Dinner turned into fantasy meeting.

She has always fantasized about a perfect encounter with an on-line lover, completely unplanned, so when this happened Leslee was completely taken by her good fortune.

She was on vacation with her husband, him having a business trip to Phoenix, and every night they would choose a different restaurant to eat and unwind at. This night it was the Hilton, with its revolving restaurant on top. Being a 5 star restaurant, Leslee wore a blue strapless silk sheath, matching heals and silk nude thigh-high stockings( no lingerie underneath so she could feel the silk rubbing all over her sleek body).

They were seated just as the sun was setting, Arizona sunsets are so beautiful, and as she watched as the colors changed from golden to purple her lusts and desires began to swell inside her. As their waiter arrived with the before dinner drinks, scotch for him and a margarita for her, she looked away from the sunset and her eyes fell on a familiar face.

Their eyes locked and the facial expressions told each other everything they needed to know. Leslee had meet Leo on-line months ago and had become very attracted to him, having spent many hours on cam with him. This was so exciting, the chance had come for them to really meet and share a moment together. Not wanting to pass up this chance, she excused herself from the table, pleading the need for the ladies room, got up and started to the hallway. This was one of the fantasy stories that her and Leo had played out on cam and Leslee was hoping that he picked up on it. As she turned she saw him getting up from his table and leaving his wife there started to follow.

Leslee took the elevator to the first floor, got out and headed straight for the garden terrace for their meeting. She was not waiting long as Leo stepped from the elevator and at a quickened pace rushed to meet her. The embrace that happened was beyond words as they entwined their arms and their lips met. As they part, both know they will need a more private spot, they moved to one of the private alcoves used for intimate meetings. Their lips meet again as they sat on the semi-circular bench. Hands began to roam as they explore each other as they have played out so many times before. Knowing that time is very short, Leslee reminds Leo that they must hurry so as not to worry both spouses that were left behind.

A waiter arrives to see to their needs and is told they are on there honeymoon and need some time alone. With a knowing wink he leaves them to their passion.

Leo moves directly to Leslee's dress, unzipping the tight sheath, pulling it to the floor to reveal her naked body. Her nipples are already erect before he even touches them, which he does first with his fingers then followed by his wet tongue. Waves of ecstasy flow over her as her nipples are sucked deeply.
Fumbling blindly, she reaches for his trousers to unzip them. She can feel the engorged cock straining inside. As she pulls his pant down, a huge cock jumps out at her hands. "OMG I have waited for this for so long" she whispers in his ear before going to her knees to take him into her mouth. She sucks it in deep, tasting the pre-cum that is already oozing from it head. Moans of pleasure come from Leo's mouth as she takes him in, resting her nose against his pubic hair. Only a few moments go by before Leo says " If you don't stop now I wont be able to hold back anymore". "I want you inside me" Leslee says as she stands. Leo sits down on the bench and motions for her to set on him reverse cowgirl. As she lowers herself, Leo feels for the first time the hot wetness of her vagina as it sheaths his member. Nothing else matters now but the passion in our loins, not even people walking past stop us from our goal of pleasing ourselves. As Leslee rocks back and forth upon his cock, Leo can feel his balls swelling with sperm, knowing that he will reach climax soon. "I'm going to cum Leslee, where do you want it", he says. "Please cum in my ass Leo so I don't have it dripping from me". she begs. Very quickly and without losing contact, she pulls him from her pussy and slides forward and down again, impaling herself with his cock into her asshole. Leslee continues her rocking motion to bring him to orgasm. "I'm cumming, OMG I'm cumming in you now". Leo moans out to her as his sperm fills her waiting hole. "I feel it, its wonderful, give it all to me". Leslee replies as she also climaxes in waves of lust, releasing a spray of fluid from her pussy onto the floor.

With a few moments to recover, they quickly dress and compose themselves. With another kiss they walk hand in hand back toward the elevators. They pass more alcoves on the way but stop at the entrance to one that has alot of sounds coming from it, to both of their surprise, sounds that are familiar to both. As Leo and Leslee look inside, to their shock they see their spouses locked in a passionate embrace, completely naked, and having intercourse. Not knowing what to think or do, they stand there watching as the pair are oblivious to anything, lost it what must be as intense as what Leo and Leslee had just experienced. Taking her hand, Leo leads Leslee to the next alcove to listen to what was happening but to give the privacy that was needed. "did you ever suspect this?) came from both of them as they remained fixed on the sounds coming from so near. They waited for their mates to finish, making out and petting heavily to pass the time. Soon the other couple passed by, getting up quickly Leo and Leslee followed them a few steps then both said "Fancy meeting you here". With a quick turn the two lovers knew what was up, they had been caught, but the looks of joy and delight than they saw was not at all expected. "I don't know what to say" they both said," I'm so sorry". Leo and Leslee walk toward their spouses and hug them saying ": its ok, we understand, how long have you been wanting this?" Seem that another on-line relationship was going on and this too was the first meeting of the star struck lovers. So in the end everyone was happy with the night out.

They all walked back to the elevator chatting calming and getting to know one another, took the elevator back upstairs, then found a waiter to tell him that they would like to all be seated together for the rest of the evening. They were moved to a corner booth and took their meal together becoming good friends.

Many more meetings were going to take place after this, some alone and some together, but none of them would match up to this fantasy night.
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great i like this one better
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Good story. Thanks