The Audition 3

The Audition Part 3

Davey The Bear.

As both video and photo cams moved in for a close up I put my face close to Dennis' big boner. I picked it up and said "Watch
this everybody!"

We were now ready for my hot blow job scene which is exactly what I gave them.

All Dennis had to do was sit there and groan with pleasure.


Show time at last!

The camera was rolling and my screen test had begun.

I pulled up my skirt and drove my big lady stick deep into Dennis' hairy ass.

"Ohhhhh", he groaned. "Good Fuck."

From the control desk Nick the director spoke up,

"Not bad Jane," he commented calling me by my screen name while I was on the set.

"Now, draw your cock back out and push it in slower this time."

I did as instructed, while Dennis looked back at me. He was leaning against the bed and I was standing behind him. "Don't worry," He said. "I put lots of jelly in my ass just for you."

That much was certain. Dennis' hole was nice and juicy. My guess was I wasn't the first cock to visit his butt.

I pushed in for the second time only much slower this time. Once again Dennis groaned.

"Good!" commented Nick.

"Better make sure you save some for Bella," warned Dennis as I continued to pump his sweet hairy ass.

He had a point. Most of the time you bang away on your partner until you either shoot in whatever hole you're in or you turn your love glove into a cum balloon. This time I had to remember part of this was to see if I could cum on demand and not a drop of spooge before then.

On the other hand I was so busy following all their instructions I couldn't cum anyway. Eventually we climbed on the bed and really did the doggie thing good. All along I'd see things on the prompter like "Smile" "Brush hair away"
or "look at 'Davey.'" I assumed that was the name they chose for Dennis.

A few moments later and it was time for a new position. This time "Davey" was going to move into the catcher position. It was all good until I saw how big Dennis' hummer had grown or how sexy his big balls looked. Not only would Davey/Dennis be my first bear, he'd also be my first uncut penis.

(Oh wow! Easy Lori boy. Just . . don't think about cumming too soon. Just don't look at that big cock waving under you . . . )

Several very long minuets later and that was that. Time to pull it out and move on to something else.

"How's that erection,Jane?" asked Nick.

I proudly waved it for everyone while the girls behind the cameras laughed.

"Keep that up and you'll be servicing more than one pussy," joked Dennis.

Both Jackie and Dede came over to reposition both Dennis and I for our next scene. "Time to see those oral skills you've been bragging about,Jane." announced Nick.

While Jackie moved my head this way and that I got an idea. "Does anyone have any red lipstick?"

Dede went over to the dressing room where Bella was inside and knocked. They spoke to each other in Turkish and within moments I was given what I had asked for.

"Thank you!" I called.

"You're welcome," came the faint reply from the closed dressing room door.

I put a nice fresh coating of lipstick on while I gazed at Dede's backside. She was on her way back to her video camera. Although she wasn't as attractive as Bella she was a close second. With her tiny figure and the way she quickly moved around I got the impression that she was a real firecracker in bed.

As both video and photo cams moved in for a close up I put my face close to Dennis' big boner. I picked it up and said "Watch this everybody!"

With one hand I rubbed along the top of his pecker up against my lips until a clear impression of lipstick was visible.

"Good trademark move," commented Nick.

"Add a couple more down the shaft," suggested Jackie snapping away as she maneuvered around Dennis and I.

We were now ready for my hot blow job scene which is exactly what I gave them. It was all my techniques that I had mastered back at "The Circle jerk club" in Boston. My mouth, my tongue, and my lips became a mini face fucking machine.

All Dennis had to do was sit there and groan with pleasure. "Good fuck!" he kept on saying.

He was really enjoying it. In fact he may have enjoyed it too much. Cum burst from his penis without warning. Man juice flowed out my mouth and onto the bed sheets.

"Don't worry Jane just keep working it." instructed Nick.

"Sorry man", Dennis apologized. "Jane blows too good."

"Dennis cum early strikes again." joked Dede.

Meanwhile I continued to drain Dennis' pipe until all the cum spilled out. With my tongue I slowly drew up on his thick shaft.

"Great job Jane," complimented Nick. "Let's go with plan B," He added and then turned toward the dressing room. "Bella I need you to work photo!"

"Don't bother saying anything " grumbled Jackie. "I know the drill."

Jackie was a little stockier than the others and a bit older. It's not that she was ugly, just not as hot as Bella and Dede.

The dressing room labeled in Turkish opened and Bella and Jackie passed each other. As Bella took her place on photo I had a chance to admire Bella's flashy belly dancing outfit.

Dennis had to move out of the way and sit off to the side until Jackie came back out of the dressing room so he could get dressed.
You could tell the poor baby was a little ashamed at what happened.

(Maybe we can practice sometime sugar. I'll make you into a gay Turkish Rocco!)

When Jackie came out she was naked save for a pair of sandals and a massive long strap on.

"Holy Fuck!" I exclaimed.

"That's the idea," Joked Dennis.
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4 years ago
Very hot you made me cum twice can't wait to read more Loriann.