The Circle Jerk Club 2

Part 2 Painting

It was my first meeting with the local circle jerk club. My grrl friend Gigi was really into it. S/he was the one who convinced the others that I'd be really good at it. Most of them were sceptical about me the first time, especially Robbie.

Robbbie was a heavy set African American CD whose shoulders were as big as hir opinions.

"I don't know G, you sure this newbie is up for this?"

"She is more than ready!" assured Gigi.

The two she males, Billie Jean and Jilly Grrl also had doubtful looks on their faces.

The only one really open to the idea besides Gigi was Terry. She was also the only one who had a fur patch around hir lady stick.

That was not a problem for me. I've always had a thing for hair pie anyway. Ever since way back in the day when I found my dad's secret porn stash.

My pop had an amazing collection of mags that were ahead of their time. Back in those days most gals still had to put their hands over their glory holes. But not so, in my dad's collection!

There was one mag entitled "Bachelor Girls." It was wall to wall, and cover to cover of women of all shapes and tit sizes proudly displaying their fur patches for all the world to drool on.

That was when I discovered the joys of painting. (With my penis that is) I'd put a little bit of spooge on each girl's open mouth and beaver. It was a major, major turn on.

Meanwhile I was determined to make true believers out of everyone in the club. They were all going to eat their words with pleasure especially Robbie.

One by one I went down on their stiff lady sticks until they were screaming. Robbie was the loudest.

"God damn!" S/he cried. "This bitch is, 'what's up'!"

I pulled hir penis out of my mouth and gazed up into Robbie's eyes.

"Paint me," I said, sticking out my tongue and stroking hir cock.

Robbie was more than happy to oblige.
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4 years ago
you can paint me tooooo.
4 years ago
Good post funny stuff loriann
i remember my dad's secret porn stash it had sum ciciolina stuff and sum oldschool shemale vid whitch was amazing cus i thaught they realy was chicks with dicks ahh that was the day that everything changed lol
eventhough i mostly jerked n painted to the ciciolina stuff
she was one kinky lady yo!
it had sum let,s say ffw moments to it lol
aah the good oldirty days...