Best Friend ? part 5

Sam came round on friday after checking i was dressed as i should be he took linda out, she told me to be ready for her when she got back as sam was telling her all about what was planed for me,
about three hours later they came back linda looked a mess and went straight upstairs telling me to follow, sam looked at me and said see you tomorrow sweetie and gave me that evil grin as he put a bag in the hallway, i went up to linda who was in just her underwear kneeling on the bed, get under here i have two lots in here for you to clean, i got between her legs and looked up at her swollen pussy as she lowered herself onto my mouth my tongue went right into her and i could taste the familiar mix of cum and her juices, as i sucked and licked her she ground down on my mouth as she told me how sam had fucked her and told her what was in store for me tomorrow as she went on i could feel her orgasm building and i pulled her onto me as i sucked hard and felt her cum in my mouth, we laid on the bed holding each other and she reached into my tights pulling my cock out as she was wanking me she told me i was in for a rough time but it excited her, she the asked if in the times i had sex in the toilets had i used poppers? i told her i didnt know what she ment, linda went to her bag and took out a small bottle she told me sam had used them on her earlier and that they would be used on me tomorrow linda then said put this under your nose and sniff hard she took hold of my cock and wanked it hard as i sniffed my head went light and i came in her hand and moaned, linda then said they have the effect of makeing you more compliant, i told her i was unsure of the whole thing she the snapped at me listen to me sissy boy we dont really have a choice and as much as i love you i am not giveing up that big cock so you are going to be sam's plaything plus i cant wait to hear all about it, the evening went by with dinner etc and a early night next day linda told me i was being picked up around 2o/c , later i took a bath and shaved as i was told to and went in the bedroom to get dressed,linda told me to stand still as she pushed a pair of breast forms to my chest and held the there telling me she had used superglue so they wont come of then a silky lace bra and a deep suspender belt she the gave me a pair of tan shiny 10 denier tights to put on when on she then gave me a darker pair of stockings i pulled the on and fastened them and she gave a pair of panties to match the bra then a short silk white slip, linda the said sit here and started on my make up which she applied skillfully and heavy and spayed me with perfume when this was all done she stepped back to admire what she had done and said look in the mirror i did and was shocked to see a female face looking at me, linda then led me to the bed and picked up a white blouse and slipped it on me followed by a black pleated skirt she tnen gave me a pair of white socks and said put these on as i did linda knelt down and put a pair of 2inch mary jane shoes on me i stood up and linda said well you look like what you are a sissy schoolgirl slut! and said sit down she then put a mid length light brown wig on me and pinned it in place, pleased with every thing she told me to go downstairs as sam would be here soon i told her i cant go out like this! her response was you can and will and put the poppers to my nose and said sniff! i did and felt my knees buckle as i sat down at that moment the door rang and linda let sam in he looked at me and grinned he took out his phone and took some pictures telling me that i was in for some fun, he then grabbed linda kissed her really hard and slipped his hand up her skirt and fingered her pussy saying how wet she was and that he would be fucking her tomorrow,
sam then said ok lets go and led me to his car, the poppers had done there job as i was as submissive as he wanted
i am telling this as it happens and have tried not to make the parts to long so as not to bore you part 6 to come in the next couple of days
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