Julie the secretary

A fantasy inspired by amateur_julie containing office related frolics...

My job sees me travelling around the country on a freelance basis going to various companies fixing IT problems as and when they arise. I'm never in any one place longer than a week. It's not the sort of working life that everyone would take to - hardly ever seeing the same faces, but it suits me as I can choose to work when and where I need to.
A few months ago my agency sent me to a company not far outside of London for a planned three days work. The guy at the firm who was looking after me was called Brian. He was late thirties, middle management type, but seemed a nice fellow - he set me up efficiently, showed me the essentials (where the tea-making facilities were mainly!) and left me to get about my work. The first day passed uneventfully and Brian came to check in with me before he left for the evening.
"I won't be around tomorrow - there's an area meeting," he said. "But I'll get my secretary Julie to look in on you tomorrow morning and she'll sort out anything you need."
Next morning I went into the office and shortly afterwards Julie, Brian's secretary came along to see me. Julie was about five foot tall, slender with long dark hair and wearing the usual secretarial uniform of black skirt, jacket and tights with white blouse. She was very pretty, 40-ish and quietly efficient. She quickly got me various details I needed to carry out my job, brought me an excellent mug of tea (and biscuits!) and was just about to leave me to it when she said: "Anything else I can help you with?"
I thought about this and replied: "A decent place to grab lunch? I ended up with a terrible sandwich yesterday."
She laughed and said "You probably took Brian's advice then! I usually go a pretty good deli. It's five minutes away but it can be tricky to find. If you like I could get something for you when I go?"
This was very considerate of her. As I've said Julie was very pretty and as I didn't know anyone else in the office I said: "That would be great. Or I could come with you and see what they have? If it's not any trouble?"
She smiled and said: "Yes, that would make more sense. Then you'll know where it is if you're here for a couple of days. I go for lunch at one. Shall I come down and pick you up?"
"That would be lovely," I said.
Pick me up! Chance would be a fine thing I thought as I watched Julie leave the office where I was working and kept a close watch on her immaculate skirt-clad arse until it glided out of view along the corridor. I quickly admonished myself, but I was definitely looking forward to lunchtime rather more than usual...
When one o'clock came around it was raining heavily and Julie and I shared my umbrella on the way to lunch. At the deli we sat down and I asked Julie the usual stuff about her work, she asked me about mine. The usual polite chit-chat whilst we were having coffee and paninis.
Julie smiled and then laughed. "Brian's a good bloke. He's a nice boss, I've worked for some right... gits. He's decent."
"At least he's not making inappropriate suggestions to his secretary!" I said laughing.
Julie started laughing. "Oh no! That sort of thing doesn't go on nowadays. Mind you, I did hear a rumour..."
"Come on. That sounds like potential gossip!"
She took a mouthful of her coffee: "I shouldn't tell you, but it's not as if you know him..."
"You're teasing me Julie!" I said. "Very naughty."
"I heard from one of the girls at work that Brian..." She lowered her voice. "Is into dogging."
"Really?" We had been at lunch for less than 20 minutes and we were already onto dogging! "Secretaries always hear the best stuff from the rumour mill!"
"Obviously I don't know if it's true..."
"Well," I said. "That's my entertainment sorted out for one night at least!"
Julie started laughing again: "Yes, I can see you going into the office and asking Brian where the nearest car park is!"
We were both laughing now.
"Yes, it could be a bit tricky..."
We finished our lunches and headed back to the office. The rain had stopped. Since she had brought the subject of dogging up I thought I’d run a little with it.
"I have actually been dogging you know."
Julie looked up at me in surprise.
"Fuck off! Really?" She swore without thinking about it and was immediately horrified. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean..."
"Don't worry Julie. I probably should have kept that to myself..."
"Well, I suppose I brought it up in the first place..."
"Yes, but I shouldn't be repeating those kind of stories to people I've only just met."
"No, but... You haven't repeated anything. Yet."
Her tone of voice as she said "Yet" gave me every indication that she wanted to hear more.
We had arrived back at the office.
“Well, I suppose I could tell you more about dogging...” I said.
"I want to hear all about it! Can I meet you for a coffee after work?" Julie asked.
This had been my plan all along, ever since I'd first seen the lovely Julie's shapely arse disappearing up the corridor after she had introduced herself this morning.
"I'd love to Julie," I said with a smile.
As we went into the lift I could feel my cock stiffening.
"I want to hear all the dirty details," she said as the lift door closed.
"Oh, you will. But I'll warn you, it's a filthy tale."
I leant in close to her to whisper this in her ear and as she moved towards me to hear better, my semi brushed against her hip. It was completely unintentional and I quickly realised what I had done. Julie realised too and giggled as she saw my horrified face.
I was just about to stammer an apology when Julie placed her left finger against my lips and said "Shhh."
An electrical charge ran through my body with the result that my semi turned into a full on erection.
"Oh, fuck." I said.
Julie laughed again.
I had thought I was control of the situation but since stepping into the lift it seemed that I was following Julie's lead. I had to make sure she was serious about meeting me after work.
"You are going to come aren't you?" I asked.
She glanced down at my crotch where my trousers were fighting a losing battle with my cock.
"It looks like you're about to. But, yes. Yes, I fucking am. I'll stop by at half five."
The lift had arrived at my floor. I got out and had to mask my rigid hardness by holding my umbrella in front of my crotch. I was still so hard I could have hung the fucking thing on it.
I met Julie in reception after we had finished work. She had suggested coffee but the rain had started again with a vengeance. It was teeming down so I said we would be better off driving to have a coffee. We got in my car and I followed Julie’s instructions heading out of town into a maze of country lanes.
“This is a long way for a coffee” I said.
“There’s a great little country pub nearby. I thought we’d go there rather than Starbucks.”
“Suits me” I said.
When we arrived and got ourselves a quiet table Julie eagerly questioned me about my dogging. I explained that I had been a couple of times at a local car park well known for swinging.
She wanted the full details. How many women were there? How many men? How many times the women were fucked? How were they fucked? How many men were wanking off? Thankfully the pub was quiet and our conversation was discreet! I told her everything I remembered. It was clear that Julie was more than interested in this. She was excited by the thought of having sexual encounters with random strangers.
We headed back to the car and before I turned the ignition she asked me to give more graphic descriptions of cum spattered sluts sucking off blokes in the back of Volvo estates. I gladly indulged her.
Julie was now very excited. "That is so fucking saucy. It's getting me wet just thinking about it."
Well, here it comes I thought.
We were still in the car park of the pub but we at the end furthest away from the pub and the road under the shade of a huge oak tree. It was quiet and apart from one other car empty.
"Wet? Really? Prove it!"
She reached around the side of the car seat and flicked the adjustment to slide the seat back to its furthest extent. Then she grasped the hem of her knee length black skirt and raised it slowly past her thighs. This revealed that I had been wrong; she wasn't wearing black tights but stockings.
"Kinky! At work in stockings?"
"It'd be kinky with suspenders but these are hold ups!"
The skirt continued its upward progress to reveal a pair of black and white striped cotton knickers. She kept her shirt hoisted with her left hand and her right pulled the gusset of her knickers away from its home. Keeping her thumb and first two fingers on the outside of the material she rubbed it vigorously and then drew her hand away and held it in front of my face. Between her three digits there was a sticky residue.
"See? Told you I was wet."
I clutched her hand and moved it towards me "I have got to smell you." Her pungent musk was fabulous. I had to taste it. I slipped her three fingers into my mouth and gently drew the stickiness from them running my tongue up to the cleft of her fingers and letting the silky covering play from my tongue along her fingers.
After releasing her fingers I marvelled: "That's just from the outside. How wet are you inside?"
She moved her right hand to the waistband of her knickers, pulled it away from her body and plunged the three fingers I had been suckling into the depths beyond, quickly moaning as they arrived at their destination.
I could actually hear how wet she was, the gentle sucking sound of her hand meeting sticky cunt juice was apparent. There was so much of it I could see seepage running down the black and white stripes, overlapping the border of her knickers, glistening on the top of her thighs, dribbling down the elasticated hold ups of her stockings and on the car seat. She moved her hand from inside to outside her knickers, leaving a silvery trail as she rubbed the material against her slit.
I had not been idle and had unzipped and was wanking my now rock hard cock.
I put my left hand under her arse and moving the gusset of her moist knickers to one side and probing her dripping, shaved pussy with my three middle fingers. It was as if a tap had been turned on. Her whole body tautened and she raised her arse from the car seat as my fingers did their work, two of them sliding their way inside her cunt and the ring finger seeking the engorged nub of her clit. As I was doing this Julie had grasped my stiff prick with her right hand and was slowly tracing the precum that had arrived over my purple head, down my shaft and on to my balls. She shifted forward on the car seat raising herself so that my thumb could make its approach to her arsehole.
I withdrew my fingers from her sodden minge and greased her ringpiece with her gooey secretions, rubbing the mess around her rim and then suddenly inserting my thumb.
She shook with pleasure. As I withdrew my thumb she bent to her left and took my prick in her mouth lubricating it from head to shaft with a blend of her saliva and the precum that was now oozing from my tip. Whilst she was flicking her tongue around my dick I had put my left underneath her and now had four fingers up her streaming cunt and my thumb manipulated her clit which made her moan and become even wetter.
She was so expert at blowing me that I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came. “Where do you want me to come?” I said to give her warning.
She released my weeping cock from her mouth and said “On my legs. All over my stockings.”
She leant back in the car seat and took my cock in her hand directing it to her nylon-clad thighs. I had taken my fingers out of her snatch and put them in her mouth. She gobbled my fingers eagerly to taste her own juices from them.
As she rubbed my stiff prick against her stockinged thighs lacquering the nylon with some of her goo that had ran down her legs from her cleft, I suddenly exploded, my balls flooding thick, white cum over the black denier of her hold ups. I shot a fair size load and Julie spread the sticky trouser emulsion up and down her thighs for a while before scooping a gobbet in her palm and depositing it in the gusset of her knickers which she then pulled up over her wet gash, covering her twat and rubbing the semen within. Her labia protruded from either side of her cotton knickers. I rubbed her clit through the thin material and could feel my seed seeping into her and dribbling down the sides of her underwear. After a few moments Julie came raising herself from the car seat in pleasure and dripping from her sticky gusset. She had white trails up her thighs and all over her black skirt and her knickers were now completely sodden with a combination of our various bodily fluids.
“What a fucking brilliant dirty cum whore you are.” I said in complete admiration of such a magnificent appearance.
“Do you think so?” she said with a smile. “I think I might need another skirt for work tomorrow. Have you got any suggestions what I should wear tomorrow? Because I hope you’ll be coming all over it again...”

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2 years ago
wow i am still hard from reading this
2 years ago
Very hot - great. Just the cum I needed to start the day. 5*