The slut across the room

Everyday at my crappy office job is is a two tabled office shared by me and a nice 26 year old lady called Bonnie, she wears the same crap all the time trying to show her cleavage but she's just so hot. One time I tried to jerk over her in the office I nearly got caught but i'd figure she'd enjoy it I know deep down she's a slut, anyway one day on a Tuesday doing the regular work she slams the door and says softly alright it's been two years now we gonna do this or not I didn't have time to answer she just pulled down my zipper got out my flaccid cock snd she said the boss ain't in we got twenty minutes let's hurry, I just froze up and nodded my haid she began suckling also taking off her buttons on her shirt revealing her ssucculent 36dd tits I think an ex bought her those I don't know but I was gonna put them to good use. Her tits bounced out and I said quietly can I hold? She replies go ahead then continues sucking, it felt great plus I was getting a polishing I was feeling great after five minutes I built up the courage and just stood up and said right Bon Bon 'that's her nickname' bend on my desk she replied with a yes while biting her lips my cock was pulsing like crazy I just wanted to fuck that cunt. I pulled down her pants and all of a sudden I realised that I had no condoms thinking well I'm fucked when all of a sudden she says be a dear and grab my bag I have condoms I thought to myself fuck yes there is a god, I popped it on my cock and without hesitation slammed my cock in her wet pussy it was crazy wet i ain't k**ding she was dripping down her legs I started slapping her arse and she moaned a little. So I started going deeper and every time the moans got louder with ten minutes left she said do my arse I replied with a yes Bon I started to watch her fingering her arse so I can get my cock in there after that a pumped my fat cock into her beautiful arse going like a steam train she started screaming then decided it'd be a good idea to go up against the window so others could see I was scared if the bodd was gonna drive up and see us, carrying on her beautiful huge tits werd up against the window I was on a roll pumping her arse with my meaty cock but alas good times have to end I knew I was gonna cum soon so I took it out she said "you gonna cum for me now?" I just sat there and said "yeah so close I'm gonna blast a huge one" so she lays on the floor and guides. She grabs my cock and starts wanking after a minute she places my dick between her tits it was unbearable I was like a zombie making horrible moaning noises we had two minutes before the boss got back she said you got one minute then we've gotta clean up she starts titty fucking my cock faster judt as I'm about to explode she puts her mouth at the end of my cock, I fucking cummed all over her mouth and down to her tits she looked like a class a slut but she didn't cate she got what she wanted a mouyhful of cum. After our clean ups the bss walks in we both look at each other and think if only you were here twenty minutes ago I left the room she walked over and said here's the key to my flat same thing tomorrow night. The funny thing is it's a true story too happebed last week on christmas eve best christmas present ever and the best thing of all is I'll be seeing her tonight.
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1 year ago
Nice story. Hope it is true for you