Best Friend ? part 2

HI ti you all this carries on from part 1.
Linda was now being fucked by sam on a regular basis he was picking her up about once a week and she was enjoying the attention and it certainly helped our sex life as i now got to fuck her not only as a couple but as her sub, when sam was picking her up she would spend time getting ready, then when he came she would be out the door, linda would say i was out so it didnt raise suspicions as she hadnt told him that i knew.
when linda came home she would be all flushed with that just fucked glow i would be waiting upstairs dressed how she had told me this normally consisted of either tights or stockings a bra panties and a slip, i would the help her out of her clothes down to her underwear all the time she would be taunting me telling me how a big cock felt and how hard and f***eful sam was as he fucked her and how she now needed me to clean her and bring her off, i would the lie under her as she brought her wet and dripping pussy to my lips as i then licked and sucked her juices she would go into detail of the fucking she had received, the as her orgasm starts to build she would push down hard telling me to taste and drink his spunk i would the get a mouthfull of spunk that she had held in.
This set the pattern for many months till one day when we were lying in bed and linda looked at me and started playing with my cock as i got hard she started to ask me questions,when did you last dress up and suck a cock ?, do you fancy doing it more often?, i answerd best i could telling her i enjoyed all things feminine and that i liked sucking on the odd times that i went out, she then told me that sam kept pushing her to suck him off as he wanted more than just fucking her, but i know that linda is not a great fan of cock sucking and certainly doesnt like to swallow,i asked her what she was getting at, she then smiled and said i have told sam all about your dressing up etc, i was in shock my cock went soft and i was lost for words, but linda went on and told me sam was very interested and had pushed her to tell him everything,she asked me if i was ok as i was still soft, i just looked at her and said , you know this will put us at his mercy and that as we have seen him do with other people he will exploit this to his advantage, as she wanked me harder she looked at me and said i enjoy being his fuck slut but you know how i feel about sucking, but you enjoy it you even like swallowing so for you it should be no trouble, also he has us at his mecy anyway as he has photos of him fucking me,he still doesnt know that you know he is fucking me and he want to see you and use the photos to f***e you into being his cocksucker the more linda told me the harder i got as i started to realise that i was going to become sam's cocksucker. it wasnt very long before i came all over lindas hand she said you can start by licking this off and put her hand up to my mouth, as i licked my spunk from her hand she told me she was seeing sam the following weekend and that she was going to arrange it for then this gave me a instant hard on that surprised us both and as i was fucking her she told me that if this was the result of talking about it she couldnt wait for the real thing to happen.

cont in part 3
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10 months ago
more fun to cum !!
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kooking forward to the nest chapter