After dinner delight (pure fantasy)

I had started an online relationship with a lovely woman named Leslee and was dying to meet up with her. The problem was we lived very far apart and traveling would get us both caught by our spouses. So we waited our time and finally the chance came. Leslee and her husband were planning a trip to our town over a long weekend so we set plans in motion to meet at a posh restaurant with a large dinning room, patio garden, and best of all a back door off the kitchen to a dark alley. I had eaten there many times before and knew what I wanted to happen.

I talked my wife into a nice dinner for 2 for that Saturday night, she complained at first about the expense but did admit that we needed a night out. So the night came and we left for a 7:00pm reservation. My wife wearing a low cut top and dark slacks and me a dress shirt and tie with black pants. We entered the restaurant and were seated, to my surprise, right behind Leslee and her husband, with my wife and him back to back leaving Leslee and I to look at each other the whole time.

Our meals were fantastic but the view I had was better. Being able to look into Leslee's eyes and see the lust stored up there was driving me crazy. She teased me through out the meal. eating everything very seductively. I was having a bad time keeping the bulge down in my pants from just seeing her. The time had come to make my move and I used a very old trick to keep my wife at the table while I was gone.

I faked having some stomach trouble and finally told my wife i needed the restroom to relieve the pressure. I had pulled this before and she had never followed me to see how I was doing. When I got up from the table, Leslee's eyes were all over me, I gave her a wink to let her know it was time. As I walked through the dinning room, I looked back and saw Leslee excusing herself from the table, I would guess to relieve herself, and she followed me. Looking to see my wife was not watching, I took a quick turn through the doors to the garden and waited out of site for Leslee. She followed very quickly and we fell into each others arms, releasing months of frustration in a single kiss, which was long, deep, and passionate. As we parted, We both knew what we wanted but this was way to in the open for it. We moved hand in hand to another door back into the restaurant but near the kitchen. There was the door outside and we took it, moving into the dimly lit alley.

We found a place behind the dumpster that was out of view and let our passion take us. With our lips pressed tightly together and tongues exploring each others mouths, we searched each others bodies. My hands moved to her breasts, holding them firmly then rubbing the nipples which were already hard. Her fingers went straight to my pants as she undid my belt and button. With a strong push my pants were down and my cock sprang up to meet her hand, fully engorged with lust for her. As Leslee stroked me I moved a hand to pull up her dress to find she had not worn panties that night. My fingers found her pussy lips and parted them. Leslee was already soaked and waiting to be penetrated, so I moved a finger into her dripping hole. She gave out a low moan as I entered, still she was rubbing my cock, and then in a low sultry voice said "Take me now, we have to hurry."

We ended our embrace and I spun her around to face the wall. I lifted Leslee's dress over her back as she bent forward to present her ass to me. Without wasting any time, I moved my cock to her waiting cunt and pushed into her, there was no resistance as her pussy was overly wet. I buried into her in one smooth stroke, and heard her say " Do me like the whore that I am stud." At that I was off to the races as I pumped her with full strokes, knowing that we had to finish quickly to avoid being caught. Leslee started to buck back against me as I fucked her senseless. She moaned loader as my cock swelled to full hardness as it does right before I shoot. I told her I was about to cum but she wanted it in her mouth. So quickly I backed away as she turned around and fell to her knees. Leslee took my ready to explode cock into her mouth and sucked me down her throat. With a loud grunt I let loose the sperm from inside my cock, squirting it down her throat. Leslee took it like a champ, as every drop of my cum was inside her, she didn't loose a drop of it. When she had cleaned me off, Leslee came up to me, kissed me hard and said " That was fantastic and was worth the wait, but now we needed to go."

With another kiss we got ourselves dressed and put together and walked back into the restaurant. I let her go back first, as I did go to the bathroom to try to look the part of being ill, and to wash the taste of my sperm from my breath. I returned to my table, watching Leslee setting with her husband talking cheerfully, and told my wife that I was feeling better and she should get dessert, I would take mine to go and have it later the next day. She never suspected a thing as we ordered and I watch her finish, my eye never to far from Leslee, who was eating dessert also. As we were leaving the table, Leslee and her husband were leaving too. We both paid the check, then our spouses needed the bathroom. Each of us said we would wait for them at the front door. Leslee and I talked as we waited, telling each other how wonderful it had been and how sorry we were that it was all we would get. We still had the internet to play on but being with her was like going to heaven. Her body was so tight and perfect and the feeling of her pussy around my cock was out of this world. She said that my cock felt so good inside her and she didn't want to stop but knew it had to end. Our talk ran short as both my wife and her husband came from the restrooms. As they walked next to each other, we both saw Leslee's husband looking down my wife's top. The view is grand from above her and I could tell he was enjoying himself. As we were leaving together we were very close to each other as we left. My hand went out to hers and they met for a brief moment. We both felt the electricity flow between us, then we parted, each going different ways to our cars.

For one brief shinning moment we were one person, lost into each other, in a cascade of passion.

I hope Leslee's next trip will not be to long in the coming.
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2 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Your story is better than mine! Xham won't let me star it, but, it is a 10+ to me! Maybe mine will post tomorrow! Thank you!!!