Special Stuffing-Happy Thanksgiving

" I can't beleive I'm doing this"
A thick wet slap resounds from the steel sink. It is followed by a moist gurgle and then the sound of wet suction followed by another wet slap.
"Don't throw out the gizzards, they're for the gravy."
A trilling giggle hits my ear next, then something heavy and slimy.I turn my head to be met with a slick fleshy column of skin bending towards me.
"That's the neck.Rinse it off and put it in the skilllhehehet." I laugh, pushing her arm towards the sink.
Giggling, she emerses her long fingers beneath the shooting water faucet and rubs them up and down the disturbingly phallic turkey neck.Noticing my gaze, she locks her eyes on mine and begins massaging it.
Smirking and lowering her eyelids,Melanie moans
" Ooooh maybe we can bring this back to liiiiife...." and leans in towards me, pursing her wetted lips like a pin-up girl.I quickly give her lips a soft kiss and whisper :
"You're supposed to be helping. Just wash the f*cking neck."
Melanie sticks her tongue out at me with a mock glare, then flops the turkey neck into the skillet . She begins openning the bag of organs.
"When are they arriving?"
Keeping my wet and floury hands suspended, I lean around her to check the kitchen timer.
" About three hours."
"Plenty of time." She states cheerily, eyeing my messy hair. I rolled right out of bed and began cooking this morning. I was already floury and sticky when she arrived at my door two hours ago.
"What's this for?" She asks, spraying me with fine water droplets as she produces an already trimmed celery stalk from it's bowl of water.
"Those are the vegetables for the stock." I reply, moving the wobbly glass bowl closer to the stovetop.
" Hmm... and what's this for?" She asks, dipping her fingers in a dish of mixed spices and flicking them in my face.
" Puh- they're for the turkey rub. It's about time for them, hand me that little saucier with the butter in it."
"This?" Melanie limply offers me the miniature sauce pan, with two bright yellow sliding sticks of shiny butter cozied up beside eachother.
" Yup." I turn and place it on the stove and add two large pinches of the spices.Then half turn to quickly dash some at Melanie.
"PUH! You got it in my eye!"
" Haha soorrrry." I stir the butter and add two more pinches then move it off the stove. As I am dipping down to check the turkey, I can barely see Melanie's kittenish pawing at her eyes . I reach for the basting brush and apply the first layer of rub to the turkey.As I close the oven door, I am softly butted from behind.
" Jerk." She spanks me hard on the thigh. "Is my eye red?"
I hold Melanie's small pointed chin in my hand, gazing into her languid dark brown eyes.
"Look up." I say, pretending to need more inspection.
"Now to the side." She is so adorable, her eyes so wet, and yes slightly red in the rims from rubbing. "Oh, I think I see something. Close,please."
Melanie closes her eyes. I steady the side of her face, my messy hand against her smooth cheek and temple.Her hair has begun to come undone like mine,whisps reaching out towards the warmth of my face so close to hers.I grab a poached g**** from their bowl and push one against her lips.
"Hmmm. Wot ish 'at?" she asks, her tongue maneuvering around it as she chews.
" For the stuffing."
" Hm...stuffing..."she murmers, toying with my apron and rubbing her hip bone against mine. Melanie nuzzles my ear and kisses my neck.
She smells like cardamom, she must have touched her spicy hand to her flyaway hair strands. I rest my nose against her head and grab the stew pot at her back.
My arm hooks, my palm rests where her waist flares out into hip.I pull her to my side as I move to the stove, placing the pot on the back burner and turn up the heat.My tongue finds hers as I reach into the vegetables for the celery stalks. They sizzle as they hit the pan. I reach blindly for the oil at the side of the stove as Melanie's tongue salviates over mine, I pour a bit too much olive oil into the pan and shimmy it's handle.
Her tongue is circling mine now, her soft breast and nipple massaging and circling my own.I add a pinch of salt to the celery, then bury my hand in Melanie's hair, holding her head, probing her mouth with mine as I listen for the right 'sizzle' to mean the celery is ready.
Melanie's fingers are massaging my ass cheek where it curves into my inner thigh . Her greasy hand is in my hair by my face, I smell the fat and butter and dish soap from her washing. The turkey has begun to odor the house and the fatty juicy smell of hot flesh is reminding me of another hot moist piece of meat. I imagine my face buried, covered in slick juices.
Tonight, between Melanie's thighs, I will smell the meal she consumes that I have prepared for her, the lingering aromas wafting from her pores and fluids like a finely seasoned rare dish.
Melanie's tongue is at my ear, it's tip gently tracing an almost imperceptable wet path along the spiraling cartilage.Her tongue's tiny pointed tip dips into my ear canal breifly as I shudder and sigh, a dewy drop of cum wetting my panties.
I move the celery's pan off the burner and add the carrots and a tad more olvie oil, then turn the heat up a couple degrees.
By the time the stock is simmering and the stuffing is constructed, Melanie is unbuttoning my night shirt.
" You just rolled out of bed today, didn't you?" Melanie teases, her voice buried between her kisses where my neck meets my jaw." Maybe you're still asl**p." She adds coyly, her eyes rising to meet mine, " Maybe you're dreaming," her toungue reaches into my mouth again and her hand finds my wet cunt.
Melanie's delicate long fingers probe and massage the way they did the slick liver and neck at the sink.Her greasy fingers feel amazing against my soaking clitoris and lips. She rubs three fingers back and forth against my fat pudenda,making it greasy like a piece of meat ... and I want Melanie's mouth on it.Our muddled kisses and nazal breathing make my heart beat race.
Melanie's other arm is busy doing something behind her so I reach for a spare celery stick.
"Oh look what I found." I show it to her as she slowly pulls away from my lips
"What a coincidence." she replies, dancing slippery buttered fingers before my eyes.
I grab the bowl of leftover g****s as her kisses pull me to the floor with her.I slide her skirt down, kissing her stomach as I do, then the top of her thigh, then her hip bone. I can't resist a wide mouthed gnaw on her hip bone as she writhes beneath me.Her legs are swimming in girations on the hard lenoleum floor.I bite at the tendons inside her thighs. She groans and gasps. I take a small handful of the cool poaching sauce from the g****s. I drizzle it on her clitoris and watch it drip down. I let more drip into her navel and slurp it out, sucking on the small donut of surrounding flesh.
I hear her hair sliding beneath her skull against the hard unforgiving floor.I imagine her buttery hands clawing through her tendrils of hair, slicking up the kitchen floor.
I place a g**** in my mouth and press it into her clitoris, I roll my mouth and tongue forward and back across it, circle it and press it into her tender nub of flesh.
"Ahh...yes, now stick one in...." she breaths...
I tease a second wet g**** against her little inside labia. My finger gently holds the g**** in place at her clitoris.
I move to tongue delicately along the edge of her thinner labia lips, I press them against this g**** with my tongue. I roll the g**** up and down them as my tongue follows against it through the thin layer of delicate labia skin . The g**** bobs and then is pulled in by a convulsion in Melanie's cunt.I lean back to see it nestled between her labia lips, glistening and pulsing slightly as her muscles contract.
Careful not to touch her, I balance myself , my palms and knees on the floor, my outstretched arms on either side of her.
I hover over her face, bend down to lightly kiss her lips. Her face rises to meet my kiss, her eyes closed, I pull away. She leans her head back onto the floor, I move my face closer, breathing softly against her face. Her eyes still closed, she reaches to kiss me again. I pull back for a moment then bury my wet tongue deep in her mouth massaging her tongue with mine, slowly and firmly in steady waves. I move one hand to gently pop the g**** into her cunt. I feel her kissing smile against my mouth. I begin rolling the first g**** on her clitoris again as I massage her tongue with mine, my mouth salivating, the smell of herbs and marinade and hot flesh filling our warm air. Our cheeks are red and hot from the nearness of our little kitchen and hot stove.
Melanie's hand is at my pants, slding in down my ass. I stand up and unbutton , watching Melanie grin up at me, her left cheek shiny with grease, her hair spread out beneath her head.My pants gone, I kneel and remove Melanie's panties from off her right leg, but don't bother with her left as I feel a hand in my hair, pulling me up. Melanie has found the celery stick where I dropped it. She hands it to me and begins massaging the back of my labia with her buttery fingers.
" Did you ever watch 'Last Tango In Paris'?" she asks.
" No way. " I reply, getting the hint.
" I meant ' for me' but, fine. What about '9 1/2 Weeks'?"
" Tome Jones?" I add
" Eating Raoul?" she giggles, nipping at my shoulder.
" Eat Pray Love?"
She laughs and sucks at my nipple.
"What do you want?" she asks low and deep, close to my ear. Her hot wet eyes meet mine. She is ever so slightly biting the edge of her lower lip.
" I want to f*ck you."
"ohhhhh goood. I want you to. Use the celery."
I run my hair through her greasy hair and rub my now greased fingers on the thinner end of the wet celery stalk. I dip it into her lips and back out, then back in,letting it slide only as far as it wants to go.I put it to my lips and suck off the juices. Melanie's eyes search deeply into mine, they are shining and wet.The rims still red from tearing up before.
" Mmmmmmm so gooooood," I smile and dip the tip of the celery stick in again, it goes slightly deeper this time. I suck off her juices again and stand up to grab the olive oil and extra melted butter.My back to Melanies, I feel a toe trace it's way up my calf before I turn back to her gorgeous body. My pussy wets as I sigh at the sight of her spread out beneath me. " Let me get the camera, this is going in the holiday album."
" No ! Don't you dare! Get back down here!" Melanie sits up reaching for me.
I kneel back down beside her,ovewhelmed as her face and body come closer to mine.I kiss her, rubbing oil on her labia." Are you ready? You're going to like this."
I dip two fingers into the retreived dish of spiced butter. I gently rub one finger tip ever so slightly against the very tip of her right nipple then pull back.As the air hits Melanie's spiced nipple, it perks and begins to blush.
"Wow,"she sighs.
I rub my own nipple with some of the spiced butter and gently touch our nipples, rubbing gently back and forth and around.
" Do my clitoris," she smiles, her eyes widening as she says it.
As our nipples twinge at the heat of the drying spices, I finger her clit with a buttery spicy finger. I stop and kiss her inner thigh, letting the spices absorb and do their magic.
"OH ah- Oh man, that feels amazing...." Her hand hovers at her vagina. "It's so HOT!"
"Yup. Ready?" I move the celery to her soaking wet lips....I can smell her hot cunt.
"Wait a minute...." I take a few quick laps of her soaking cunt before I sit back beside her,anticipating the show- the changing emotions of her beautiful face.
"Ok." I say, beginning to tease the buttered celery against her oiled vagina.I rub her spiced nipple with my finger as my other hand dips the celery into her cunt.
"Mmmmm" Melanie's pink wet tongue moves across her teeth. She arches her back and settles against the floor, flattening her shoulder blades and resting one hand on my thigh.
I dip the celery in and out like a lapping tongue, then a little deeper and harder like a rocking boat. I slide it in as far as it will go ad let it sit there. A smile plays over Melanie's lips like a passing breeze.Her temple crinkles slightly.
I move the hand to her clitoris, steadying myself where I sit with my other hand pressed into the floor. I watch the celery bob up and down as her muscles contract. I follow it's rythm as I circle her spiced clitoris.The cellery's rythm begins to waver, then flutter, then it sits still.I move my hand to the celery's end that is outside of Melanie's hot deep slit.I tap at the stalk's outside end from underneath. The stalk pulses three quick little pulses. I tap it again, it flutters, Melanie's voice makes a little 'ah!' and she laughs breathily.
I begin tap-tap-tapping at the celery, then I tap against it's end into her cunt 'tap'....'tap'. I gently hold it in place and increase my circling speed on her clitoris with my other hand. I look to Melanie, her eyelids are fluttering.She licks her lips and soncentrates.I sit up and pay attention to her cunt's bubbling internal rythm as though I am creating another culinary masterpiece- this gourmet meal being solely for myself.
I tap faster then slower on the cellery stalk as my other hand's fingers are tapping and probing into Melanie's clitoris.She breaths faster and shallower.I bend my mouth to gather her clitoris hood and the tops of her labia into a little bundle with my lips. I wet them all with my salivating tongue and savor the little mound of raw meat. I am mouthing Melanie's clitoris and labia bundle,probing it all with my tongue,around and over and in between.My hand's tapping has turned to dipping the cellery stalk . The celery's slippery pace has sped up, it is sliding faster in Melanie's cunt, her pelvis pivots with it's movements.
Melanie brushes my face away with her hand and begins fingering her own clit.
"Kiss me " she urges, moving her other hand to mine at the celery.
I rock the celery in and out as we kiss.My own aching ass causes me to think of Melanie's.
"Come here." I lay down on my back pulling Melanie to me.I slide the celery in and out from behind her,she is kneeling over me, kissing me,one hand on her clitoris.
"Unh uh"
Her kisses are interpersed with little groans and breaths of pleasure.
"oh...uh..huh...ya...ya. like that."
I am sliding the celery to on side then the other of her fatty juicy G spot.I am tryign to hit the little nerve where her pelvis bone opens around her vagina....I think it's on her left...I'm not sure..I don't care right now because Melanie's long pointed tongue is between my lips.
I suck hr gorgeous tongue back and forth, slurping down her watery sweet saliva as her moans and breaths become one, shallower and shallower as the quiet before her storm hits. She is frozen above me....about to start to come.
I stop sucking Melanie's tongue and watch her face as I move the celery as quickly and slickly as I can in and out of her body. Her hand is frozen before her clitoris. I angle myslef to get a better grip behind her, gazing up at her face, her downy cheek, the crease in her open pouting bottom lip, her shuddering eyelashes...
"uh...uh uhuh...uh UH UH Yes. right there...ohhhh ya....uh uhuh ah ah Ah!"
I slide down and glue my mouth to Melanie's juicy cunt.My arms are wrapped around her thighs, my fningers splayed digging in to her ass cheeks. My pinky finger touches her ass hole.I knead her fleshy ass cheeks, my arms locked tight around her trembling thighs.
Melanie coils up like a cat, arching her back up, her knees slide in a little,her whole body begins to shudder, My tongue swims in her juicing cunt.My mouth and chin covered in sticky juice.I feel my back pressing into the fallen celery stalk,grinding it into the kitchen floor.
"AH AH Uhhhhhhhhhh ung un Ah!"
Melanie is convulsing in strong short pulses, her right knee slides a little clumsily on the buttery floor.
"YA! Oh my G*D! AH! F*ck!"
I finger Melanie's lips from behind, I kiss lightly at the insides of her thighs.I smell celery and spices and fatty hot Melanie flesh. "mmmmmmmm" I moan, kissing and sucking her thighs' flesh. "delicious...who needs dinner ?"

*ding dong*
"SHIT! They're here already!"
We giggle and fumble our way back into our clothes...I splash water on my face as Melanie smooths her hair and makes her way to the door.
"They're early aren't they?!"
I wonder if the g**** is happy in it's little hiding place as I begin mopping up the floor with a dish rag,listening to the music of Melanie's adorabley nervous greetings in the entryway.
As Melanie joins me, blushing, bundling her hair back into a neater ponytail, I lean in and murmer "Thank you.I am truly grateful." she blushes deepr and beams,eyeing over her shoulder as our mothers enter the room.
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2 years ago
You work so hard at writing every detail ... it sort of wears you out as a reader ... I mean I love how you gals make cooking fun .. but it is too busy ... and too long ... for a sex scene ... edit ... shorten ... and focus your writing energy on when you want the reader to explode inside ... with you girls ... and hey ... I know nothing ... so if you like this the way it is ... I apologize in advance for saying anything ... your Pal TREX
3 years ago
I'm glad people are liking it.
Ever since my teen years I've always found big social food events tintilating and erotic.
3 years ago
Thanks, i liked this. Jane xx
3 years ago
Great, can't wait to hear what's for dessert!
3 years ago
very hot, Thanksgiving will never be the same again :-)
3 years ago
Very well written. Thank you!