackie were all over us taking views from every angle. It was hard not to watch all they were doing.

We then switched to the catcher position. I pulled out so Bella could turn and raise her legs up past her head. Now her shoes will be dangling right!




, . . . HEAD! OMG OMG OMG!

We resumed fucking and for the first time in my life I began to feel sick to my
stomach while having sex. It was time to resume my self coaching.

"This is how I'm gonna someday make THE BIG BUCKS! Just a few more minutes.
Oh shit look at those tits bounce! The way she's moving her legs. OMG OMG OMG!

****************************** I HAVE TO CUM, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!*************

Wait! Wait!

What's that on the screen,?

30,29,28,27,26 . . .

It's the countdown!


I'm gonna rub Bella's shoe's, the tops of her feet, and along her legs.

20,19,18,17,16, . . .the pressure was building inside my aching boner.

15,14,13,12,11, Bella began to moan. It didn't matter if she was just acting it really turned me on!

10,9,8,7,6, . . . time to pull out and start stroking over Bella's stomach.

five, four three TWO ONE!!! *FIRE!*"


I groaned pleasure and relief.

Beads of seamen erupted from my shaft. It was spraying all over Bella's quivering abdomen. At one point I tried to write the initials R.J. for "Ready Jane" but it was too stringy to see.

"Oh well!" I thought to myself. "I can practice that move while I'm waiting for my next movie shoot and I'm undergoing electrolysis and . . . hormone therapy.

(Back to the present)

Dennis was smiling and giving me the thumbs up. Nick was on his feet clapping. "Great job Jane! Good work Bella! Even you were good ladies, and yes even you Dennis. After you two change we can all go to Twisty's. My treat"

"That's OK," replied Dennis. "Lori (Now with the movie over they were back to calling me Lori) and I have other plans."

All three of the women as well as Nick gave us both WTF looks that were priceless. Dennis helped me off the bed while leaving the ladies to tend to Bella.

-NEXT Dancing with The Bear and Playing Doctor.
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very good
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Thanks ms Lori Ann you are so special and you have the gift to write great stories thanks
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Loriann you are so good your bad thanks you made me cum forthe firest this morning.