Sweet and Juicy Bath

The cool autumn breeze is wafting through my apartment now,curling around the corner wall to my bedroom.It pricks at my nipples. It pricks my exposed tips of my labia where they peak out between my labia majora-what I call my 'cootch' or my 'lab'.I sometimes tell people "I have a hairy white lab" when I am secretly lusting after them.I am pretending I mean 'a dog', of course.
Actually, my lab' is more peachy colored and the hair is black black black and shiny as licorice. Also, the hair is usually at least partially shaved so, I guess I should start saying "I got my lab groomed today".

I feel a trickle of moisture tickle the back inside of my thinner labia lips. A cold droplet has caught on my short silky pubes back between my thighs by my asshole.I guess it'll drip onto my thigh when I reach down to my under-bed drawers.

Inside the large white wheeled wooden drawer beneath my bed, there are magazines. Some of them are from the 1950s. Some of them are Japanese. Some of them are illustrated by Beardsly,Kaja Saudek or Crepax.

There are soft objects in my drawer.
There is a white fluffy neck boa,an antique fur cap,cashmere socks and a cat toy with feathers on a string.

There are hard things in my drawer, like a set of BenWa balls,a carved wooden dildo,a carved fake-ivory-handled riding crop and a meat tenderiser.There are toys like a paddle-ball,marbles,and a jump rope.There is food like honey and also olive oil.

There is a photo album in my drawer beneath my bed.
I wish everyone in it were here to look through it with me. I wish they all were here with cameras to photograph me, pose me,blind me with their flash bulbs and then overtake me all together,no less than 100 fingers all over my body.
I wish their hands were prying open my labia to get close in for a photograph, the cold smooth lense ring touching my thigh and lips.I wish they were doing things to me to photograph and expose.

Inside my drawer,there is a scrap book of notes, letters,magazine articles, drawings, and little mementos.I want to place each memento in my bath water and watch them float, melt,stick to my naked skin.
I love my drawer as I love the people who have explored it with me.

I take my special bath toy from inside my drawer and roll the drawer back beneath my bed.I look up to see that my bedroom window is open, the shades pulled up. From where I stand,I can just barely see the office building across the street.I see a light on in one of the offices.There is a file cabinet by their window, someone moves past it. I turn to leave my room, wondering if they see me.I stretch my arms up, my back to the window, and then bend over to the floor, bringing my hand back up between my thighs and rest there, swaying my ass a little before standing up and continuing to my bathroom.

The bath water is burning hot, it always shocks me when I first turn the faucet. The cold water takes longer to turn on.My porceline bath and glass shower walls are bright white in my bathroom's many bulbed,large mirorred light.
I have no shower curtain because I always sit and use a long bath sprayer instead,on the faucet.My bathtub is an old, small bathtub and the shower head has low pressure. It is too tall to hit my tiny frame just right.There aren't clawfeet on my old porceline bathtub, but molded white edgings where it meets the wall in it's little corner of the bathroom.
I turn on the over head fan and the smaller fan on the sink's counter.The bathroom is beginning to steam.I squeeze a precum sized dollop of cloudy white shampoo into my palm. I rub it slowly, covering my palms,rubbing faster and faster until it foams and suds drip down into the bath water.

I touch my inner thigh with the first two fingers of my right hand.I trace a circle,thin rivulets of wet and suds drip down my leg.
I circle my left ass cheek with my right hand.The suds make my ass feel even silkier than it is.My hand moves around and around as it skates on the surface of my round fleshy ass cheek.
My mouth is watering.I touch my left pinky to the corner of my mouth, run it over my bottom lip,dip into the middle of my mouth where my lips purse.I taste the soap with the tip of my tongue.
I squeeze my left hand,rubbing the fingers against eachother as I step into my now warm bathwater.
I stand in the water. The warmth of the water reaches up to where the backs of my knees begin. The chill of the air feels more sharp, compared to the warmth of the bathwater. My nipples almost spring, they harden so much.It hurts a little bit, reminding me of my puberty, when my breasts were forming and some days my nipples would hurt like a teething gum.I move my hand from my ass to massage my tiny breast.My breasts fit almost completely in my hands.As my hand touches my breast, the nipple reacts,I feel a twinge.I touch very lightly, using the suds to smooth and cushion the gentle tipping with my finger.
I move my left hand to my ass and begin to massage my asshole with my fingertips.I slide my pinky into my asshole so smoothly, so silky.My pussy drips into the bath water,I hear a tiny quiet splash.This makes me wetter and another drip comes.I am sliding my sudsy pinky in and out of my asshole.It feels so good, my pussy is aching and watering.I cross my thighs tight and they get wet from the cum on my cunt.
I slide my pinky out of my asshole and slide my two front fingers in.They slide in as smooth as my pinky did, they are so sudsy.I slide one out then the other and then back in and then back out,then both in together.The suds are increasing on my asshole, dripping down my thigh, tickling the inside of my right knees.I look down at the bath water.There is a little swirling pattern of suds around my legs.I see a foggier more cream colored droplet sitting in the water, floating around and around in a circle.I bend down to touch it wih my finger.It seperates into two.I taste my finger.It's my salty cum,it tastes like subtley flavored soup stock, like celery and salt.I can still smell pineaplle on my finger as I dip into my cunt and bring my finger to my face.My finger is coated in slick juice. The suds run over it and onto my palm.I slide the finger into my mouth,letting the cum slide off onto my tongue and lips.
My bath water is getting cold.My clitoris twinges as if I need to pee.I kneel down into the warm bath water.It laps delicately at my thighs and upper arms.My nipples get a little splash.I turn and my right nipple dips to kiss the surface of the warm,warm welcoming water.
I take my bath toy from the edge of the bathtub.It is soft rubber.It is orangey yellow with spots.It is about a third longer than my hand and about 4 inches around.There is a soft, stylized fish mouth on one end with a small hole in it barely larger than a pin prick. At the stylized fishtale end, there is a thin black tube about three inches long leading to a red rubber squeeze ball.I submerge my fish into the tub water.I queeze the red rubber ball slowly, wetting myself more and more,anticipating the feeling.I move my thighs in closer together as I kneel, to try to feel my wet labia lips touching,unsticking and rubbing against eachother.
My thighs dont quite meet at my crotch so I need to cross one over in front of the other a little so that my wet, wet labia will touch.I feel their juice pushed out, wetting the outside of them now,down onto my clitoris hood and down the fronts of my tiny little protruding labia. The water splashes up to barely touch their base as I shift in the tub.It feels like a gentle finger tip or tongue.
I withdraw my toy fish from the water.I squeeze the red bulb.A small strong stream shoots over my AA tight little tits,across the little space between them where I can almost see my rib cage.I move the fish across my tits and stomach as it spurts it's hard stream on me.I spray it across my face, hitting my lips and licking them, wetting them again with more of the warm water spray.It is like a stream of piss and this makes me want to pee more but my cunt is so wet.
While I still have at least half the fish full, I move it to my ass. I spray right onto my asshole. it is so strong, the water even goes in to my asshole a little.The spray drips down and sprays onto the backs of my labia.I move the sprayer to the back tips of my labia and to my ass hole.It feels so good, I am so wet with cum.
A soap sud trickle down the inside of my thigh.It is cold,and the feeling makes me orgasm slightly.I submerge the toy fish again, quickly, f***efully squeezing, then I stick the mouth just barely inside my asshole.I turn, splashing the water so that it hits my stomach and sprays my tits as I turn to lean on the bathtub's edge.
I am leaning my armpits on the bathtub's edge.My chin rests on it's side on the cold porceline edge.I run a dripping wet hand through my hair a few times to get it back off of my forehead. I sigh sharply and hear a little high pitched 'ungh' come from my throat as I position my self with my right hand at my asshole and my left hand on the red bulb.I squeeze once sharp and fast.The water splashes out back onto the fish a little and on my hand.My pussy is so wet, I think I must be dripping like rain into the bath water but I don't hear it.
I hear the echo of my legs' movement in the water as I position myself better.I hear my voice against the procelines edge, my breath hitting the porceline.I am swaying side to side and back and forth. I hear the spritz of the fish as I spray again into my ass hole. The water runs down my thighs.
"Ungh UNGH" I hear hard breath through my nose.

I press the fish's face into my asshole. I rub what suds are left onto my tail bone, let them drip down and run my sudsy hand over the body of the fish.
I squeeze the nozzle as hard as I can,a little longer this time.
"Augh! AUGH! Augh!AH AH ah..."

ahhhhhuhhhh I hear as I press the fish in a little further, it's smooth bumps of 'fins' probing my ass, touching against my sudsy soft cheeks.
I squirt again, again "ah!" again"ah! ah! ah!uhhhhh....uh"

I leave the fish in my ass and move to finger my clit. I finger it a few times and raise my finger to my face. A long thick line of slick clear fluid follows my finger to my tongue.I crane my face beneath the string of cum to catch the tail on my tongue before it falls to my nipple. I rub my nipple.I reach into the tub to grab some floating suds and rub them on my nipple.I bend down and submerge myself completely in the water, on my stomach. I squeeze and unclench my ass cheeks. I feel the fish suirting into my ass little tiny weak squirts by the rim. I feel the fish starting to slip out.The black tubing and red rubber bulb wave back and forth hitting my thighs in the water.
Before I need to come up for air, I move my hand beneath my belly.My body presses it hard into the bathtub floor as my hand holds firmly onto my clit,cupping around my cunt.My fingers catch hold of the fish's black tube and hold it gently in place.
The fish is moving ever so slightly, bobbing forward and back against my asshole, bouncing boyently where it is held by the tubing.As my ass slowly releases my special bath toy,I come in a convulsion.
My ass rises barely up out of the water. The exposed fatty part of my cheeks feel cold in the air. My cunt releases a stream of cum into the bath water. I imagine it swirling up aroud my face as I hold on as long as I can beneath the water. The fish head catches on my ass hole rim and then pops out.

" AUGHH! Uh!" I exclaim , as I throw my head up and back, out of the water, bracing myself on my hands and knees, my hair whipping a loud slap of water against the glass shower walls.

My nipples are so cold, my hair is feeling very cold in the surrounding air.Icy cold drips hit my shoulders. I eye the bathroom walls. They are moist, there is a thin cloud of steam hovering at the bathroom ceiling. The noises of the room come back to me. The fans are whirring.
I feel a small hot trickle of piss trickle down my leg.
I dryly, a little laughingly say to myself:
"That was fun."

I chuckle and sigh as I twist around,sit back into the water and watch my big fat toe unplug the bathtub drain.I watch the chained plug dangle from between my toes, swinging in the air where my leg crosses over the other. My shoulders press back into the rounded end of my old porceline bath tub.My rubber fish grins up at me, blushing.
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10 months ago
Oh my goodness!! So hot, erotic... and so beautifully written!!!
I have a handheld shower, that shoots wonderful little jets of massaging water. I love to masturbate with this, teasing my nipples, then my asshole, then my clitty...
3 years ago
sexy and engaging
3 years ago
Thanks so much! I was worried it wasn't sensual or detailed enough, compared to the love poured *ahem* over my last installment.
Thnaks so much for the feedback (;
3 years ago
Wow! That was so bloody sensual. I'm a fella and I could feel it. Delicious! More please.