The Audition 4

The Audition 4 Pussy 101

When Jackie came onto the set wearing nothing but a pair of sandals and a strap on I knew what I had to do for my next scene. It was get on my hands and knees and take it like the fucking girlie man whore that I was.

The stick on the strap-on was even longer than the sex toy I had. That was the one big cock Sheila showed me how to use back in Boston. S/he showed me how to shove it up hir own ass then s/he rammed me with hir own long lady stick.

Plan B it seems was put in motion after Gay stud, stand in Dennis nutted too soon and thus lost his erection. I thought what they wanted was a real intense blow job. How did I know their number two twink would lose it?

Meanwhile Jackie was looking mighty fine with that strap-on under her belly. She looked good for someone who might be near 40 something. There were just a few wrinkles here and there on her skin. While her breasts had just a tiny bit of sag to them. What really helped Jackie's looks was her bronze completion and brownish red hair. Up until today I never realized how attractive Middle Eastern women were.

As Jackie got into position I saw the prompter now had a split screen on it. The top was in English and the bottom was in Turkish. Their alphabet's fairly close to ours. Every so often I recognized things like "KY" up on the screen.

(Oh, thank goodness they're going to lube that monster boner up first!)

For the most part I realized it was Jackie doing most of work for this scene. As it turned out most of my actions were all reflexive anyway, especially when Jackie shoved the business end of that strap-on,





I was all like,

"WOah! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Maaaaaaaaan!"

And when she started to really pump it, I'd go,

"Wuh uh-uh-uh-uh yeah baby!"

All that pounding up my ass gave me the oddest tingling sensation all through my rear end and prostate. Once again I had to put it in cum control mode. Especially when I'd see on the prompter things like "Stroke Penis" and "Rub legs."

Then before I knew it Nick shouted, "Cut!"

Jackie jumped off the bed and right there in front of all of us she dropped the harness and strap-on and flung it in a corner. She strolled naked to the dressing room. Meanwhile Dede was away from her camera and was pulling down her tight jeans in front of everyone too.

(Just another work day at Wild Crescent Productions I guess)

She sat next to me on the bed, nude from the waist down. I couldn't help but admire her dark brown tanned legs, her shaved snatch and her
sexy bikini tan lines.

Nick pulled me back to reality. "Time to lick some Pussy, Jane."

(Pussy? Most of the gals I've been with would crush me if they sat on my face)

I must have got another apprehensive look on my face.

"What was all that about pussy juice you said before?" Nick teased.

(Oh shit- busted!) "Well it's just that was um when I used a sex toy (or as in Gail's case several)

and not . . . really . see I've never. .ate . . pussy . . . before"

"No problem," answered Dede. "Look down here."

Dede pulled apart her vulva and began to finger inside her vagina.

"Look closer", she ordered.

I bent my head down like she told me to. Dede may as well have been showing me how to change a tire than how to eat her out. Pussy 101 was in session and the quiz would start as soon as Jackie came out to film again.

"Now you start right here, see where my finger is? Now just work your way up with your tongue until you get to here, LOOK DOWN!"

Her fingers had spread apart her snatch even wider. "There! You see that little spot right there? You're going to use your tongue like a little tiny penis and fuck me with it OK? Here I even spray it for you nice and fresh."

With a giggle Bella tossed a spray bottle of something and soon the air was filled with the scent of lilacs. Dede gave her snatch another shot
and with that Jackie returned to take her place behind the camera again.

As I got on my knees Dennis had a suggestion.

"Jane, do your lipstick thing on Dede."

(Don't think about it- go for it!)

Quick as a flash I pressed my whole face against Dede's love hole and puckered my lips right where she had shown me to begin. Sure enough a small
lipstick impression appeared along her slick slot.

Jackie and Bella were chattering behind us. I heard one of them say "S/he's a natural."

At the right moment I just dove in and carefully slid my tongue up to the "spot" Dede pointed me to. As her body quivered I continued my tongue thrusts. I knew I found the mother lode when Dede forgot to speak in English. She climaxed with a middle eastern version of a rebel yell. Dede closed her eyes raised her arms straight up and shouted,

"Yee yee yee yeee ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Without a doubt Turkish pussy spray has another flavor than southwestern spray. It must be the food.

And just like that we were done with the scene.

"Cut!" shouted Nick. "Everybody take 10!"

-Next Up "The Fates are laughing!"
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You are very good Loriann this is getting better every chapter thanks