A bath for my Mistress

"Is my bath ready" She calls from the hall, just
as i finish turning off the taps."Yes" i reply
as i swirl the foaming bubbles around with my hand.Her footsteps
echo as She comes up the polished wooden stairs.i stand
aside as She enters the bathroom.She gives me a stern look
then turns to the bath, "Ah, good, fetch me a glass
of wine, there's some chilling in the kitchen".On
the way downstairs i hear Her kicking off Her shoes.There's
an open bottle two-thirds full in a cooler on the counter, next
to a lipstick marked glass with a sip still left in it. i fill
a clean glass(woe betide Her having to drink from a glass
She's already used, more extra work), and take it
to Her pronto, She's not the most patient of ladies.
When i get back to the bathroom She's already soaking, Her
clothes strewn across the tiled floor. i pass the glass
to Her and commence to pick up Her clothes, skirt, blouse, bra, pants, tights
and heels.The clothes go in the laundry basket(i'm
sure She just likes to see me work), the heels i put in Her
closet. As i re-enter the bathroom She says "The bath's
just right, nice and hot, exactly the way I like it".
She looks a little red, is it the heat or the wine i think
to myself."Good" i reply, somewhat sarcastically
"i try to please"."Well", she
says, throwing Her washcloth at me "please Me some
more and wash Me".At which She raises one leg out of
the water onto the edge of the bath. i take the soap, lather
up the cloth and begin to wash Her foot.Starting with the
toes, then the arch, top and heel.She likes attention
being paid to Her feet, but heaven help me if it tickles
as that really irritates Her.Next i move the soapy cloth
up Her ankle and around Her calf and up to Her knee, gently
massaging Her smoothe rosy skin. She then raises Her other
leg for me to repeat the task.When i've finished She
puts both legs back into the water and sits up, finishes
the glass of wine and indicates i am to wash Her back.Again
i soap up the cloth and proceed to wash Her shoulders, massaging
and ceressing down Her spine and all around Her back.i then
wash first one arm and then the other starting at the depilated
pit down the toned smoothe flesh to Her fingers, tipped
with long manicured nails(which look like talons designed
to inflict some serious discomfort).When both arms are
done, She looks up at me with a slight smile and thrusts
Her ample bosom forward, "Get on with it, I haven't
got all night".She knows i adore Her breasts and likes
to tease me.i dare not touch without permission.After
soaping up i tenderly rub and massage all around and under
each breast and the dark areolae tipped with their pert
nipples, then wash Her taught stomach. She lays back to
rinse off the soap then stands up, "Time to wash the
rest"She states, pushing Her bottom towards me.
i wash each thigh and then around Her trimmed pussy, with
its now swollen dark pink lips.Then taking the cloth between
Her legs i wash up between Her bum cheeks around Her hole
which contracts as my fingers go over it(i do believe She
is getting aroused). "That's enough"
She commands and sits back down in the water to remove any
remaining soap."Get the towels, I'm getting
out". i put one warmed towel on the floor for Her to
stand on, and help Her out, wrapping another warmed towel
around Her.i now pat and rub getly in order to dry Her.When
i've done this pleasurable duty, She passes me the
moisturing body lotion, which i rub all over Her warm flushed
skin, gently kneading and massaging Her as She sits on
the edge of the bath.She commands me to stop."Strip".
i start to undress "Quickly" She scolds.i move
faster and am naked in no time."Lie down" She
barks, and i immediately lie on my back on the cool tiles.
"All that wine and massaging my tummy has made me want
to pee". And with that She straddles over me, squats
and pisses on me.The stream hits me on the belly and splashes
up my chest.Once the initial burst has subsided to a steady
stream, She looks down smiling with relief and devilment.She
now proceeds to aim, first moving the steaming stream
of liquid gold over and around my cock then up over my chest
onto my face where splashes sting my eyes."Open up"
She says smiling wikedly, and as i open my lips She directs
the flow into my mouth where i swallow all i can untill She's
finished. She reaches for a tissue, wipes Her pussy with
it and stuffs it in my mouth, stands up, puts on Her robe
and leaves saying "Clean up and bring your arse downstairs.Be
quick about it and don't bother getting dressed".
As She goes downstairs i'm already putting the tissue
in the loo and the sodden towels in the laundry basket(more
washing).Quickly i wash and sanitize the floor tiles and
the surrounding surfaces, empty and clean the bath, then
take a speed shower cleaning myself up and finally brushing
my teeth.When i'm done, i virtually run down the stairs(She
can be impatient especially after She's been drinking).
As i enter the lounge naked and semi erect, She's sat
on the sofa in Her robe finishing off a cigarette and the
last of the bottle of wine.i stand in front of Her, naked
and waiting till She's ready to acknowledge me. "Well"
She says, scrutinising me with an impish grin, "Seeing
as you've been a good boy, We'll have to reward
you wont We".She stubs out the cigarette, exhaling
the smoke in my direction."Get your cock hard"
She opens Her robe.As i stare at Her nakedness and wank my
cock it quickly gets fully hard."Get it in here"
She says, bending Her legs and putting her feet together, heel
to heel and toes to toes.i place my cock in the hole She has
formed with the insteps of Her feet, then holding Her feet
together with my hands(this supports Her legs and prevents
them from tiring)i fuck Her feet. "Don't come
'till I say" She warns.She likes to see me suffer
a little.As i set up a rocking motion with my thrusting, Her
gorgeous breasts bounce up and down with the rhythm, i
can't take my eyes off them and i can feel the cum start
to rise.She knows it, "i'm going to start to
come Mistress" i say, "Not yet" She replies, "Mistress, please"i
pant "NOT YET" She says again but with emphasis
"And pump faster". i do as i'm told and thrust
faster, but it's getting unbearable and i can't
hold on any longer, "i'm sorry, Mistress i'm
sorry" i gasp as i spurt cum onto Her leg, the sofa
and Her feet. i tense, shut my eyes and brace myself as i
expect, and deserve, a hard kick in the balls for disobeying
my Mistress and not waiting for Her permission to come.But
nothing happens, and as i open my eyes She's smiling, "Just
teasing" She laughs "Well clean it up then, don't
just stand there gawping". i pull my now flaccid cock
from Her feet, drop to my knees and lick my cum off Her feet
and leg and then off the sofa(yet more washing for me). Since
meeting my Mistress i've swallowed a lot of my cum.The
taste is pretty bland but not unpleasant, it's the
gloopy texture and the temperature(body temp.)that takes
a bit of getting used to. My Mistress sticks Her toes in my
mouth as i lick the cum off her feet, making me suck Her big
toe as if i'm going down on it (She loves me to suck, kiss
and lick Her toes). When She's satisfied She pulls
Her toes out of my mouth and gives me a quizzical look, then
grins, leans forward and grabs my hair "While you're
down there" She says, and pulls my head to Her crotch
and pushes my mouth to Her pussy, " you've had
your fun, now I want some" She states. i immediately
put my tongue to work around Her outer lips and then stiffly
jabbing it inside where i find it's already well lubricated
with Her juices.My nose is rubbing on Her clit as She gyrates
Her hips.i ease my mouth up to Her clit and gently insert
two fingers into Her pussy. After gently lapping and rapidly
flicking Her clit with my tongue, i place the tip of my tongue
to the base of Her clit and curl it tube like around the "shaft"of
Her clit and tongue fuck it by moving my tongue in and out, This
really gets my Mistress going.The fingers i'm feeling
Her pussy with, i now press on Her g-spot to increase Her
pleasure. i now take my other hand and lubricate the index
finger with Her juices , which are all over my face and Her
inner thighs, and i push it under Her bum and gently rub
it around the rim of Her arsehole (outside only, never
ever inside as that is reserved for my tongue).With all
these stimuli arousing Her simultaneously, She starts
to come, and in so doing She squeezes my head between Her
thighs to stop my movements and i can hear Her muffled mewls.i'm
also finding it hard to breathe, but She'll not release
me 'till She's good and ready, so i'll just
have to manage the best i can by slightly twisting my head.
When i feel Her thigh muscles start to relax, i lie there
eyes closed, dreamily breathing in Her intimate scent, totally
relaxed in my own personal heaven.Absolutely the best
place in the world to be. After what seems like an age, i
hear Her light up a cigarette, take a long, slow, drag
and exhale with a sigh. "Get up" She commands.
i rise and stand before Her. "I want to see you come
again" She states. "But Mistress" i reply
"It's not been that long since i last came"
hoping not to antagonise Her with excuses. "Come
here" She says pointing, " I know how to get
you hard" She smiles wikedly. i walk round the side
of the sofa and She firmly but gently grabs both of my balls
in one hand and pulls my sac towards Her, 'till my cock
is about twelve inches from Her face. She takes a drag from
Her cigarette and blows warm smoke onto my cock. She knows
i have a bit of a smoking fetish, and that i'll respond
quickly to this special treat. As She blows more smoke onto
my cock it starts to twitch and stiffen. She then smiles
at Her own ingenuity and exhales smoke into my face. Once
my cock is fully erect she starts to blow smoke rings along
the lengh of the shaft, starting at the circumcised head
down the shaft to the base and Her hand encasing my balls
where the rings enlarge and dissipate. Also, as it's
now erect She warns me, again, " Don't come
'till I say you can, remember what I'm holding", and
smiling coquettishly She squeezes hard on my balls four
times just for emphasis. i let out a yelp and wince while
trying to stand on tiptoes. "Yes Mistress, i'll
remember" i gasp . She puts the cigarette in the corner
of Her mouth, and grabs my cock with Her free hand, and
starts to roughly pump it while massaging my balls with
the other. "Look at my face " She says out of the
corner of Her mouth, so i watch Her face as She smokes just
for me, while furiously pumping my cock.She is quite rough
with it, almost uncaring for any degree of comfort it seems(My
cock will be sore tomorrow i think) i can see Her enthusiasm
start to flag, but i can also feel my cum rising."i'm
getting ready Mistress" i say.This seems to renew
Her vigour as She instructs"Hold it" "Yes
Mistress".She is watching me intently and She can
see the tension building up in my face as She rapidly pumps
away. "OK, let it go", at which point i shoot
my load, unfortunately it hits my Mistress full in the
face, and whats left of the cigarette She's smoking.
For this i'll get a severe thrashing.My Mistress lets
go of my cock and balls, takes the cigarette butt out of
Her mouth and launches it at me screaming "Here, lick
your fucking cum off your fucking little fetish stick".i
immediately pick up the still lit butt from the floor, where
it landed after hitting me, and start to lick the cum off.
On seeing this my Mistress bursts into laughter saying
"I think I'm d***k", and promptly collapses
back on the sofa, asl**p. I get a tissue and clean my cum
off Her face.I wrap Her robe around Her and cover Her with
a blanket. She looks so angelic when She's sl**ping, not
a sign of the She-Devil I know She can be.I lean over and lightly
kiss Her lips and whisper to Her "sl**p tight and tomorrow
I'll give You a bath".
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