First Installment

All of the desk seats were wooden,and had been carved to fit two ass cheeks, each of them. The university conference hall was one of the oldest buildings on campus.Some of the seats were older from the 1930s, some from the 1960s.The larger ones had not been aged and worn down as much. The newer ones did not fit my bottom correctly.
Asses are bonier than they look.
"Augh" I half whined,half growled,clumsily standing up and roughly bundling up my dark,thick,black curls from off of my angry face.

"I hate these seats!" I was over reacting a little, not meaning to sound so loud. I hate drawing attention to myself.
" Jeeheehehesus" Sherrie laughed at me "chill," moving her long gracefully toned arm to my sleeve and sitting me down.
She smiled her beautiful smile that takes up half her face with teeth whiter than milk. With the slightest suggestion of freckles at her temple and nose, this always warms me over.As I smiled,trying to gaze back calmly,I fought not to linger on her hanging avacado shaped Bcups d****d in her oversized gray t shirt.I lifted my eyes instead to her own mass of tight curls, the color of cinnamon and honey.

I had been awake all night and had barely showered before trundling off to Bioethics' 8 a.m. class. Sherrie was part of the reason I never would have wanted to miss it.She must have rushed out this morning too because she only wore that t shirt to sl**p in.I could tell she was wearing a bra, I wondered if she wore it to bed,too.
I smelled stale wool coats and blankets mingled with 'odorless' fabric softener.Sherrie had one of the smaller single dorm rooms and kept half her clothes on a rack outside of her closet. Her wool pea coat and winter blankets always hung there. She liked to keep her dorm window open even in the rain and cold so the smell of fresh,wind kissed wool often permeated her room and her things once the winter started closing in.

Last winter she and I had stayed on campus over the holiday together because our families asked us if we wanted to save our expenses for the college summer abroad. Of course we had said 'yes' and had chosen to sacrifice the comforts of home and holiday gifts.In my mind I had sacrificed nothing, I'd have preferred spending any day with her anywhere.I was never sure she felt quite the same.Close friendships seem to end in elementary school, around the time everyone starts changing for gym in the bathroom stalls and into their boyfriends' boxer briefs, at that.

I sighed and mumbled into my sweatshirt,"I haven't had my coffee yet".
I reached under the desk for my bookbag, "I was in such a f*cking rush for this stupid f*cking class."
I nonchalantly tossed my head up to look at Sherrie,trying to initiate some entertaining complaint from her.
" Goddam it! Coffee again! That's all you talk about, you're an addict. We can't go anywhere without you needing a f*cking cooffffeehheehee.No,I'm really serious. That stuff is so bad for you."
Sherrie went on, chastising me but I didn't care or well, notice, really.
Watching her talk gives me an excuse to watch her lean, high boned face and it's golden down that sometimes catches the light. When I'm around Sherrie, you'd think I was a wall flower, I'm so quiet, sometimes.

" And do you know what it does to your sugars? That's part of why you crave it, you know. I bet you don't even drink water anymore."
I jokingly shook a water bottle at her from the edge of my desk as Tommy and Shea gollumfed by down the risers.
"Hey" we replied.I hated having to socialize all the time because of cheering. I hated when the team and every other male within a dog's call came to watch us practice. Sherrie loved it.She hated sitting through the games, she wanted to be socializing and showing off.
I yawned and rubbed at the back of my hand.It felt a little dry so I took my moisturizer out of my side pocket.
"You take such good care of your gorgeous skin,why don't you take care of your body?"
" Sherrie shut up, it's not like cocaine."
"Yes it is, you'll see."
" Why ?! Are you taking me to 5th and L after class? hahahaha G*d"
Sherrie held her gaze on me as the lights dimmed and Professor Petun began the lecture.

My ass was so sore from sitting up studying all night between my floor and springy bed, then for more than an hour in class.I stood while Coach reviewed the emerging choreography.Sherrie sat at my feet, her long sinewy legs stretched out in front and crossed at the ankle.My eyes traced the emaculate white laces perfectly laced then to her perfectly perched high pony tail and smoothed back curls. I wanted to pull of her shoes and unloose her hair. I wanted to shaked her free and run barefoot screaming and giggling across the field, in front of all the boys and prof's standing around pretending not to be watching us. I wanted to fall down laughing and roll around and stain our practice uniforms in the damp,chilly grass.I wanted to feel her ass in my hands as we rolled, her tits and hair falling against my own.I wanted to smell her breath close to my mouth.

After practice, in the showers, I realized that in my rush this morning, I had forgotten my underpants. I had gone all the way through practice without them. I wondered if anyone had noticed.
"Good thing Coach has us wear the warmup pants for outdoor practice" I heard at my back, as two girls walked by and laughed.The showers were sizzling nad spritzing behind me too, making everything look and sound hazy.
"What?" I asked, my voice a little high. I was too late, they had disappeared.

"They said :"
a low,soft tone at my neck warmed my whole spine and down my tits to my stomach,
"Good thing."

Something dangled in front of my face a moment before my eyes registered that it was a pair grey striped 'boy cut' panties.
" Here, take mine.I have an extra in my locker."Sherrie dropped them on my head as I turned to her shining shower-moist torso.Her back was to me, the long muscles angling in to the spine, the smaller set at the base and then two of the deepest,taughtest dimples ever seen where it all met the top of her ass.If I'd had a dick it would have risen up against my towel.

"Mmh Thanks.haha I can't beleive I forgot.I'm such a spaz.haha"

Sherrie threw her tshirt over her head and grabbed her bra from on top of the lockers as she began to turn to face me.
"No, you're not a spaz, you're an addict, and you are not thinking straight." a smirk curled her lip as she added these last few words,"and neither am I."
I heard her snap her bra as she said "I haven't been for a long time."
She was near me again,as I pulled her panties up my legs to hug my aching crotch and sore ass.My hair brushed against her chin, she was standing so close.

"What are you TALKING about?!" I smiled nervously and grabbed my long sleeved maxi dress and over sized cardigan.I started to unfold the dress, looking for the tag and seams.

"Winter breaks coming soon." was her reply as she walked towards the sinks with her toiletry bag.
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10 months ago
I'm getting excited... and you said 'spaz'!!! I really like you!
2 years ago
I like them all but this one resonates well ... particularly the underwear part ... I am not sure most people really appreciate just how sexy that is when you want the other person but have not had them in bed yet with you. I like it ... next I will read the 2nd installment ... I wanted to read them in order.
3 years ago
It's building nicely. Keep it going.
3 years ago
slave ari
It's the first installment. It's setting up the future action- their relationship dynamic,the possible locations and activities.
I've written a second installment, I have people reviewing it for me because I want to ge tit just right (;
Feel free to send any suggestions or review for me.
3 years ago
How is this BDSM?