The Next Step

He had planned this night for months the weather held true for early summer, hot days and warm nights. The restaurant was perfect, checkered tablecloths, candles, soft music. The air was filled with the smell of fresh bread. The meal seemed to go by so quickly as they looked deep into each others eyes. They had just finished a bottle of champagne and he suggested a romantic stroll on the beach.

Her golden hair made the jealous sun fade into the ocean. Warm night air washed over them as they walked hand in hand, the sand conforming to their feet, gentle waves lapping at their toes. Fireflies danced to the serenading of the crickets. Thin clouds form a veil over the moon, its rays pale compared to the glow of Wanda's eyes. He put his arm around her and drew her close, feeling the heat of her body through the blue cotton dress. Her head rested on his shoulder as they strolled along. His hands caressed her hair, his soft touch lingering on her neck. Shivers ran over her, so warm and yet still shivering. Over the next dune they sat down in the sand. He leaned over her and looked deep into her eyes. He could feel her very soul burning with desire. They had waited so long for this moment.

Her perfume filled his senses, his soft lips brushed against her cheek. She sighed so gently. Her breath was shorter now. Like a butterfly his lips danced all over her cheeks, inching closer and closer to her mouth. So soft and warm so gentle and loving. Her eyes closed and her back arched. His heart was pounding so hard in his chest he thought it would explode! Her lips were parted slightly, He moved over them, hovering like a bird over a blossom. They melted together, there was no turning back now, they both felt the need the desire burning deep inside them, the heat flowing through their veins.
Tongues sought each other dancing and sliding, so soft and gentle so deep and passionate.
Wanda’s head was swimming in emotions, Her heart pounding her breasts rising and falling with each breath. His hand slipped off her shoulder, and over to her breast. He felt the heat burning inside her, felt each beat of her heart. Her nipples grew tight and hard under the cotton dress. Burning into his palm like a poker. He caressed her breasts so gently. She could feel the warmth growing deep inside her. Flooding through her body, her skin and fingers so tingly. His hand slipped to the buttons on the dress and undid them one at a time. Each one building the intensity of her sensations, Soon he would be able to feel her flesh, the desire she had deep inside.

Wanda could feel his excitement growing. He was pressing on her leg, the swelling. So hard and thick it seemed. God how she longed to free it. Her hands slid over his chest. His breath was short, sweet. His lips broke free of hers, he nudges lower kissing her neck gently, warm lips and wet tongue slipping lower over the front of her throat. Her dress was open now, his hands burned on her skin. Her heart was pounding, his fingers slid deliberately over the mound of her breast. His touch flushed her. The nipples grew even harder. He could feel the areolas tight under his palm. Kisses traced lower lingering in the hollows of her neck. He flicked his tongue so skillfully. The wetness left behind picked up the teasing of his warm breath, lower and lower his kisses drifted,
Wanda arched her back, a low sigh slipped passed her lips. His hand cupped her full breast and brought it up towards his mouth, The anticipation was driving her mad. The wetness was growing deep inside her, muscles deep inside were contracting. God it felt so good. His cheek brushed over the nipple, God I want him to suck it so bad she thought. Lips gently pursing around the edge, hand massaging. He opened his mouth and suckled on the hard nipple. Her hand cupped the back of his head and drew him closer as she tried to f***e the breast into his face..
With his lips around the areola his tongue slid back and forth over the tip, round and round in ever decreasing circles. He pulled his mouth away, a trickle of spit joined breast and lips,. Looking up into her half closed eyes he smiled. He closed his teeth and brushed the front of them over the nipple. Sliding back and forth, each smooth tooth sent a wave of pleasure through her as they slid .
She was far beyond the point of no return now. The wetness had started to flow more freely. He suckled on the other breast, aching for relief. Pressing both of her breasts together he alternated back and forth. Her legs were apart, wrapped around him. She could feel the heat of his chest between her legs. His tongue was sliding between her breasts, first one, then the other and then licking between them sliding down, lower and lower he slipped, wagging back and forth. Inching to her tummy.
As he came close to her belly button his tongue circled, slowly slipping towards the center. His soft cheek was caressing her tummy. He pulled away slightly just his tongue resting on her skin. Round and round it slipped closer and closer, then he flicked it into her belly button.
God she flushed again her whole body shaking, The wetness inside her was flowing. She could feel the yearning. One of his hands slipped away from her breast and slid between her legs. He could feel the slick wetness oozing from her,
His fingers slipped and prodded, sliding over her skin, spreading the wetness outside the lips. They slipped over her hair, She could feel the fingers one by one trip over the swollen clit. He was so gentle. His tongue was sliding in and out of her tummy driving her crazy. The anticipation was literally melting her. The tongue left her tummy and slid lower, exploring every inch of her body. It slid over the softest parts and wound its way down to the mound.
The heat of the tongue slipped over the places she had trimmed. Sliding ever closer. Her hips were moving by themselves. Suddenly without warning he plunged his tongue deep inside her wetness. Suckling it into his mouth.
The hot tongue slipped deep into the crevasse his lips were slick with Wanda’s wetness. They glided side to side as the tongue probed in and out. She had her hands on the base of his neck guiding him. Her fingers were stroking his head. The hardness of her clit was more pronounced and he seemed to avoid it while he drank in her pleasure. His fingers parted her, he pulled back his head to look at the petals. They were slick and shiny like a rose covered with morning dew. As the lips parted he slid his tongue down the length of the slit. From just under her clit sliding all the way down. He could feel her contract as he hit each sensitive spot. Her clit was throbbing hard now. He suckled on it gently sliding a finger deep into the hot folds of wetness. Slowly he worked the finger in and out with each deep stroke his little finger touched her bottom.
She was so wet with desire, the stickiness was collecting in his palm. His lips glided side to side so smooth and slick. He moaned softly and the waves flooded from deep inside Wanda once more. Her back was arching and her fingers were knotted in his hair. Wanda’s heart was pounding she lifted her hips with each thrust of his fingers. Wetness trickled down between her cheeks. His little finger prodded her, teasingly. Round and round her clit his lips and tongue went. Two fingers deep inside her, touching under her pelvic bone, he found a swollen spot inside and started to circle it. A wave of pleasure flooded through Wanda, It was starting deep inside. Her face grew red. Her nipples so hard and sensitive. She was cresting her own pleasure. She let out a deep whimper and lost all control. He never stopped suckling and licking. Fingers buried deep inside her, her muscles contracting around them as wave after wave flooded through her.
The waves of the ocean lapped at the beach just as the waves flooded through her. Off in the distance they could hear voices. Growing closer and closer. He wrapped Wanda back in her blue cotton dress, she buttoned it up quickly. She looked up at him, he was smiling, a sparkle in his eyes, Wanda was totally spent. She could barely even stand.
The people came closer and closer. There would be no time tonight to satisfy his desires and needs, that would have to wait for another date.
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4 years ago
good story but if they had stayed quite & hidden they might not have been seen