Percolate Second Installment

I made my way to the sinks, my bare feet making little wet slaps on the misted floortiles. My shy steady steps echoing against the expansive shower area ,I looked around to see if anyone else was still there. I heard a far off locker close as well as a large heavier entrance door. A book bag sagged in a corner. Steam shone in a small irridescent cloud by an open window.
Sherrie stood at the sink, her towel covering but highlighting the curves of her small ass. It always reminds me of two halves of an apricot when I see it.Mine looks more like a pear, I think...a small pear, I guess.
Sherrie often says she envies my small round waist. Her torso is sinewy and a little bit V shaped but very flat. Most girls don't have a six pack but hers, however faint, is always visible. My stomach shows a 'two pack' on my good days.
The rustling and clinking of Sherrie's toiletry bag made me nervous. The way she steadily furrowed her brow,refusing to look up made me sense she was ignoring me to get rid of me.I stood at the sink opposite and down two from hers. I sheepishly met my reflection to comb out my hair. As my eyes rose to my reflection I thought * I hate my tits*.
They don't look like women's tits to me, they look like a statue's. They're too high, practically at my arm pits, and my nipples hardly ever get well, 'hard'. My only consolation is that they're almost C cups.I'm proud of that but ashamed to admit it.Other girls hate conceited girls, especially when we're cheerleaders.
I love my skin, too, which is harder to brag about, in some ways, with some people. It's a very pale golden olive and is so satiny soft.When I was little, I used to suck on it all the time. My mom would yell at me if I sat drooling on my knees as I watched tv.For a few of my younger years, I was convinced that my skin tasted like coffee icecream.It actually tastes milky and musky, like the time I accidentally drank my milk out of my mother's measuring cup when she was making snickerdoodle cinnamon cookies.
*I wonder what Sherrie's skin actually tastes like....everywhere.I'm guessing honey is involved.*
Breaking my reverie,something slammed and fell against the porcelaine sink
Sherrie disappeared to the floor. I began to brush my teeth.
" Good idea. I can smell your stank breath from here." I looked around and then down to find Sherrie sitting under the sinks on my side, holding what looked like an eyebrow pencil.
" Are you mad at memph?" I asked, my last word muffled by my loaded tooth brush.
Sherrie sighed, still sounding angry as she stood up.
"G*d you're so stupid."
I turned sharply, not trying to hide the frustrated confusionin my eyes.It turned to a glare. I turned back to brushing my teeth.
" Funcah awf Shahreh" I gurbled through the minty paste foam, " Come back when you're sane." I said, spitting a huge wad of white angrily into the bull's eye of the sink drain.
Ignoring me, Sherrie leaned her toweled ass on the sink beside mine, crossing her arms across her stomach and leaning her face in to me a little.
" I bet you have a ton of cavities just waiting to pop out. Coffee's very acidic, you know."
I turned to glare at her again. Her face was inches from mine. Her eyes were tracing over my hair and shoulders. I could smell the water drying in her own hair.I could smell it- that intoxicatingly 'close' slightly sweaty smell of scalp oils. I could smell her masses of curls that always seemed to smell like she had just come from running outside in the wind, and of course, always the 'Sherrie smell' of a wool-hung dorm room.
As Sherrie hazily eyed me,I inhaled it all deeply and wet my pussy.My eyes fell on her round wide lips the color of smoked salmon under wax paper.They were wet,probably from the shower or her still wet hair's occasional droplets.
"Open up, let me look."
Sherrie's eyes probed my own. I swam in their amber, their thick lashes that were so much darker than her hair. My mouth drifted open of it's own accord, a nail sized smear of toothpaste in the corner of my lips.
Sherrie's long finger,her soft shower fresh skin traced the tips of my openning mouth. Her smooth oval nail ran across the edges of my top teeth.It tapped against them a few times, so I openned wider.Sherrie leaned closer, as if looking down a long hallway.
Her finger softly pressed it's self against the tops of my bottom teeth,against the inside of my wet cheek. I was salivating, trying not to touch her finger with my tongue, trying ot hide that I wanted so much to run my tongue around her finger, to suck and trace that beautiful oval nail.
"Hmm" Sherrie murmered, almost inaudibly. " Does this hurt?" I felt the nerves in my teeth react to her steady and firm stroke back and forth into the clefts of my back molars.
"Unhuh" I tried to reply with a gutteral 'no'.My mouth was so wet with saliva and now, the emotions and the intensity of looking at Sherrrie so close to my own face brought the moisure and heat up my cheeks to my eyes.
Sherrie rubbed a few more soft steady back and forth strokes along my top and bottom molars,smoothing her path along the trail she made with my saliva. My holding my tongue back was starting to make it spasm.My throat glutted and softly gagged slightly.Sherrie's eyes smiled at mine as she slowly extracted her finger, a trail of saliva following it. I couldn't resist touching the tip of her finger with the tip of my tongue as it exited.
" Well, they're coming, beleive me." Sherrie sat back onto the sink.
I stood in a warm daze, realizing my panties were now as wet as my mouth.
"Whatever" I barely spoke in more of a sigh, as I turned back to my sink.
"Hey, my panties look great on your ass!"
My pussy was getting wetter and wetter and I could feel my cheeks were hot and red. Embarrassed, afraid of 'giving myself away' , I began to clumsily stuff my toiletries together and looked for my hair brush.
"Do you like wearing them?" I felt a tug at the side waistband,it pulled at the flesh on my right hip.
"Um, ya, they're comfy."I brushed at her lingering hand
"Are they?" I felt Sherrie's hair on my shoulders. A strand carressed my right cheek.
"Ya." I almost sighed again, with a little more passion. Did she know what she was doing to me? Was anyone watching? I strained to hear if anyone was still in the stalls.
"Good" I felt her simple word run down my spine like a warm breeze. I self-conciously tried to shrug off my goosebumps from her voice and eyes on me but instead, I gasped as both sides of the panties'waist were gently pulled up, slightly away from the fleshier sides of my hips.
" I like them on you" Sherrie's voice was low like I had never heard it before today, almost frightening because I didn't recognize it. It made me feel almost like we were secret spies and she was testing my loyalty.
The panties' waist snapped back against my hips' skin with a sharp concentrated sting.
Then, the panties were pulled up again.
Sherrie's fingers eased in the panties' waste up to their second knuckle but no further, centimeters away from my cunt and ass crack.Her firm, uniform fingers eased the waistband away from my skin all the way around my body but her hands did not touch me.I felt the pull of the cotton on my ass and cunt lips as her hands stretched out the panties away from my skin, around and around,circling within the elastic band of her panties on my body
" G*d I love your waist" Sherrie almost moaned. It sounded like she hadn't realized she was speaking it out loud.
The waist band was held firmly now in Sherrie's curling fingers and pulled up,up,up.The panties pressed into my pelvis bone in my crotch, they seperated my labia on their seam.I felt the stitched seam's thin line against the delicate curl of my skin where my labia joined my clitrois hood.I felt like I was going to pee myself, I was so tingly and wet.
Sherrie was leaning into my head from behind, our hair mingling into a cloud-like pillow as I leaned back against her temple.
"Augh uh"
"HUH" Sherrie breathed out deep and shallow at the same time.
She pulled up one last time,pulling the seat of the panties up into my wet wet crack.Her cool cheek pressed against my hot shoulder.
A bookbag crashed to the floor behind the toilet stalls. We broke apart in a start. We looked up to see if anyone was there but there was noone.Sherrie's eyes rested on the floor, contemplating, then a slight smile softened her lips. She turned from me and collected her things,went to her locker and left - seemingly instantly dressed, and gone.
I faced my high-colored face in the mirror and pressed my wet thighs together,attempting not to pee my pants...Sherrie's panties.

Later in the drowsy evenning, I blindly made my way across the dorm's entryway. I quickly dialed the community phone.
"Mom? Hi."
"Hi, honey, what a nice surprise.What's up?"
"Ya, hi Mom,um I got your letter."
"Mom, I don't 'get it'."
"Get what, hun?"
"It says ' Have fun, we'll miss you. Make us a snow man on the quad again,Jenny loved that photo, haha'--- ? Mom,I'm not staying on campus this year. That was last year.Did the school send you the forms again? Did you sign them?"
"Yes, hun, it said you're going to Amsterdam this year! Now, I won't bug you until May but, no reefer, remember! I don't care what some of those TA's think is sophisticated.I trust you honey, really,I do,just be careful."
"Mom, I don't want to go to Amsterdam in Spring. I don't want to stay on campus for winter holiday this year. I was going to come home for the holiday."
"Honey, you sent me that letter, remember?"
"What letter?"
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2 years ago
MMM ... that was interesting ... I haven't actually felt like that in many years but I wasn't confused ... I recognized it for what it was ... tender feelings and just about ready to let go lust ... very nice LookyLoo ... TREX
3 years ago
You have my attention now hun. My brain is thinking of all kinds of things. Let me know please when you have posted the next part.
A x
3 years ago
Well, I guess that answers the question of 'How is this BDSM?" Slow sweet torture while glued to your seat (;
3 years ago
This story is so bloody tantalizing. I hope you know what you're doing to me. You could be charged with torture under the Geneva Convention! Please PLEASE keep writing!